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Mars Square or Opposite the Sun 

This aspect creates a rather energetic personality in most cases a blunt one. The person with this aspect is more than likely bold, direct and impulsive. Mars is the action planet so with this aspect, you prefer to do rather than talk about it. As a result, there can be a lack of patience and an increase in temperament which the individual may or may not grow out of. Mars is the warrior planet and is pure vitality and energy of the person, and often, as a result, they are usually quite active or energetic and always on the go. This is a great aspect of competitive sports, business or anything that requires courage. In some cases, it's possible the individual faced some rather intense life experiences, and in some rare cases physical abuse or bullying. The Sun can reflect the father and so it can point to an aggressive or impatient father figure or one that had a short fuse, but usually blew hot and cold but would get over it quickly. Or perhaps the father was simply much of a doer also.  However, this aspect can create a bold outspoken person who has very little time for niceties. The individual can take on many Aries qualities and especially the active ones, possessing a " Just do it" attitude. 

On the negative side, the person can be aggressive, and even abusive themselves as a result of a rash temper, or compulsive reactions. The person with this aspect can be a great leader and will usually accomplish much in their life if they learn to direct this powerful energy positively.

Mars Conjunct/Square or Opposite Moon

The individual with this aspect can experience intense compulsive emotions and even explosions when angered. They are likely to be very direct in their feelings. It's possible in matters of the heart they can fall hard and fast but potentially also fall out just as quickly. There is tension revolving around emotional expression and in some cases the person can be very demanding. This is usually because they don't like to play games or more like " waste time". Time is important to them, and they would rather get what they want sooner than later. Be careful not to upset them if not necessary. They prefer partners that are active, daring, bold and that can make decisions quickly. There very well can be a lack of tact with this aspect. This is because the person possesses very little patience and although this can show in a quick temper it can instead be seen constructively as a direct straightforward personality. Perhaps learn to not take things so harshly or personally and learn to develop a bit of patience since not everyone is as sharp and quick as you. 

It's important to remember that the way an aspect plays out depends on the individuals level of self-awareness along with other aspects of their chart. So there are always many factors and why writing about aspect by aspect is so complex. 

So additional possibilities are: The individual may have felt they had to speak up often because they were over talked, not heard and frustrated or even picked on. In some other cases, it may have been that the mother was abused, not always physically but the individual grew up having to defend or protect someone in the family and even themselves. The mother may have been strong, and aggressive in some way or possessed an intense temper as well. There may have been problems and arguments in the early life with the mother or found themselves needing to stand up and protect the mother. 

Whatever the case the individual has a very quick mind and likely a very quick temper. This can point to a combative personality but also a strong protector of those less able to stand up for themselves. Sometimes the person can be demanding wanting what they want when they want it, which is not bad, it can make a person a go-getter and as a result, they will accomplish all the goals they set.

Mars Conjunct/ Square or Opposite Mercury

This aspect creates a vibrant, quick and intelligent mind. The person will have great wit and access to knowledge and information at will. It's possible the person will be outspoken, direct and in some cases offensive but mostly to those more sensitive. 

This aspect usually isn't politically correct but instead honest or blunt. In some cases, the person is argumentative or positively an excellent negotiator or debater. 

They can learn subjects quickly for when they find one that interests them they go all the way in. They might be great multitasking or able to handle multiple tasks at once and might even prefer it this way. They may be a know it all, and this goes for literally as well, they seem to know a lot about a lot of things. They have no problem interjecting in order to direct the conversation, in order to get to the point or give the answers needed more quickly. They like to cut to the chase.

Mars Conjunct/Square or Opposite Venus

This aspect reflects conflict or struggles with the opposite sex or same sex, depending on your taste and whether one or the other exudes more Venus or more Mars. This is the women are from Venus and Men are from Mars aspect. Difficulty understanding or relating to the opposite sex. Either one or the other is too aggressive, or not aggressive enough. Venus represents women, money and the interests we have or things we like, along with pleasure, the way we show love and our ability to be receptive and diplomatic. Mars is all about having his way and doing as he pleases or being too aggressive or pushy. This indicates that love can be challenging for the person but they are also usually a challenge to their partners. I guess it would be of benefit with this aspect to learn more about the opposite sex and to find a happy medium between what you need and what your partner needs. You may attract partners that constantly challenge you or you, them.

With the Conjunction you are likely to manage better and come across attractive to both sexes. In any case, Mars in aspect to Venus is usually not afraid to pursue their desires in all areas of love, money, and passions.  Just be mindful that both energies are better off getting along. Balance is key.

