Saturday, August 6, 2011

Solar Return Ascendant

Solar Return Ascendant in Aries

This year is a take charge year, you will feel impatient even with your usual daily routines. There will be a newfound sense of urgency to reach your life goals along and a boatload of courage to go along with it. This is a highly energetic year, and you might be short of patience. You will need to learn to focus this new energy and it might come as a surprise if you are normally a lethargic or a calm person. 

If you are already high energy, expect it to kick up even more so, others might be the first to notice you can't sit still.  In this case you need to be cautious of being to pushy or selfish with others. You will have enormous energy and courage so use this to accomplish whatever tasks necessary.

This is a great time to assert your individuality as well, and it will be more do and less talk about what to do. The Mars energy will give you incredible courage and the Will to take action, you need to be cautious because just as well your impulsive behavior may lead to problems, try to think things through and them act. You are dynamic and willing to take risks where you may have not in the past.

Solar Return Ascendant in Taurus

Money matters and acquiring the finer things in life suddenly take on a bit more importance. You need to feel adorned, and desire things of pleasure and fine quality. You will be more patient and consistent in reaching your goals. You should be able to increase your money situation this year.

You will be tenacious and persevering in all that you do, but watch for being overly stubborn in disagreements with others.

If you have artistic inclinations, it will be a positive year for expanding your creative talents. This influence may attract you to begin to study such fields as art, which could result in profit.

During this period you will find yourself wanting more stability in your life. Usually you will attract your opposite during this time you may meet some real power players to help you on your financial goals, or quests.

Solar Return Ascendant in Gemini

This indicates a very active period of communicating, socializing and perhaps taking on many new projects. Although Multi-tasking is favored during this time, watch for starting to many projects and never finishing them.

Your mental and intellectual activity will be increased, you will have a powerful thirst for knowledge. Your mind will be active, clear and quick, helping you make fast decisions.

You may attract many Sagittarius's during this time, that will help you in long range or far-sighted goals.

Solar Return Ascendant in Cancer

The years focus will be on security both emotional and financial. Family is also another focus and if you haven't started one you may start to think about doing so. You may experience a surge of childhood memories, both the positive and the negative. You might be more subjective than you have been in the past finding yourself much more sensitive, and may even feel considerable mood changes. You may become more clingy in relationships for the need for security is enhanced. You will be much more intuitive feeling out situations. Home will be a focus and you will want to start to build one if you don't already have a place you call home. It's a great year to buy a home, since Cancer rules the home, you will have a good chance in finding one that fits your desires.

During this period you could be confronted with an act or circumstance that touches you deeply. Although the result may not be completely favorable, you will realize, that it is was necessary for your growth. Be aware of the fact that you could be more trusting than usual, thereby exposing yourself to undue pain or suffering. You should look at it as a growth experience which will, in the end, produce beneficial results.

In women, this influence can increase fertility and the possibility of pregnancy.

Solar Return Ascendant in Leo
This year is all about self expression and you will feel like you want to shine and be recognized. You will likely become more outspoken and may be prone to dominating conversations or keeping the focus on yourself, rather than listening to others. You may tend to exaggerate your accomplishments and boast about your many talents and what you are capable of doing. Suddenly public approval becomes important and you want the spotlight. Watch out for pride, or being to proud or sensitive to others criticisms.

You are very creative and playful now, it's a excellent year to pursue your creative side. You are a magnet for the opposite sex now, so many opportunities for love will fill the air. You will be in the limelight highly sociable and you will want to be where it's all happening. You will have a lot more energy and a major boost of confidence.

Do watch for alienating yourself through being too domineering and all about you. People like to talk about themselves, more than listen about others. You're positive and confident outlook will boost you to new heights just try not to make haters in the process. If applicable you will have a wonderful time with children this year, and if you don't have any you may start to think about it.

Solar Return Ascendant in Virgo
You have a fine eye for the details and may suddenly become quite aware of things that are ascetically pleasing. You might turn into a perfectionist during this time, never feeling satisfied with your work, and are prone to overworking. You are gaining skills in the details now, which is very helpful if you have not been a detailed person in the past.

