Monday, October 2, 2017

Transiting Saturn Square Or Opposite the Sun: Low Vitality

Saturn Square or Opposite Sun

Let's face it, Saturn transits in hard aspects are just that, HARD. Saturn is the great teacher but he's a tough one and he doesn't play favorites we all have to have him pick on us, don't feel alienated, because every 7 years he makes tough aspects to everyone's planets, well just about. He shows us our weakest points and then points at them some more until we do something about it. This is not a pleasant thing, being shown the negative stuff, or the not so pretty. He strips away Neptune's illusions and shows us what's really there. Yikes, in the 1st house or in aspect to the Sun, he can suddenly add ages to us. We suddenly feel exhausted, burnt out, and old. If you are young, then he will bring about a self-consciousness, because you suddenly become hyper-aware.

You may feel blocked in all that you do as if everyone is playing a part in the play of making sure everything you do, is as difficult as can be. You may notice police all around everywhere you go, causing you to drive slower, walk straighter or whatever.

Saturn turns a stern eye on you here and let us just say he has a way of taking the fun out of things. In your insecurity, you will find strength and in the strength, you will make changes, and they WILL be for the better.

You can make big improvements now, BUT the key is to go slow, like really slow, don't push yourself and get worked up. Reserve your energy, tell Mars to chill. You can't push things now you are in Saturn's rings, there are limitations to what you can do. You must make plans, and then take slow and calculated action to move forward. Don't get frustrated and cause more difficulty. ZEN.... then Before you know it, it's over and you have a solid game plan and have learned NOT to take things too seriously or maybe to take things MORE seriously depending on your own personal journey.

Whichever way the Saturn rings wrap around locking you within his limits and boundaries do what's best and work wisely within them. Keep the focus on your growth and what you want for your life.

This transit can be similar to Saturn's transit through the 1st in terms of feeling overly burdened with responsibilities, while very low on energy.

Help to survive and make the most of it.

Expect to be low on energy and confidence at first. You may feel anti-social or less communicative don't worry, you are figuring yourself out. Get plenty of sleep, do not stress yourself out it won't do anything for the situation but put you in a deeper funk.

When hitting resistance, take it as a sign to slow down. Make plans. Work out, change your diet, get rest.

Go slow, no matter what, you need to reserve your energy, pushing too hard will only frustrate you because you will hit the blockage.

This transit sucks a persons vitality, self-confidence and blocks progress. It often feels burdensome in some way and blockages in moving forward seem to be everywhere. You will be feeling pretty low and frustrated, like your stuck in quicksand. Take a deep breathe and relax, patience is a virtue with this transit.

Sometimes a difficult event sets off this transit, job loss, relationship ending but not always again this depends on the individual chart and karma.

Alienation: Some, feel like they want to withdraw from others, and this is ok. You are being asked by Saturn to spend some time with yourself, reassess things, make changes etc.

Health Issues: Normally exhaustion or fatigue comes with Saturn but in some cases, issues with teeth, bones or the skeletal system are possible. Also, depression or unsatisfaction play into any illnesses that occur.

Saturn wants you to evaluate your life, and to take your time to figure things out. Take a time-out. Saturn can make us feel undernourished, emotionally and physically and even spiritually. Yes, he's tough. This is a maturing stage and a reality check where you will learn a lot about yourself.

Saturn always grounds us, holds us accountable and yet at the same time, refines us, perfects us and allows us personal freedom, and self-love through accomplishments. Just remember he is the great teacher, so listen closely, there is always a powerful lesson.

This transit is very similar to Saturn's transit in the 1st house, you can listen to the audio version of this transit for additional information in what to expect by clicking this link

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