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Pluto Transiting your 2nd house

This transit reminds me heavily of a Story in the bible about a man named Job. If you are not familiar with this story, here is a brief synopsis. Job was one of God's favorites because he was an honorable man that put all of his faith in God. As the story goes, the Devil came to God and said of course Job is loyal to you, for he has everything. Job was a very wealthy man, with a perfect family. The Devil suggested that God allowed him, to strip Job of all his possessions, and if he was allowed, surely Job would curse God. 

Long story short, God allowed this because he had faith that Job would stay faithful. The Devil proceeded and Job lost everything, all of his wealth, his good name and even his family in a fire, and yet never cursed God, but instead cursed himself. Because of this God gave Job all he had and more. There is much to the story if you find it fit, you can read it for yourself here. I am not a religious person so Regardless if this story is true or not, I have personally experienced  this transit, and I can honestly say it FEELS very much, like a TEST. 

The bottom line is this transit can be and most likely will be a very difficult transit for it seeks to truly find out who you are without "what you have". This transit can diminish or build your self-esteem, depending on whether or not you allow this transit to break or build your real self-worth. 

It is up to the individual and how much they value or don't value themselves. There seems to be forces at work that feel out of one's control seemingly taking much of what one has on a material level, which in turn affects one's self-esteem and it feels as if you are struggling just to survive, and that you are working against some pretty nasty forces.

Simply making money, is full of power struggles and shady plutonic characters seem to enter the scene.  Some that experience this transit are actually robbed, experience huge monetary unexplainable loss or experience theft of things that were priceless to them. Others I have experienced identity theft lost their jobs, or things they needed to perform their jobs. Their resources unexpectantly dry up, and in an effort to stop the loss they become desperate and are tempted to get involved in less than honorable ways to recoup their loss. 

It is important that you don't get desperate, and that you keep your cool or things will get worse. The transit does bring out very powerful fears of losing everything and can pull out of one desperate measures or behaviors. 

Do not act out in desperate ways, or get involved in less than honorable means of making money, for that too will backfire. Let go of what is going, don't engage in power struggles with others, don't worry you will build it all back and more during the last phase of this transit. 
However, Pluto moves very slowly and it is a very long transit, the first half is the most difficult, but it get's better down the road.

If you are experiencing this transit, these are questions to ask yourself.

Will you give in to the temptation to make money by less than ethical means? Is the loss too great to handle, are you embarrassed and worried what others will think? How will you respond?

Pluto" goal is to strip down the surface of appearances and get to the core of every person since he won’t stand for superficiality. This transit can be devastating to those that relied heavily on their personal resources, money or haves for respect from others or self-esteem.

We live in a material world, and we often judge ourselves by our material possessions or gains, and these things are often a result of our self-esteem, it makes us more confident to have and to compete with others, to show our worth by what we have.

Pluto transits are black and white, all or nothing. Are you in or are you out.  Will you break and give in, and end up in jail for participating in not so ethical things to maintain what you have? This is the dark side of Pluto to force you to  give in to temptation, but when you do, you are equally punished, the only way to win is to not play. He serves to push you, to give into the games of power by experiencing  issues of privacy, underhanded tactics, revenge, manipulation and many other darker issues. Avoid becoming much of the same, for it will only hurt you in the long run.

Or two in the positive, to stop caring so much about material possessions, and to find your true self-esteem that is greater than things that will perish along with you. 
Pluto is not superficial, you don’t get to hide behind material things. You need to have self-esteem based on who you are, not what you have.
 During this transit you will find that you are worth more than what you "Have" and to not use money or what you have as vice to attract relationships that only perpetuate low self-esteem issues, when you  find that it was what you had that brought them to you in the first place. 

Don’t worry, Pluto rebuilds what he breaks down, if you successfully pass and don’t end up in jail trying to rob a bank or get involved in some scam, or ruin your name in business by doing things less than honorable you will be in a much better place after it's over.

Although is won't be easy, this transit is very powerful and not everyone has to experience, so consider yourself special. When it's all said and done, you will be in a very good place, you will truly value yourself for who you are, not what you have on a material level.

Key to surviving

Let is all go. I know it's easier said than done, but it is a must. Focus on things that make you feel good that don't cost money. Pass up the urge to cross the border, you may end up in jail. Learn to live on less for a bit, and spend time building your self-worth outside of money and material belongings. 

If you do this you will be rewarded, you will get all you had back and then some, but you will have gained much more than that. You will have gained what is "priceless" which is true self-worth, real self-confidence and will earn "real respect", "real love relationships" and more. This transit is life changing, as all Pluto's transits are. 

If you can take the down, and manage on much less, you will come out stronger and appreciate yourself much more. It is important that you trust that you will rebuild, and don't worry you will.  If you fear total loss and are willing to do whatever it is to fight back or hold on, then the more painful this experience is because Pluto will take it away, anyway. 

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  1. Amazing article :) It describes completely how i feel :)

    1. It will get much better as the transit goes on, whatever Pluto destroys he does rebuild and usually much better than previous.

  2. Is this applicable only to material wealth? What about a soul mate being ripped away by life circumstance?

    1. Unfortunately it does apply to whatever one holds dear, however I would suspect that other transits might be responsible for relationship break ups and when it's by life circumstance the offender could be Saturn. Be patient and trust in the Universe and the process if they are indeed your soulmate you will reunite:)