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The 3rd house Careers: Technology, Telecommunications, Transportation

This post is about Careers for those with planets in the 3rd house. 
The 3rd house is a vast house as far as technology is concerned so I may not have listed all the fields here but I will do my best to give you an idea. Here are some covered by the 3rd house and the planet in this house along with the sign will alter further or indicate more specifically. 

So please see those posts also to piece the complete puzzle together and to be more specific. Of course, if you are interested in any other field this is by no means a must but it will point to areas in which you have talents. Many of them can be used in any field so do not limit yourself to what is written here. These are just some ideas.

Communication, speaking, writing, telecommunications, transportation, web design, hosting, advertising, mail jobs, lawyers, debate, sales, customer service, high tech, software, copying, programming, acting, travel, local shops, sports.

The 3rd house is the house of early learning, it's the way we perceive, learn and distribute information. It's the house ruled by Gemini and is known also for our ability to think quickly, multi-task and our agility. It's a very active and quick house but much will depend on the sign that occupies this house as well. It's also the house of the immediate environment, and neighbors or neighborhood and the information that we take in according to what we are paying attention too. People with planets here tend to pay attention to their surroundings, they are attentive. Unless of course, other aspects do not support this. It's difficult to write about one aspect, placement or point because of the many other aspects involved but in this post, I will attempt to discuss Careers that a person with planets here will do well in or find natural talents and abilities. The 2nd house describes how one makes their money so that house should be considered also so see that post as well as a clearer idea. 

People that have planets here, especially personal planets such as the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus but also Mars tend to do well in any of these areas. 

Careers for your Sun in the 3rd house you want to be recognized for your talents and abilities in these areas. People with the Sun in this house tend to project confidence, in areas of Communication and often do well naturally in areas of Public speaking, writing, and transportation, and things like supply chain or even driving. This can also be a good placement for an attorney, negotiator or any area that require a quick mind and intelligence but also the confidence to express or communicate these things. What good does it do to have all this knowledge but are afraid to stand up and speak out. 

Well, this is why writing is another outlet and you can be a ghost writer but not likely with the Sun here. Also, the Sun here may find opportunities locally or near their place of living. Although the Sun is about your self-expression, confidence and where you shine or might even be proud. So you usually would like to be recognized for your smarts, intelligence and feel a strong need to express yourself in some form. You may have many technological gifts, you will be an excellent multi-tasker but also quick and agile. The agility part comes in handy when it comes to sports and any athletic activity, but the multi-tasking is good for all things and any career.

Careers for your Moon in the 3rd house the same as above applies to you but without the Sun here too, you might be more introverted or emotional in communication. This is not always the case this points more to the ability to communicate according to who you're speaking with. Very good for sales you can know how to respond and sense what it is they need to hear.   A career where you get to use your communication and even spot out trends can be emotionally fulfilling for you. You are very intuitive and know how to speak according to your crowd. Great for any media jobs, acting, writing communicating etc. 

You can be an excellent counselor or something that requires sensitivity or understanding which is pretty much any field when dealing with people. However, it's also good for acting since you can relate to your feelings or connect with them and with others. You can read a script and feel the part. Careers in these areas will bring you more emotional fulfillment. 

This placement also allows you to almost absorb information and can point to emotional control or stability if need be. This is because you may tend to intellectualize your emotions allowing you to be very objective. You can respond to others communications with great empathy or emotionally connect with others which can make you a good counselor. Truly having your Moon here makes your opportunities quite vast. 

You are able to communicate with others in a way that makes them feel appreciated or understood which is great for customer service, developing relationships with business or any other area. You are able to understand many different points of view and have a natural tact for making others feel important or cared for through your communication. 

In short, this placement is great for any field, communication is key to any position and having the ability to communicate and understand others is highly beneficial. This can also be great for real estate sales, since the Moon also covers this area, along with home improvement, mortgage, design, and any other home, family related occupations.

Careers for Mercury in this house indicates a high intelligence and a fast mind good for any occupation. You will do well, with technology, high tech industries, writing, communications and even driver jobs, or high-tech careers. Things such as web design, hosting, advertising, speaking, lawyer, debater anything related to these areas.

Careers for Venus in the 3rd this is great for sales, you have a way with people, you are diplomatic and likely have a pleasant voice. This is also good for anything that requires speaking, writing, and likely in areas of beauty, diplomacy, and bringing people together. This is good for working on a team or in management, and relationship development. This can also add a creative flair to any of the fields that Mercury here is great for above. So read those too and add a beauty industry to it or creative design. Selling beauty products or writing about them as well. You have a good way of saying things that others can appreciate and take a liking to so this placement is great for any field in communications and bringing people together and relationships.

Careers for Mars in the 3rd this is a great placement for a professional athlete. We are talking careers here so if you took sports seriously this is one placement that makes you very agile and creative in your actions and usually great at all sports. This is also good for sales for you will be persistent and even a bit aggressive in communication or at least fearless. You have a quick mind so anything that requires communication and research would be good also. You can be a powerful communicator and an excellent speaker. Anything that you can use your wit and powerful communications with.

Careers for Jupiter in the 3rd this is excellent for pretty much any occupation. You will be optimistic and positive in your communication which is beneficial for all fields in communication. However, depending on what your sign your Moon and Mercury are in or aspects to these can alter this. However, you will be lucky in all 3rd house related occupations especially computer or technology and transportation related. However, this can also help you will multitasking and handling multiple things at once. You will do well in busy environments. You with this placement see all of the above to find good careers in which you can excel.

Careers for Saturn in the 3rd  this placement makes for a methodical and thorough mind. This is good for things that require analysis or deep thinking and planning. You will make a good planner and will be precise in all that you do. You may not desire to be a public speaker and this is especially true early on. You will spend much of your time learning and eventually later you will be quite savvy in all of the above occupations for all the other planet placements. However, you may not believe in yourself or have confidence in the ones that require public speaking. However, you can be quite good, because you will think things through and plan first. You may have fears surrounding communication or prefer to say less and keep things minimal. However, you need to trust in yourself because of your critical mind you have much information in which you should learn to let go and express. You will likely feel more comfortable in analytical positions where you are more behind the scenes. You can be a great writer, or even work well in any area of technology but the outer planets not as detailed when it comes to careers but would be more a supportive role, so look to the personal planets and the house they are in for more ideas.

Careers for Neptune in the 3rd is great for creative writing, you can come up with great fantasy, or spiritual writings. You also would be great in any of the creative arts, such as dancing, music, and acting. You are not so good at specifics or detailed work unless other aspects support this. 

Careers for Pluto in the 3rd makes a good placement for public speaking, writing things of depth, mystery or about death, reincarnation, vampires or any other taboo subjects. It's also good for analysis and research. You can spend hours analyzing and researching, and investigating with great focus. You can be a great private investigator, or even surgeon, for your attention to details and precision. Look to other planet placements for more insights or areas in which you will excel. 

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