Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Where Pluto is in our chart is where we seek power or control over ourselves or others. Pluto is an icy planet but underneath it scientist now believe there are roaring oceans, which would explain a lot about the controlled cool manner on the surface that this aspect creates.
However underneath the surface of deeply secretive person there are intense emotions and thoughts in which they cover quite well behind the fa├žade of a well-contained persona.  Realizing that the only thing we truly have control over is our thoughts is critical to understand and a lesson in which this aspect will pull to the surface at a particular time in their life.

There is often an internal war between two natures the darker qualities of Pluto, power, pride, control, cynicism, compulsion, taboo thoughts and desires of the Sun to
Sun square or opposite Pluto people are deeply secretive.Sun-Pluto people have seen abuse of power and are all too familiar with it which is precisely why they need to not perpetuate this same behavior to others. Because of early experiences of loss of power, this has caused them to take extreme precautions on it not happening again, so as a result they can become tyrants themselves in an effort to maintain control.

They don't believe they are lovable and doubt others intentions. Some Sun-Pluto people like to set themselves up to test their strength, and others truly struggle with self-acceptance. They are a formidable force when it comes to getting what it is they want. 

Their secretiveness causes problems in their close love affairs, and relationships and cause many of their own problems in love. Some in the sexual realm prefer to be humiliated or dominated sexually especially if Saturn is also Square the Sun, but again not always, other's wouldn't have it for the life of them and they prefer to control dominate or humiliate their partner. If this is not the case, then they will at the minimum control their partner.

Initially, When a relationship is pursued there will be many attempts made to test its strength and often Sun Pluto will break it off just when things start getting good, afraid that the rug will be pulled out beneath them anyway.

 Sun-Pluto people need to be cautious not to be tempted to misuse their power and often reminding them how they did not like it when it happened to them, can help them understand, and hopefully not continue the cycle. 

 Pluto square Sun people have a tendency to worry and to obsess. This is not good for their health, and the reason why they need to seek outlets, for relaxation.  

The name of the game of this placement is the transformation of the psychological fears that hold you back from your true happiness! It is exhausting, and physically very hard on your body to obsess, and worry so much, that the physical toll can lead to many health problems. The mindset is that of the worst will happen.

Pluto  wants you to uproot the pains, face your losses, release yourself from guilt and fear, to overcome and to make your life, not let life make you. Once you deal with these and release them you will feel a sense of freedom and relaxation like you never have. You have an amazing reserve of willpower, observation, passion and charisma to truly gain the real power that you crave, personal positive power.