You do need to watch for being too critical of yourself or of others, and when it comes to your work as well being to picky to where you don't produce anything in fear of it not being good enough.

You will have higher standards everything you do, and that includes relationships. If you are in a relationship you may start to find fault in your partner, try to remember you are using a microscope and to let things go.

Health also may be a focus, you will want to take better care of yourself, and may even choose a healthy living diet. It is also possible you will become very critical of the way you look, and want to clean up your appearance, and polish out your wardrobe.

Try not to isolate yourself, by being to introspective but use your ability to focus on details in areas of which you may not have been able to in the past. You could get a lot done this year, but try not to be too rigid.

If you were normally a very confident person you may suddenly develop feelings of insecurity, Virgo has a fine eye and can tend to overdo any faults. There is also a possibility of you worrying too much so taking on some form of release such as Yoga or meditation will be good, if your not into those you could just work out, just be sure to burn energy anyway you can. You may over think, excessively worry and if this happens,then you know it's time to get active.

You will find yourself being more cautious and critical in your relationships as well, and may become rather picky or more selective than you may have been in the past when it comes to dating. Things that never used to bother you more than likely will become issues now.

Solar Return Ascendant in Libra

What a year for relationships this will be. You are quite the charmer this year, and much more agreeable and accommodating than you may have been in the past. This will attract many new people into your life.

Others will find your company pleasing, so your likely to be invited out a lot. You will not want to be single during this period, you will desire a relationship will become strong, just don't sacrifice standards, just to be in a relationship. If you are in a relationship during this time you will have a opportunity to strengthen and deepen it more than likely because your demeanor will take on a new relationship orient, you will find yourself much more agreeable and accommodating than you may have been in the past. Getting along will become of the utmost importance. It is also possible you meet a business partner that turns into a serious relationship, or you and your partner may decide to start a business together, if that's not the case then you will want to develop your bond, by getting more involved with one another, and nurturing your relationship.
You want peace and harmony more than anything this year.
There may be issues with making decisions simply because tend to take others opinions much more seriously, and may fear offending anyone. You want to be fair and balanced in all that you do.

Your image will be important as well, you will want to be more fashionable, or trendy than you have been in the past. Glamor appeals to you, and so do the arts.

Solar Return Ascendant in Scorpio

Powerful encounters with others, and deep reflection of past mistakes will catch up to you, now. Hopefully you haven't made to many. You may not have even been aware of these things, that suddenly become aware now. This is the time, that you reap what you sow. If you have done your proper work, and handled things responsibly and ethically, you may receive your reward. If not issues with others over money is possible, if your relationship was weak or about to break it more than likely will at this time. If your relationship is strong you will deepen your relationship and strengthen your bond.

This is a time where you will plummet to the bottom of your soul for the source of any problems you may have been having or psychological patterns that may have been working against you. You may begin to feel as if people are not what they seem and that you will want to reevaluate all relationships in your life. You may become more passive-aggressive in your endeavors for you are much more fearful of your emotional nature and will be endowed with an extreme sense of pride. You may become bossy or dominating as well, because your emotions are deep but whatever has been repressed will likely come to the surface.

This year will be full of tests, you will have more than your fair share of opposition from others. It's important that you do not let others get the best of you. Karma is part of this transit so if you have handled your affairs appropriately, then you shall be rewarded if not then you will face the consequence for your actions.

Although you will have valid reasons it is important that you do not let negative emotions consume you, you may feel you want to lash back at the world. Rather than doing so, get physical and burn some energy it will help you keep a level head. Danger happens in anger and compulsion, be wise you can end up in worse matters. You will be renewed at the end of this transit free of it all.

You will become more intuitive and your interest in extrasensory perception and the paranormal will be increased. Trust your impressions and perceptions because they will undoubtedly be quite accurate.

Watch out for dangerous love affairs during this time also, although you can meet a partner of great depth, you may also end up in some bad romance, that ends tragically.

Solar Return Ascendant in Sagittarius

You want to expand beyond all that is familiar now, you want to soar to new heights, and accomplish huge goals. You will be idealistic instilled with unlimited faith in yourself. This most certainly will help but be sure to do the footwork also, or you can end up with one big pie in your eye. All things philosophical are of importance, traveling to different cultures and experiencing new things hands on will be a top priority.