Mars Conjunct/Square or Opposite Mars

Getting what you want might have been challenging early on, you may have felt as if everyone was trying to stop you, or that there were always obstacles. This has created a determined action-oriented individual. You approach all things with power and determination. You may have seen some form of abuse or bullying early on whether to you or you were a spectator. You learned that if you want something you need to fight for it or to get it. You can be very good at competitive sports but might be a sore loser. It's ok no one likes to lose. There is not much that will stop you when you set a goal. Just try to slow down a bit to be sure not to get injured and to relieve some stress. You have immense courage and will obtain all your goals don't worry, try not to get too worked up. You can calmly go about what you want while boldly asking for it. You are likely very healthy and strong. 

Negatively, the individual can be pushy, rude, abusive or easily angered.

Mars Conjunct/Square or Opposite Jupiter

Your a bit of a risk taker aren't you? or you have high hopes for your abilities and you likely have many, especially early on you may have been prone to overdoing it, in pretty much all that you did. Perhaps still today, depending on what other transits you are experiencing along with many other factors as far as whether or not you have learned to reign this energy in and use it in the most constructive way or not. You should be lucky in the endeavors you take but you might not take the time in planning to trust in luck and winging it much of the time. This is not a bad thing but learning to examine your steps is always helpful and learning tenacity and follow through perhaps and maybe being a bit more realistic. The Squares and oppositions point to imbalances, challenges and with Jupiter overindulgence, flying too high and relying heavily on luck. Nothing wrong with having faith in yourself, just make sure you appease Saturn as well 
The Conjunction tends to be a little luckier in their endeavors. However, Jupiter is rarely bad, but he can be indulgent, excessive and overly confident in the harder aspects. 

You like to do things in a big way and might take on more than you can chew at times. Watch out for the overindulgence, taking to big of risks and for talking to big and not doing the walk. 

Otherwise, you will make big plans and will certainly attempt to make them happen, try to be a bit more realistic and better on follow through. However, like all aspects, each person learns to work with the energy at different times, and most difficulties are outgrown later in life.

Mars Conjunct/Square or Opposite Saturn

You may have faced many obstacles early in life, feeling like you were always blocked by some major mountain when you wanted to do something. You have a hard work ethic as a result. You are persistent and usually, think things through before acting. When in difficult situations you have the stamina to pull through. You are wise in your actions and will get far in life as long as you don't create any obstacles yourself. You might be calculating, observant and cautious in your actions but nothing can stop you once you decide. You are very conscious of yourself and how you come across, you may be too self-conscious, or cautious or self-critical but this has also contributed to your high standards of yourself and your amazing capabilities. "When the going gets tough, the tough get going".

Mars Conjunct/Square or Opposite Uranus

You are electric, and very creative. You might be very creative and talented in sport, dance or any other action-oriented endeavor. You are a risk taker for sure and may have difficulty staying in one place for long. Early on you may have been fidgety, or overly energetic and may have suffered injury as a result of compulsive actions. However, it's your daredevil spirit that makes all things possible. You might enjoy unusual things, but certainly are not a follower, but a trailblazer. You don't like to be told what to do or to be confined in small places or on a leash. You need freedom of action and you need a lot of stimulation to keep you going. Just try to exercise some caution, sometimes the luck runs out or too much compulsive action can be dangerous. However we all enjoy the shocks and awe you provide, so there is that and being with you is never dull.

Mars Conjunct/Square or Opposite Neptune

You're a real McCoy, capable of coming up with many very creative ideas, and creative actions of which can be quite intriguing. This is the James Bond aspect, here one minute and gone the next, where did you go? 

You are very creative, you may not believe in limitations or boundaries. You may have difficulty defining what's acceptable or not in your view and even what's right and wrong. 

You are likely very sensitive and sex can be quite fulfilling for you, you just may have a hard time living up to your own expectations of the elated experiences you have. 

You can be an excellent musician, artist, dancer or actor. You may avoid confrontation like the plague and therefore are prone to white lies or even avoidance. You may have interesting sexual fantasies in which you wish to live out. You may be spiritual. You may be very compassionate to suffering and you may sacrifice your own happiness for the one you love. 

Mars Conjunct/Square or Opposite Pluto

You aren't going to be stopped by anyone. You have tenacity, determination and there is no mountain too high for you. You have tremendous willpower to accomplish any goal you set before you. You are bold and even fearless. You come across confident and sure of yourself. Others admire you for your strength.  You may be prone to temper tantrums or once upset there's no stopping you either. Early in life you may have felt you were up against tremendous resistance or you may have felt frustrated with the actions of others. It's possible you may have been a victim of abuse of some sort or bullied or if not then you may have witnessed abuse of power on others through someone close to you. In which case this aspect has made a true fighter out of you. You are not much afraid of anything and may like a good challenge. You can heal quickly from injury and understand that personal power comes from taking action and if you want something you simply need to set a goal, you will surely achieve them. Negatively you may be demanding, bossy, controlling, push or in worse case violent if you have not learned to work with this energy in it's the highest form which is usually fearlessness and the ability to push through obstacles. This aspect is great for making a positive change in society or the lives of others, you can make great change happen through your strong willpower.

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