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Twin Flame Relationships : Are you ready?

The concept of the Twin Flame originated long ago and I wrote a previous post in more detail about this both on this site and in " The Back Room". Whether you believe in it or not it makes sense to many that there would be the existence of one's other half. I mean we really can't rule anything out without proof that it doesn't exist as well. This post is not about proving Twin Flames exist, being an Astrologer that's really not my area. However, Astrology just discloses quite a bit about love relationships and their compatibility but also there what the issues or difficulties might be but also if there is any Karma between the two.

Twin Flame relationships fit into the mold of a Karmic relationship. This is because Twin Flame relationships require both people evolved enough to handle it. Many Twin Flame runner's (usually male but not always many women are Twin Flame runners too) do so for fear the connection because they are not ready.

This can be financial, emotionally, or spiritually or some other reason. Sometimes "all hell" breaks loose when you meet your Twin Flame, I have heard of this happening many times to those that claim they have met theirs. Astrology shows us when this all " hell" might break loose. OK, maybe not as that dramatic but for many, it is so. Usually one or the other is going through a Saturn or Pluto difficult transit but the other planets and houses give more details but any or all of the personal planets are involved in this and can usually be seen in advance.

Of course, no one knows how the relationship will be affected or tested specifically and sometimes it's the individual alone that is going through it while the other is not. This all depends on Karma. They are many, many things involved and I can't possibly cover all of them here but the gist is that Twin Flames and Karmic relationships are very similar in many ways. They both require that both people be mature, handle their responsibility and be willing to do the work and not let fear take over.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case and many suffer the heartache and pain of these relationships which can be very difficult to move on from. Many times, Twin Flames reunite, and so do Karmic but there are those times that the lesson was to prepare you for the right one, which might not have been who you thought or simply it was not meant to be lived out in this lifetime but will likely come together again in another, until you both muster up the courage, or do the work.

These types of fears, separations, and blockages are common among those lucky couples that have Saturn Square or Opposite Venus in the synastry or the Composite. This also occurs sometimes to those that have Saturn in hard aspect to Venus natally. Blockages suddenly arise, and this is usually to make both people work hard to make the relationship it needs to be earned, honest and both people need to love themselves and be happy with themselves first. Not a lot to ask right? ha! There is no doubt a great deal of admiration and a seriousness to the commitment between the two. If the two are handling there responsibilities as well then the relationship can last a very long time but runs the chance of burning out due to so much seriousness and responsibility. Or if they are not handling their responsibilities outside forces can put pressure on the relationship and you will need to do the work to make it work. Whether or not a couple has what it takes depends much on the natal chart of the individuals where we can see what insecurities fears or compulsive behaviors if any seen in the chart. These are seen by many different signs, aspects, and placements. The point is that if everyone took responsibility for their part in learning how they may be contributing to the failure of the relationship based on being irresponsible, emotionally disconnected, being afraid, playing games or whatever the multitude of other possibilities might be.

Our North Node plays a lot into as well, being that in Astrology this is the place that we are to end up in order to find our greatest fulfillment. If you are not heading toward your North Node or being held back by this person then these obstacles will become very obvious and you must do the work first.

Honestly, I've been a relationship coach for quite a while now, and from what I have seen, "Fear of Rejection" is a major culprit in many relationships not getting off the ground.

Let's be honest, if one or both people won't act to take the relationship further, out of "fear of rejection" well, things won't go anywhere. How many times have we said to ourselves, I can't tell him/her that, it's too soon, or Ill just act like I don't care, or I won't respond right away, or the games we play or the things we do things to test our partners that ultimately aids in confusion and pushes things further away. Whatever the case, there is much we do on our own that the planets hold us accountable for.

Interestingly enough Saturn in hard aspect to Venus is known for tremendous fear rejection and therefore they do not put in the effort, do the work or take action more aggressively for what they want. Instead, they find themselves pushing the person away, testing them or not being there for their partner in some way that makes the other person not feel cared for leaving them with no real reason to be in the relationship. They can often test their partners, or push their partners wanting complete undevoted love but not willing to do what it takes to simply earn it through actions. This, of course, is not for everyone with this aspect because some are more evolved than others and other aspects always can alter things. But, the general knowledge of this aspect is blockages in love and money or resistance as a result of fear and insecurity. An array of other things come up with Saturn in hard aspect to any planet, but Saturn makes you work and if you don't work you don't get so that means effort. Saturn in difficult aspect to Venus in synastry has a reputation for being the Romeo and Juliet aspect, the star-crossed lover's aspect and things as such because there is usually a powerful bond between the two. However, their relationship is riddled with challenges and blockages and if not emotionally, then out of fear or by outside forces that eventually pull them apart.

I am not saying Twin Flame relationships are a given if they have Saturn in hard Aspect to Venus in synastry or Composite but it does reflect a Karmic Relationship that will require both partners to express themselves and put in the effort but to also allow individual space between in order to maintain each of their own individual life paths. This is similar to Saturn in hard aspect to Venus in synastry. Saturn is work, you must work on yourself, on the relationship and at a job. Keyword once again, Work.

Twin Flames would most certainly have much more going on than Saturn Venus, in my previous post in the Back Room, I threw the concept out of Oppositions being seen between the Twin Flame couple being that it would be the other half of you. You know, they have what you don't, therefore creating a whole. However, planets in the 12th house are also Karmic relationships but also past lives which very well could be a Twin Flame as well, but we would need to see many complimenting differences or completely different differences. Opposites are different than Square in that Opposites tend to admire the differences and even appreciate and more openly incorporate them as Opposed to squares they both promote change but Square tend to be more difficult to work through and find a balance because they just don't get each other.

