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Neptune Transits: Conjunct Square or Opposite

Transiting Neptune Conjunct Square or Opposite Ascendant

This transit softens a person's response to life's situations and people. It envelops the person in a mystical, sort of careless fog. A feeling of euphoria can color this transit. It's important to not get lost in it and to apply special attention to the fact that you might be more forgetful and struggle with details. If you are working in a detail required position this can be tough. You are very sensitive now, to pretty much all things in the ether.

You are enhanced with psychic gifts but may also end up feeling confused or lost. It's just as likely your life will take on much more color now and every experience might feel magical or fated, you seem to find meaning in more of your life's experience. You will be very sensitive to love, and more sensitive to your partner's needs. You may find yourself daydreaming more or experiencing psychic phenomena, increased color in dreams and more in touch with the subtleties of life. 

This is excellent for anyone in a creative field, such as music, dance, acting, fantasy, writing, art, or any other.

Transiting Neptune Conjunct Square or Opposite the Sun

This transit is similar to the ascendant in that it clouds a person with a much more sensitive and softer energy. Sometimes there can be a mini-crisis of identity, a feeling of being confused or lost. This, however, is not always the case, but there is a shedding of the ego that takes place with Neptune as it dissolves our personal boundaries through feelings of compassion, forgiveness through feelings of elevation or feelings of ecstasy. 

Neptune is the planet of sacrifice, compassion, and unconditional love, but it's darker side exposes us to illusions, self-delusion, and feelings of grandeur. This can be seen with the Sun as temporary self-delusion or confusion about your direction but also self-sacrificing behavior. Neptune transits blur our view of pretty much everything through deeply sensitive feelings. We feel enthusiastic, dreamy, hopeful, and our sensitivity and compassion overtake us. We need to be sure that we are not being a martyr and that we check ourselves often under any Neptune transit. We have to have boundaries and expectations for a reason, which is what Pluto teaches us. If we don't have boundaries we can end up getting taking advantage of and we can delude ourselves all we want but the truth will come out and who do we have to blame? This is especially true with Neptune transits. 

Transiting Neptune Conjunct Square or Opposite the Moon

As with all Neptune transits we enter into a more compassionate and sensitive time, but also a potentially delusional one that can lead us down the rabbit hole, where Alice lives. We are very creative and colorful during Neptunes transits we see things elevated or enhanced and usually see more good than bad. This can be good for it softens us and brings out our more forgiving, understanding and compassionate side, and much good can come as a result. We can heal through forgiveness. However, Neptune blurs so we don't see things clearly and sometimes under this transit we can make poor decisions, or let all the wrong people in our life.

Transiting Neptune Conjunct Square Opposite Mercury

This aspect colors the mind, thinking, and perception of the individual with a euphoric or elevated mental experience. The person absorbs information through extrasensory abilities and can sometimes find themselves lost in daydreams or confused with difficulty focusing. You are very creative now, and can see the big picture of things but won't be very good at details, scheduling and keeping commitments. It's best to use this time for any creative endeavors.  It's also true that you will receive many psychic and intuitive gifts but might have difficulty deciphering them clearly you will also be more in- touch with the spiritual dimensions of life. 

You might be much more positive, feeling as if you are living in a dream and this can be nice! Just be careful and try your best to keep one foot on the ground this is to be sure you don't get involved with people that are not good for you.  You are much more sensitive and accepting during this time, and perhaps not seeing things entirely as they are. Because of this you can be deceived or mislead, as Neptune has a way of making everything appear better than it actually might be.

Transiting Neptune Conjunct Square or Opposite Venus

During this time you long for love, and feelings of elation, euphoria color your view. You are much more compassionate, sensitive and accepting of others and because of this, you can run the risk of falling for all the wrong types. This is not always the case, for some they can meet their dream lover, but it's also possible you meet a person with many problems that you would have otherwise deemed unacceptable but Neptune is about unconditional love and even self-sacrifice. Sometimes we can go on a mission to save someone, and it's possible you can but it's just as possible that you can end up feeling deluded usually it's self-deluded when the transit ends. Try your best to keep one foot on the ground and ask yourself would I have accepted these things prior to this transit? 

