Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Transiting Saturn Conjunct North Node

When Saturn is approaching the North Node the person will begin to sense that something is about to change and more often than not, it's a feeling that "something positive is about to happen". This is usually a time of recognition in one's work and professional life, this is if the person is working toward a goal and has built a foundation on which they can build. The person generally feels pressure to make something happen. 

They may evaluate all they have done and all of their talents, what they enjoy and how to put it all together. Saturn is the builder of solid structures and although he is tough he makes accomplishments possible through our own efforts and hard work.

 If the person has worked toward a goal this is a time that it will likely manifest. People can come into the person's life to assist them. Recognition is very possible and big accomplishments can be made.  You feel like things are being unveiled to you. You see patterns in past behaviors, you pinpoint the weaknesses. You have a fine eye now, one that is very useful in reaching your North Node. 

The South Node has great magnetism, it's comfortable but dysfunctional because usually it's outgrown, overused or the person is too dependent on it or stuck in it. Yes, it tells us what we know and it is likely what we know that will take us to our North Node but we must take that leap out toward our North Node or we will be pushed.  

One thing is for sure, a discovery of where you might belong will become more visible you may or may not be on the track to it. If you are not you will likely change your course.  Ready or not, change is coming. 

If you are ready, then people and situations will come flying out of nowhere to help you along. You are able to make a mark now. Even if you are the 'shyest of them all' and crave no- "worldly success" (for the case of the North Node in the 4th house this would fit just fine) for worldly success was likely already accomplished)  but otherwise wherever your North Node may lie, you will need to use your talents, gifts and experience from your South Node to move towards your North Node. But let's say you work a regular job and you are relatively happy. But if you conquer your North Node it's said to bring your true happiness and fulfillment. Depending on the house your North Node is in you will see that if you were to grow that house, refine it, improve it or conquer it will indeed bring you fulfillment. This is not because the house will bring you happiness but because of the balance, you reach your overall life improves and especially in areas of the South Node, the things that keep slipping out of your fingers.
Sometimes the South Node can be the source of many of your problems. Like if your South Node is in the 2nd house you can spend all your time acquiring things, making money or working for the sake of deep intimacy or experiencing the sharing of resources, and things of depth. We may be a slave to our South Node, or nicely said dependent which does not help us but rather restricts us.   Let's take love for an example, everyone loves to talk about love right? everyone wants it. I will use the North Node in the 1st house to keep the example simple. The 1st house is about self, having the North Node in the 1st points to a South Node in the 7th of "Partners" including love and marriage, not just business partners or close friends.  So the South Node is where the person is comfortable or dependent in a sense but also quite good or experienced. However, the person puts all their energy into other people, friends, partners, lovers and as a result, suffers their own needs being met or desires. The persons North Node is calling them to take more action, to consider their own needs, to define themselves, and to put their energy into themselves and to stop relying so much on others to make their decisions. If not, Let's say they get into a partnership for business, something is bound to pull the relationship of track in order to push the individual into trusting themselves and doing things themselves. This way they suffer fewer setbacks when they develop themselves they will find great support. 

When the North Node person in the 1st house takes a risk and learns to be independent, take more action they will find "the steps light up beneath their feet", and things unfold almost magically. 

If the person chooses to continue with their focus on partners or relationships then they will likely be let down. It is when they stand and do for themselves that they find their relationships much more fulfilling. Whatever actually occurs (there are many factors to consider when making more accurate predictions) but generically speaking you can't fall back on your South Node the North Node won't let you. 

Back to Saturn's famous conjunction with the North Node, Saturn shows you all that you are lacking, he makes you focused, he chills the air it's cool, calm and you can focus, there is clarity! You're ready to take the leap, you're not afraid. You will do it. With the help of Saturn you will be able to make things happen even if it's slow progress it's steady and it's focused. 

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