Monday, June 3, 2013

PLUTO TRANSITS THE SECOND HOUSE: Transformation in values

Pluto Transiting your 2nd house

This transit will tranform your belief system around money and it's power. As with all transits his can be both positive or negatively expressed. I find the transits tend to function in phases and with the outer planets such as Pluto, then tend to happen over a longer period of time so often aren't blatanly obvious initally but some can be.
Initially when Pluto hit's this house, you might find yourself seduced by money and all it's glory. Some during this transit might find themselves surrounded by those with lot's of money, or people with powerful personalities often with opportunities. You may also initially decide to get your first tatoo, under Pluto's influence in your house of values your tastes can change along with what you value, want or find attractive. You may have some very sensual times ahead romantically. However, negatively you might incur many dramatic situations surrounding money and power. You can also find yourself in powerstruggles with others over money. You will be introduced to money and the power of it, but will also be tested on just what it is you are willing to tolerate, or what part of your freedom, and even soul in order to have it. These come across in situations as love relationships of all kinds, love, family, work, friends. In order to not have the negative happen one will need to be conscious of their core values but also willing to walk away for the sake of sanity from those unhealthy attachements. 

We learn what financial attachements to others can bring negatively. It's said Pluto types seem to show and this means, sexy, powerful wealthy people, with control issues. Which can bring about dramatic and even painful situations. It's very important that you are careful with whom you choose to get involved with financially at this time.

The 2nd house is the house of Taurus- who's motto is- I have. What this transit can do positively is that it can bring about a stronger self worth, aquistion and more control of one's own life and financial affairs. However, if you are not careful you can end up with the imfamous Pluto destruction or loss. This usually occurs if you are not careful about the attachements you have to others. You will not want to give your power away and may be put into some shadowy situations to test this.  

As Saturn will slow down the income here initially, Pluto can increase it dramatically along with your ego surrounding it. You may become obsessed with money, you need to becareful though because if you use unethical tactics, or sell yourself short and sell out, you will not only be accountable and may experience loss, but if you sell out, you will have much regret later but a lesson will be learned. 

Pluto is that planet we know appeals to our earthly desires, those of wealth and power and all the shameful qualities attached. Our secrets and things we wish to keep hidden. We can feel more secretive during a Pluto transit, because we become more inticed by things that we might have not realized until now. Sometimes if the person was not previously strong in self-worth, than their transformation might be that they suddenly feel they deserve more and aren't afraid to ask for what theyre worth. This is in area of business and money but also in areas of relationships and things all Venus such as luxury, sensuality, art, music and even sex since it's all things that bring us pleasure and even glamor. We may feel sexier, more passionate about our desires and more willing to not only pursue them and even demand them. However, it's important to be conscious of the influence inorder to best manage it positively and avoid many of the conflicts or shady situations that this transit can bring about. 

This transit in short will bring about a transformation in what you value, your self value, and what you need to have to be happy but also what you are willing to do for it. It's best approaching all matters with intuition, logic and balance and realize their is no real urgency which is difficult to do under this transit.

Later in the transit you will rebuild any loss, you will have a newfound self worth, and you understand the value of money and the freedom it allows. It's a energy that can be used for good or bad. It can hurt us or help us, it's all in how much power we give it. But also how we use it.

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  1. Amazing article :) It describes completely how i feel :)

    1. It will get much better as the transit goes on, whatever Pluto destroys he does rebuild and usually much better than previous.

  2. Is this applicable only to material wealth? What about a soul mate being ripped away by life circumstance?

    1. Unfortunately it does apply to whatever one holds dear, however I would suspect that other transits might be responsible for relationship break ups and when it's by life circumstance the offender could be Saturn. Be patient and trust in the Universe and the process if they are indeed your soulmate you will reunite:)