Friday, November 3, 2017

Progressed Saturn Square or Opposite Venus- It's alll about you

This is a time of separation, loneliness, and burden, but before you freak out, it's important to understand that Saturn Builds and this transit is about building you. In order to do this, you can no longer be distracted by things and people that are not good for you. You cannot be dependant on others for your happiness.  You need to rely on yourself for that.

  This will be a time of clearing clutter and those things that are not good for you or holding you back. You can not have distractions when working on you. Saturn will make you independent and show you what real freedom and self-care brings you.  

Saturn is the great taskmaster but he is also the great Teacher and his lessons are hard earned but well paid in the end. When Progressed Saturn is Square or Opposite Venus his lesson is about self-worth, values, independence  and inner strength. He teaches us to rely on ourselves because, in the end, that is all we really have. We can not be a burden to someone else or feel entitled under Saturn transits. 

He makes us take stock of our effectiveness and pushes us to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and take charge of our life. We all have talents but often they go unused until we are pushed to start using them. With the 2nd house, it's about how we earn our income, what we value, our values but also our relationships. 

If we are stuck, Saturn will push us out of it.

If we are settling for less than we are he won't tolerate that either. It is through Saturns blockages and restrictions that we become aware of who we really are and where we are cutting ourselves short. He shows us what's really there, and when we lose people or things fall away, they were more than likely on their way out anyway or not healthy for us. 

Saturn brings things to a conclusion and we can no longer stick our head in the sand. He sternly says you want to change then make it and make it now. If we do not make the changes or are afraid to take the risks he will force us. He does this by showing us everything with a bright light and microscope the issues become enlarged and unbearable. These burdens may be exterior to you, which you will be asked to take on yourself in order to help. You will be feeling cut off from your desire nature and might not care for niceties. 

Saturn has a way of taking the pleasure out of things and with Venus, you will feel as if you can't find much to bring you pleasure. Saturn is blockages, boundaries, and restrictions and with Venus, you will feel a cooling in your emotional life and will have time to yourself to focus on whats really important and that is your true happiness. 

We often think we need people to make us happy, but the truth is we can't be happy unless we are happy with ourselves otherwise we bring others down and rely too heavily on them which is actually a burden to them to have the responsibility of making you happy. Saturn shows us the reality, and as the saying goes " reality bites" is often very true. But it's when we see it that we are inclined to do something about it to make it better. 

If you have a lot of friends how many of them are real? Saturn  will show you this. If you are in a relationship is it healthy and good for you? Saturn will show you this also. If you have been reckless with money, Saturn will hold you accountable. Whatever specific lesson you need Saturn will show you.

 He teaches us to be responsible, independent, and ethical. He is the God of harvest because he makes us plant seeds on  fertile ground. If we plow the soil, pick and throw out the toxic weeds (toxic relationships & codependancies  or anything not working for our highest good) then water and nurture ourselves. we will reap the harvest at the end. 

Saturn shows us that we create our own luck through our hard work, mature and responsible choices and our ability to follow through but also the need for self-love. 

Of course, those that are true and good for you will stay around Saturn doesn't interfere with the things that are built on solid foundation and true.

The results are lasting and the ultimate reward is independence and freedom and being the ruler of the 10th house of Success, Fame, and Legacy, we have the best opportunity working with Saturn he wants the best for us and keeping this in mind through the difficulty is very important because the rewards are priceless.

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