Thursday, May 30, 2013


Pluto relationships are heavy duty and you need to be one heck of a warrior to make it through unscathed. A perfect depiction of a Pluto relationship was displayed in the music video with Rihanna and Eminem for the" song" Love the way you lie. Are you gonna stand there and watch me burn?? 
 Pluto digs deep so deep that the cuts and bruises left over will never be forgotten. Plutonic relationships are extreme and hard to avoid because of their magnetic lure" which is a promise, of deep intensity and they are even harder to get out of' because of the addiction to the passion and even the drama! Which will certainly be like nothing you have ever experienced before, unless are the Pluto person ( Pluto in hard aspect to your personal planets ie. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) chances are you are quite familiar with this type of intensity in your relationships and you may actually seek these types out, since you are not one for the light and fluffy.

If you are involved in a Plutonic relationship the attraction, passion and desire run high, and what may seem as a powerful soul connection that is based on love, patience and understanding can suddenly take quite a turn if not careful. Intense relationships usually pan out intense results, these relationships are not for those that desire simplistic. Unless this relationship is entered later in life when both people are mature. 

There is always an intense attraction and a desire to be with one another all the time.

 Pluto is subtle and tends to work over time, so you may not see the way this plays out till some time has past. Initially, you will be enamored and on your best behavior, accommodating and understanding suddenly something happens. Pluto relationships are highly dramatic but don't necessarily need to be. Both parties need to play fair, to respect one another's opinion, but also be honest with one another, and do not play games of jealousy or any games for that matter.

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The positive side to Pluto 

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