Friday, May 31, 2013

THE 9th house Synastry- Higher Love

In synastry, the 9th house is not known as the house of true love. However, it's been said that many second Marriages take place here.  What would the 9th house have to do with love or marriage? 
Well, I guess, if we are supposed to get it better the second time you know, because of the lessons learned, then the 9th house would actually make sense. 
The ninth house in astrology is known as the house of higher learning, long distance travel, organized religion, philosophy, expansion and adventure. Sound like it's possible to fall in love in that house after all. 
Who doesn't want a partner that you have all of this is common with? As we evolve or grow later in life we often find the things that were once important to us while younger change. We find the things we use to tolerate while younger become unbearable or unacceptable and the things that were important at one time suddenly lose their importance.  
The one thing that we look for regardless of age is compatibility but as we grow in maturity ultimately on the same page and the least amount of differences as possible. We have already been there done that and prefer compatibility. 
We prefer a place that we can grow from without the many struggles of having so many differences, in the very important areas of life, things like philosophy, beliefs or ideas.
In astrology, the 7th house represents is considered the house of Marriage, it's really the house of our opposite. These are important relationships because we learn, evolve and change as a result of them. They have many of the things that we lack, and us them. It only makes sense we would be attracted to them would be better in business or as a person with them. We balance each other out in the positive, but in the negative we burn each other out. 

The 7th house partners we often attract early on. The 5th is the house of play, and although it's fun in this house it's hard to keep up with and the 8th well,,, it's intense in there and after a while you just say, I'm tired too heavy and exhausting. 

When you are looking for a lifelong partner who not only gets you but enlivens you to an elevated love that is built on admiration, respect,  sharing the same ideas and ideals, you feel very at home with this person, you feel hopeful and that anything is possible. 
This can also be our guru,  spiritual guide or simply people that we relate to on a fundamental level, and over the long run. 

Although the 9th house seems like a brainy house, it's far from it this is the house of adventure, expansion, travel, higher learning, exploration and seeking truths, that's a fulfilling experience!

 In synastry, people who transpose planets here inspire us and encourage us, you feel good with them and the relationship never feels stagnant but is constantly growing and expanding. This person can easily be our life long partner. Of course, you need to have some other supportive placements and aspects preferably passionate and attraction ones. See: Attraction and Chemistry.

Expansion and optimism are "keywords" for this house. It's often seen activated in couples that travel together, and or are active, whether recreational, play or sport.

This house is a house of mutual goals, mutual beliefs, mutual desires or zest for a new experience. 

Being the house of Jupiter, you really can't go wrong, he's the God of Abundance after all, you will both hold each other with the highest regard and have lot's of fun together.

As always I love to hear your experiences, comments or questions:)

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