You are very creative, and can definitely tap into any other creative gifts you might have and expand on them during this time.   You may prefer quiet time as opposed to the hustle and bustle, and you also may be feeling nostalgic or longing for that perfect lover. Watch out for your finances you also might be feeling very generous, which is not a bad thing for what you give you will surely get back in due time. 

This transit can require some sacrifice and if you were typically a selfish person you most certainly won't be under this transit and others will take notice. 

Neptune in hard aspect can be very confusing, try to take time out to see what messages you might be getting and aim for balance to the best of your abilities. Neptune rules euphoric feelings, but also escapism and avoidance which often can involve drugs or alcohol watch for falling for someone with any of these issues and also if you yourself are feeling like you, just want to escape it all. Enjoy the natural high this provides but don't do things in excess and try to keep a bit of wit about you. 

Transiting Neptune Conjunct Square or Opposite Mars

This transit can feel like you temporarily lost your direction or steam. Feelings of lethargy or a lack of taking action are likely. You will be very sensitive to energy as Neptune dissolves boundaries you become very aware of the ebb and flow of the universal energies and can make some very creative moves in sports, dance or anything that requires you to let go and take risks.  

Intimacy can be otherworldly and if you are single you might meet a partner in which you experience this with. You are sensitive to your surroundings and can find yourself picking up energy from others. It's a good time to tap into your creative and artistic side. If you are an artist, actor, musician or writer or in any of the arts, or even sports you can come up with some very creative stuff. This transit is not very good for details and follow- through but if you work at your own pace and try to keep notes and reminders you should fair well. 

Transiting Neptune Conjunct Square or Opposite Jupiter

Watch out this transit can be out of this world, literally. You are spiritually inclined, deeply sensitized and highly compassionate. Everything feels possible and indeed it is, but you can also end up completely delusional if not careful. 

Neptune is acceptance and feelings of euphoria and elated experiences and combined with Jupiter the planet of expansion you are in for quite a treat.

Jupiter expands the planet it touches and Neptune is boundless. Powerful spiritual experiences are very likely. You will be very sensitive, especially to others sorrow, sadness or pain. You will also have enhanced psychic gifts especially in  the unseen, ghostly or all things metaphysical. You may become religious, or join a new spiritual practice, you will certainly take a bigger interest in these things. Negatively, You do need to watch out for acting out in a reckless or careless manner in your sudden increased feelings of luck, hope, and faith but also potential delusions, or trust in things or people that may not be all they appear to be. Discernment is needed but you can have a wonderful mystical time just as well.

Transiting Neptune Conjunct Square or Opposite Saturn

This transit can certainly help you become less rigid, or less hard on yourself. You might suddenly feel a release of pressure as you slowly let go of the boundaries you have set for yourself with your Saturn placement. Neptune dissolves the boundaries that Saturn has set for you which means that you can become much more open, and hopeful in the area of which Saturn occupies in your chart. 

However, Saturn's structure is important to avoid getting lost in the confusing Neptune fog we can't see clearly, or we simply don't see the reality of things or as they really are. Neptune can be tricky but can also free us from our blockages, and prisons we keep ourselves in such as doubt, insecurity or self-imposed restrictions which keep us stuck in situations that are unfulfilling.   Neptune is all about belief and the power of it. Saturn is all about doing the work, and the results of it. Both are necessary. Belief in yourself and doing the work is what makes dreams come true.

If it is Saturn Transiting to Neptune it will have the Opposite effect where many of your Neptune illusions melt away leaving one feeling disheartened but will allow you to set proper boundaries from now on based on seeing the importance of them. This transit can be sobering, but you will come out stronger and much wiser. This is a time, where you reflect on the many disappointments of any illusions you have had. This combination can be good for putting any creative projects together that perhaps you have let sit in the past. This is definitely an eye-opening transit that reminds me of Katy Perry's song " Wide Awake". Click for lyrics. 
The Square and Opposition can be a bit tougher than the Conjunction, where the Conjunction provides a blend of the energies but nonetheless the above applies but perhaps there is a better use of the energies.