A person's opposite sign has what they lack and it's in the middle that the two balance. Each person learns a great deal from the other, there is mutual respect for each other's differences and together they make a whole or balance each other. For instance, let's take Virgo and Pisces for example. Virgo is so analytical, and needs proof, while Pisces lives on belief and faith in the things that you can't find proof too. Pisces can get lost in the never-never land if they don't learn to pay attention to details and learn to ground themselves from Virgo and Virgo can relax a bit more in the possibilities of having faith and understanding more about the unseen world. They both have in common that they like to be of service or help to others. However, Pisces takes a more unconditional approach while Virgo may only help those that help themselves.

Neptune is another culprit, just as the 12th house being its ruler. Neptune in difficult aspect or 12th house planets can be misunderstood and cause confusion and breakups because of a lack of clarity, and irrational fears come to the surface, along with accusations, assumptions, and mistrust, in the end, you often feel like you have no clue what went wrong. Neptunes other side is just as dangerous and destructive although it's not malicious! well, sure he can be in the wrong person but usually, he's not. Neptune can glamorize so much you feel like your living in a romantic love novel. You idealize each other to the point that you want to be perfect for the other, that they never really get to know who you/they are. When problems come one or the other runs away not willing to face the disillusionment or disappointment of letting the other person down. Neptune is the culprit of divine discontent. Sometimes small lies are told to protect themselves or make them appear better to their partner. This is even more so if they have hard Neptune aspects in their natal chart. Truth is mandatory, and both people must be realistic, and vulnerable to being a real person with real problems otherwise one will run away and hide until they are able to fulfill the unrealistic relationship fantasy. Or they both get real and expose themselves to who they are and whatever has happened in their life to make them run away. However, like with Saturn, this is hardly the case. Neptune can't face up to it too often. This does not mean that it can't happen but if you have been in a Neptune relationship, and have been suddenly abandoned chances are something was going on in that person's life that should have been addressed, or they were too afraid of the dreamlike qualities of the relationship and ran. Perhaps they were feeling lost at sea and their responsibilities were neglected. Whatever the case, these aspects can reek havoc.

Timing is everything in Astrology, and we can see the progression of a person, and the lessons the person may learn via their own personal transits. We can see why the relationship might have ended, we see how the person might be predisposed to reacting when they finally meet the one that scares them.

The subject of Twin Flames is a complicated one, and Astrology hasn't quite yet figured it out for sure, well no one really has. BUT, there are some pointers you can look for. The relationship is usually not easy, you both will need to have your business handled and be able to enter into the relationship in the highest version of you. So it's always best for us to work on ourselves and go within and see how our actions, belief systems or unconscious behavior might be affecting our relationships. The dissolving of the ego is critical you must not be afraid of the relationship and you must not let ego block it. The vulnerability is necessary, along with a willingness to expose for who you really are and be willing to put in the effort. Since there is not much else you can do and it may be the other person that needs to work on themselves just the same.
Here are just a few of my thoughts on aspects that make sense for the Twin Flame relationship, however, are based on my evaluation of clients that have claimed to have met theirs.
  • Ascendant Conjunct Ascendant might be one aspect because it's two people viewing life through the same lens but experiencing it differently. 
  • Sun Opposite Sun might be another the other half of you. 
  • Saturn in difficult aspect to the others personal planets is another that involves honesty integrity and hard work and overcoming fear, the Conjunction might be a bit stronger pointing to past life association. 
  • Neptune in difficult aspect involving the dissolving of the ego and dealing with real issues as opposed to running from them, hiding them, or avoiding them, causing distrust and hurt. 
  • 12th house planets for the same reason as Neptune in difficult aspect. 
  • Oppositions between personal planets within tight orb. 
  • Pluto in conjunction with personal planets 
  • Opposite Signs in many planets is another pointing to the two making a whole or finding balance in each other. 
Of course, there are many more possibilities there were some that made sense according to what Twin Flames actually are. Soulmates are usually easier aspects, where they seem to flow together and they both are able to make each other feel special, loved and cared for with ease. Usually, Neptune is heavily involved but in the easier aspects such as Trines and Sextiles with personal planets between both and often the aspects of a mutual reception between both or the so-called " double whammy".

As the title says if you have met your Twin Flame were you ready? were they? if not what can be done to be ready? For starters, you must feel comfortable enough around each other, to be honest, and vulnerable with each other, don't tell lies, and don't be afraid and do the work that they must do the same. This is a two-way street and often one might be doing it all and other is not. All you can do at this time is continue to work on you, allow yourself to be happy and let the Universe to the rest. The universe will work on your Twin, but patience is always a virtue and easier said than done.

When you are ready, and let go of baggage, fears, insecurities, and are independent, self-reliant and are ready to connect deeply with someone, your Twin will likely show up and they will be ready too. Take stock of where you might need work, once you love yourself truly you will not fear. I will leave you with the best description I could find on what love is and of course, it came from the Bible, I quote:

"Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things."

If you would like an analysis of your relationship to better understand what might need to be done if there is anything to bring them back or how to go about doing so. Or if you need relationship guidance please feel free to contact me to schedule a consultation where I can help you uncover many of the reasons why or the difficulties you may have and what to do about them. 

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  1. My 'twin flame' and i composite make water grand trine, venus 11°Pisces MC 9° Cancer and Pluto 12° Scorpio making a Kite with Neptune 9° Capricorn. Also a Cradle and 3 yods minimum as only had a free basic reading lol and 2 t squares. My sun conjuncts her moon, venus trine pluto and more. Opinion? Bless you all.