Although you may have a tendency to a tendency to exaggerate or be overly optimistic, which will bring you much luck, you do need to work out the details and that takes a realistic perspective something you will be shy on at this time.

You want adventure and they mundane is not going to satisfy your thirst for knowledge and expansion.

Solar Return Ascendant in Capricorn

This is a very ambitious year for you. You want to be accomplished and will be willing to put in the work to do so. You will take on a lot more responsibility and will work hard towards your professional goals. You won't get carried away with emotions at this time, always keeping your eye on the ball. You may get promoted this year if you are currently working, for your supervisor is likely to appreciate your work ethic.

You will want to improve your financial situation and will many opportunities to do so this year. You want more rewards and opportunity for career growth and if your company does not offer this you will most certainly go elsewhere. You will become much more practical, and will have to put in much hard work this year but you will be rewarded for your effort.

Others will notice your dedication and work ethic and will respond to you much of the same.

Try not to overdo it for you can fall into depression or a more sullen mood. Take care of your bones, as always Saturn affects the bones.

Emotionally you may become more aloof and less interested in relationships as a result of the work you must do. Be careful from alienating yourself during this time, you don't want to lose all your relationships with others, because you appear much to austere and self important, or not willing to put in the time to spend with others.

Solar Return Ascendant in Aquarius

You will have a strong desire for more freedom this year, and will want to spend more time with friends, groups or associations. You might make major changes in your appearance. Others may be shocked at the new more open minded you, with your new found desire to be authentic to yourself, no matter what others think. This is a liberating time, where you feel free to be yourself. You may become unruly and not willing to compromise anymore. You will look to the future for your answers and will learn to let go of the past. You're interests are changing but really they were always a part of you perhaps you were to afraid to admit, well not any longer.

You will be very active this year, you want to be part of a group or something bigger than yourself. You will come up with some far-sighted ideas, that will prove beneficial later in life. You may be overly anxious or experience a buzzing of electrical energy that may manifest its self in your nervous system, adding physical stress or tension. You will rebel against anyone that tries to limit your freedom or freedom of expression.

If you are involved in a relationship at this time, they may not be too fond of your desire for more freedom or this new you. It can cause problems, so try to be sensitive with your partner, should you want to keep the relationship. Remember that relationships and freedom do not do very well, especially when this new found craze takes over and shocks your partner. If you are single you can expect to meet a out of the norm character in which will suddenly strike your interest, you will be attracted to individualist,unique people but realize that with this comes instability as well.

This is not the best year to form a long-term partnership because the effects of the attraction to the bizarre will likely wear off and you might find you no longer want that.

This will be an invigorating exciting and thrilling time, so let loose and have fun but remember, the decisions you make now, will affect your future don't destroy anything that you may want back after this transit.

Solar Return Ascendant in Pisces

You are entering a highly sensitized period where you will become engulfed in imagination, fantasy and creativity. You may not be very realistic and that's OK, just make sure that you put the effort into making sure your not carried away on some pipe dream. Your feelings will be ultra sensitive to where you may become easily hurt by others.

Now is the time to get creative, let your juices flow and put something into work. You may become more sensitive and psychic, try to protect yourself from psychic vampires or drains at this time. Because you are deeply sensitive and compassionate others may try to take advantage of your kindness or try to drain you with all their personal problems in life. Don't be afraid to say no, which is something you might not easily be able to do during this transit.

Making decisions can be very difficult during this time, and sticking to schedules or doing tedious detailed work. You will find yourself less practical and logical than usual as well, this is even more the reason why creative pursuits are favored where you can work at your own pace, and dive into the full imagination that you currently have.

However, your impressions of people and situations will be unusually accurate and and very perceptive, you can almost feel their being. Although you may make the mistake of letting some negative people in your life as well, but you will know this you but will likely let them in anyway, this is where you should use your intuition and trust it. Go on first feelings, and if you feel they are no good, chances are they are not and it won't change later. Do not take on any projects either, you will want to help others and will most likely find the one that needs to most help where it never seems to run out and they never seem to get better.