Transiting Neptune Conjunct Square or Opposite Uranus

This transit is hard to describe because it's a bit confusing at first and putting the feeling into words is difficult but the best I can come up with is illuminating. Uranus is the planet of enlightenment along with Neptune but Neptune adds it's own whimsical experience to the mix and together you have an interesting, to say the least, combo. 

Uranus is the liberator planet, he sees the other side of things because he does not travel in the same way as the other planets. Don't underestimate his power in the hierarchy of the gods for he is the Father of Saturn, and known as the sky, God. His limits are none, and he does not adhere to restrictions but rather breaks free of them. He is the bolt of lightening of sudden realizations and helps free us from the boundaries of Saturn, by giving us knowledge such as Astrology! He brings us enlightenment often with a shock and awe or a loud voice yelling wake up! Uranus is similar although different to Neptune. Uranus is the oddball planet and the ruler of the oddball sign Aquarius. Uranus helps free others through acceptance of their quirks or differences, never judging or expecting one to fit into a mold, not to mention always fighting for the underdog. This is similar to Neptune's acceptance, unconditional love, and compassion, and the truth is both are powerful healing agents. However, negatively Neptune covers what's really there with a hyper-awareness  of sorrow, or sadness and enhances  compassion and the desire to do something as a result. Much like an empath will feel another's pain and be inclined to help as a result, Neptune is the planet of the empath.   Under its influence, we often take on spiritual missions to help others which is a beautiful thing and we should all do what we can. The problem as always with Neptune is that we are not always appreciated for our good works or unconditional love and we are not always loved back or appreciated in the same way. This is why Neptune is associated with self-sacrifice, we can't help hoping we will be loved or even helped back, and sometimes we will even be betrayed. Jesus was the epitome of Saturn's Son, Neptune the living Son of Saturn and avatar of Neptune, where he went around healing others through forgiveness of their sins and acceptance of all, but also by making the ultimate sacrifice, his own life. To please Neptune it will cost a piece of our soul, we risk being let down, unappreciated and betrayed and why we must do it for nothing in return, we can't expect to be loved by someone that is unable to love but we can help them heal through our unconditional love. 

Although the reward will certainly come at the time that is destined for you.   Uranus is the planet of the people, humanitarian efforts, and community but also innovation which can bring about creative efficient ways to help mankind. and Neptune is about forgiveness, compassion and the healing power of such selfless acts.

During this time, you can expect sudden insights, and spiritual awakening is likely. You may struggle with the energy in the opposition and the square initially for it can be quite eye-opening but over the course of the transit, you will learn to balance them and see things in a whole new way.

Neptune Conjunct Square or Opposite Neptune

This is an enhanced time of compassion and sensitivity that can be a bit overwhelming at first as you try to make your way through the maze of illusions that can present themselves at this time. The difficulty with this transit is that you can't see the vipers from the fairies and you tend to idealize people, places, and things. Also, you can be impractical and unrealistic in your decisions. It's also true that focus can be difficult, you are hypersensitive and highly intuitive and even psychic. Your imagination can run away with you so you will need to try to keep your head above the fog. It would be good to keep a notepad, or journal but also plenty of reminders to be sure you don't let important obligations slip past you. This is usually a highly spiritual and even magical time, so certainly enjoy it, just know you might have a hard time explaining some of the things that show themselves at this time and that's ok, you will know. P.s Others may question your sanity at this time.

Neptune Conjunct Square or Opposite Pluto

This can have a softening effect on your desire nature but can also bring about dangerous illusions. You are more forgiving of the wrongs done to you and might even lose a bit of your drive and ambition and this time, wanting more spiritual fulfillment instead. You will learn the balance of personal power and boundaries with compassion and sensitivity which can be highly beneficial. Its possible others can come to push your boundaries and test your values at this time, in a Pluto fashion, this is so that you can learn the necessity of boundaries, and having solid values in which you live by. It's also possible that if you have been obsessed with power than you suddenly don't find it all that appealing anymore. It's also possible that if you have not been setting boundaries with others or have been too much of a people pleaser that this will be tested as well. Depending on your own personal journey seen in your natal chart will better depict which way this will play out for you. 

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