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The moon is our natural instincts, our true inner selves, our emotional self, what we need to feel nurtured, our nurturing style, our mother and our early upbringing.

Moon in Partners 1st house

This makes for a very close connection based on very similar emotional natures and upbringings. You are likely to share the same the sense of humor and will be very sensitive to each others feelings. You will realize that the both of you experienced growing up in a similar way. Because of your emotional sensitivity to each other you need to be careful to balance it out when one of you is down because your moods can affect each other heavily. You will get along extremely well and bond through a deep understanding of each other on the inside and be able to offer each other what you need emotionally. This placement is very binding because of the comfortably you feel expressing your true emotional selves and a almost telepathic understanding of each other's needs. The similarities are uncanny and you both feel that you are of the same tribe which allows for a great need to be in each others presence.

Moon in partners 2nd house

This position of the moon adds a greater need for emotional and financial security with each other. You are likely to share the same values and appreciate each others talents. The house person will admire the moon persons values, image and personal style and might possibly see them as someone they wish to mimic. The house person will complement the Moon person often which will help the moon person gain greater confidence in themselves. The house person will also enjoy giving the Moon person gifts and things of value and will offer financial support with ease because they value the moon person for their many talents and will take interest in their earning potential. Sometimes the house person may view the Moon person as a personal investment offering a greater return. The moon person may be dependent on the house person financially at some point. The house person will provide, things to further the Moon persons earning potential, and items of value this is also the house of "i haves". Self esteem is often associated with what we have so in effect the Moon persons self esteem is increased as a result of the monetary benefits, and personal compliments received.

Moon in partners 3rd house

Emotional communication is easier with this placement. Discussing how each others feels is something that is very important to the couple. The moon person can relate well to topics being discussed by the house person. The house person will admire the moon persons intelligence and will be very sensitive to the house persons moods. There is a deep intellectual understanding between these two which makes for interesting and dynamic conversations. These two will enjoy taking up new subjects of the same interest together. The Moon person will need verbal expression of the house persons feelings more often to feel safe.

Moon in partners 4th house

A feeling of being at home together is what this placement produces. You both will have similar upbringings and family backgrounds. You will both enjoy talking about your family heritage together. Topics of family and setting up up home together are likely. The moon person will feel a at "home feeling" with the house person which may remind them of a family member. The house person will nurture and provided a warm safe environment for the moon. This aspect is common in couples that live together for they mesh extremely well on home front and will prefer to live together than not. Ideal placement for family and home. When the world feels unbearable they will want to pull away from it all and fall into each others arms for warmth, love and security. They rely heavily on each other for this, this is a very difficult bond to break.

Moon in your partners 5th house

Love, romance and creativity are the running theme here. This is a very loving placement for the moon. Romance is very important to the couple and they will enjoy being in each other's company. This is the house of fun, so you can expect to have lot's of it. Creativity is highlighted and supported by each other. Talk of children are possible or at least you will have good relations with each other's children or the children of others. You will enjoy you alone time in your own sandbox together, expressing yourselves creatively and romantically. This is a very romantic and fun placement, where you will enjoy each other's company immensely. If other aspects allow this is a good place for the moon in a marriage relationship.

Moon in partners 6th house

You go out of your way to help your partner with all things necessary. You are always willing to help makes things more efficient or healthy for them. You also get a general joy out of helping or being of assistance to the house person. This person will feel they have a partner on the day to day areas of life, and are likely to feel taken care of and planned for. You may enjoy being of service to your partner, with care about their health and eating habits and well, as acting almost as if a personal assistant to them. Be careful, not to do do much, because although your partner may initially appreciate it, you run the risk of allowing this person to take advantage of your good deeds, not always intentionally. The house person will want to help you organize your life as well, and will give you great ideas on how to make your work more efficient. You can both be critical of each other so try to pay attention, not to spoil the fun.

Moon in your Partners 7th house

This is a idea position of the Moon for a long term partnership whether it be business or Marriage. You both love to be around each other, and find emotional comfort in your partnership. The moon person will provide the house person with confidence, happiness and a overall feeling of being looked out for. The house person may be the Moon person's ideal partner. This relationship will be taken seriously none the less, and this position is found often within married couples. You are more likely to tie the knot with this position, if it is a love interest.

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Moon in Partners 9th house

This is a fabulous placement for the moon and is getting much less credit than it deserves. You will both appreciate each other on a fundamental level. Higher learning is on the agenda, but this means exploration and seeking for higher truths. If there is romantic compatibility, the love can deepen by having a same tribe feeling with the other. You will both have similar ideals, Values, and interests, along with a zest to experience the new and the unknown. Travel would be something that you both should do and will more than likely do. You will be in love exploring the world and all that life has to offer. You will both be very supportive to each other's dreams. This is the house of Sagittarius and Jupiter, this relationship will be abundant and full of expansion, excitement and new experience. In some cases couples take on a very spiritual outlook to life, which only deepens their love for each other. You will feel like you can do anything together. The house person may bring out the spiritual side of the moon person or vice versa. Either way this relationship will be meaningful and larger than life.

Moon in your Partners 10th house

The house person may look up to the Moon person, or the Moon person may find the house person as someone they not only respect but if in a romantic situation someone that they want to make an impression on the world with. This relationship if pursued will more than likely be public and not behind the scenes as a 12th house would. You want to be seen together and it benefits you both to be. This is the house of career but also reputation, fame and fans. It's the house of how others see you. This is a beneficial placement to have for both love and business since they often go together. At least you would both like to be doing well in your careers and well and love. Good public image is more than likely unless other's aspects hinder.

Moon in your Partners 11th house

Fabulous placement for a love relationship or friendship. Either way being friends helps the longevity of any relationship. This aspects says that you both just plain like each other. As a matter of fact you like each other a lot. You have many similarities, and commonalities enough to keep you up all night talking about them. You will enjoy group settings together, and maybe even take up a cause together. This will not be a relationship where you have separate friends, you will more than likely blend your groups quite well. You will enjoy having fun, dreaming and making wishes together. Highly compatible placement for the Moon. 

Moon in your Partners 12th house

The 12th house is the house of the soul-mate on one note but it's also as predictable as the nebulous. One thing that is for sure is that the Moon person will have the key to the backdoor of the house person. The moon person will see a side of the house person that no one else does. This is a highly spiritual connection, that if both people are evolved enough and their are no other hard aspects being made, then this can be a highly romantic relationship where one or the other may play spiritual guide, guru or dream lover. The possibilities are endless here just the the 12th house. It really comes down to what type of individuals you both are on your own. If one of you is deceptive or not in the best interest of the other, than this position can play out poorly. If both of you are decent people that don't have any malicious intent, this can prove to be a relationship that you will never forget. Be sure to see things as they actually are and not to glamorize each other to the point of where one or both of you feel like you can never live up to the other's expectations. The House person will be deeply impacted by the Moon person, on a unconscious level. The house person will also probably dream of the Moon person often. In a love relationship this relationship will take on a ethereal quality that will make you question whether or not half of it is real. If the person is really what you think they are. There is a possibility for deception as Neptune allows, but it is up to the individuals to take responsibility for their own self deception if it ends up that way. This is a highly compassionate position for the Moon. Please see special article on The 12th house synastry along with Neptune Moon Aspects for the descriptions will explain in greater detail.

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