Thursday, August 11, 2011

URANUS- Thou Shalt Not tell me what to do!

URANUS= UNIQUE & REBELLION. What would the world be like without someone questioning the rules? Without a little trouble from time to time. If everything was always so perfectly smooth, easy and predictable and everyone was the same, had the same likes, did the same things and even looked the same.  Can anyone say "boring"?? OK well, there are actually some that really appreciate the same old, same old, time and time again. You see the universe is a perfectly sculpted depiction of each of us as individuals. Uranus is the one planet in our solar system that wants to be obviously different. It doesn't act in the same way as the other planets do. It's independent, it's rebellious. It's unique because its rotation is sideways its north and south poles, are where other planets have their equator. People that are unique, rebellious and quirky tend to have a lot of Uranus contacts in their chart. Uranus is one of the two rulers of the sign Aquarius, the sign of individuality, technology and mankind. If you have known an Aquarius you will see them as friendly, altruistic and opinionated. The difference is Uranus wants to be obviously different and it wants to be different for the sake of just being different. To mix it up. Now you don't have to be an Aquarius to understand Uranus. You can be any sign. Uranus is in all of our charts. If you are always pushing the limits, trying things differently, standing up for individuality then chances are Uranus is playing a role.
I personally have 5 planets in Aquarius all ruled by Uranus but what makes me even more Uranus is that Uranus is squaring my sun and Venus as well. If it happens to square your sun, ascendant, mercury, Venus or mars then you have a strong desire to do things differently. 
Those are the areas you will see your rebellion, uniqueness, individuality and desire for freedom. Squaring my sun (ego) I have found it extremely hard to do something if someone tells me to. I don't like to buy clothing in the window that other's may be wearing or if everyone is doing it, I lose interest in it. This need that Uranus has to be different forces you to be more creative since you can't follow other's you need to come up with your own unique imprint.
 There are problems with that can not be denied, especially with relationships mostly romantic ones. With too much Uranus, you won't want to be committed until later in life, and you need to do things the way you want which is not all that great for companionship. You will fear a loss of freedom. I have had uranian relationships that are on and off, hot and cold, wet and wild, downright electric! Although, they are never dull, too much stimulation can drive you just as mad as suffocating Pluto. 
You have to protect yourself from being electrified, almost literally. Uranus allows us to be unique and let other's be, be innovative, explorative and push the boundaries that society sets up for us. So let's all embrace the Uranus in our charts and break free from the routine! liberate ourselves and expand our knowledge, because knowledge is power! 

Where Uranus is in your chart, is where you will find yourself creating a unique approach, breaking the rules, or getting sudden insights. Break free, be yourself and happiness is guaranteed.