Sunday, September 3, 2017

Venus: in the signs: Fashion, Beauty, Music and Love

Your Venus sign can tell a lot about your likes and dislikes, your sense of fashion, and what choice of beauty products, the music you like or don't like. Of course other aspects of your Venus along with the house it's in will alter the interpretation of these things. I can't possibly write about all the different aspect potentials such as if you have Venus Square Pluto, Or Saturn Opposite Venus or Neptune Trine Venus, and so on and so on. These are general assuming there are no other aspects being made to Venus.

Venus in Aries

You are fashion-forward and likely have great style. You like bold colors and colors that project strength and courage. You may be fond of red. You like musky types of fragrance or stronger bolder scents, like Dior or anything more woodsy with spice usually fruity and sweet. You like red lipstick but can pretty much sport any color but don't usually go with hot pink more nudes if not red.
You like your hair either straight or pulled up in sleek   ponytail preferably. There you are ruled by the tough planet Mars so you tend to be a sexy tomboy, not frilly or fragile. You like music that is passionate and deep but also fun and energetic. You might secretly like renaissance themed music.

Venus in Taurus

Only the finest will do, you like to wear white, black and brown, but can pull off any earth-toned color and even red brilliantly. You like sensual things like silk sheets or soft fluffy texture. You prefer perfumes that have warm flowery scents and earthy warm spice. You prefer music that is smooth and sensual, you might like sexy lounge music, all the way to Bach. You may even like to play soundscapes of water streams, birds and light guitar in the background. Not that you can't go with some techno or dance music. However, your ideal date might be a nice rich dinner, an art or fashion show followed by some smooth sexy lounge music and some silk sheets. Fashion? You only like designer brands, nothing but the best. You like high quality and well-stitched fabrics. Soft, silky and flowery. You like pink and pastels or earthly colors.

Venus in Gemini

You like trendy and fashionable, you are not really a stickler about the specifics. You like blues, all shades, and whites, blacks, and pastels. You like a large range of music from A-Z. You like art and fashion shows, and bookstores. You enjoy reading and researching, and communicating. You like local traveling especially around to nearby shops and coffee houses. You favorite gifts are technology gifts, books, and clothes. You may secretly love gloves. You have a wide variety of likes and dislikes you can oscillate between liking one thing one day, to no longer liking it the next. You need stimulation so no same ole same ole for you. Fragrance can be anywhere from pachouli to designer brands from fresh scents to warm embers and flowery scents. Same with make-up you can wear bold bright colors to warm neutral colors. In love, you need a mentally stimulating partner. One that can talk about as many different subjects as you.

Venus in Cancer

You like to dress cool and fresh and aren't a big stickler for designer brands but you're not against them either. You prefer soft colors and things that are cozy or flowy. You like white, blue, and neutrals like beige or light earthy tones and pink. You a love song kind of soul, and even like music that is timeless or even the oldies but goodies. You like home cooked food, and desserts like pies, cookies, and brownies. Food needs to be nourishing and you may prefer comfort food. Your bed needs to be cozy with lot's of pillows and you may prefer white soft sheets. You like a fragrance that is light and flowery or warm and subtle. Your makeup style might be light on the eyes and dark red or pink lips. You may prefer mascara to eyeliner. You like gifts that are sentimental, poetry or things of comfort. You will be happy with a nice set of PJ's or victoria secret. You aren't big on black but carry it well.   Your ideal date would be a romantic walk on the beach, a nice dinner on the beach, followed by snuggling and a movie. You love to cuddle, lot's for cuddles.

Venus in Leo

You like classy and swanky environments and want to be seen at the hottest places in town. You like romance and passion. Only the best for you, name brand and designer all the way. You like music that is royal of dignified like classical, bach or smooth grooves and sexy lounge music.

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