Sunday, September 3, 2017

Home, Design and Realestate Success: Moon in the 2nd or 4th house

Finding a Career in which one will find success and excel, is something that Astrology can point to in a natal chart. In this article, I have analyzed the charts of those that have found success in real estate, some of these are Real estate moguls and others are regular people that have advanced quite quickly and ultimately hit big success. Although this article is about Real estate success it also can expand to any area home related. For this, we typically look to the 4th house of home or the Moon and its placement. There are of course other placements and aspects that will depict more about the success of Astrology is complex. The Moon points to our emotional needs but also emotional fulfillment and the saying do what you love applies here. People with the Moon in either the 2nd or the 4th tend to find success and happiness in the home, mortgage, interior design, or home assessor design, along with Real estate investments and sales.

Donald Trump has his Moon in the 4th house, Martha Stewart has her Moon in the 2nd house. Donald however, has Jupiter in his 2nd house indicating big money anyhow, but the Moon shows where he finds emotional fulfillment but also areas that are close to heart, being in the 4th would be home, family and Real estate or all things related. As for Martha's Moon in the 2nd, this points to money made through 4th house or Moon areas, again home, family, mortgage,  Real estate, cooking, and things for women. 

Both have been very successful in these different areas. I find the Moon has a lot to do with what a person does for a living. I've seen it often with my clients over the years many Moon's in the 3rd working in communication, writing or other Mercury or Gemini 3rd house areas. I've seen many be  successful in real estate with planets in the 4th or the Moon in the money houses. Of course, other aspects need to support this but the Moon is what matters to a person, where they find comfort or ease. The Moon also represents money but in a more security-based way as opposed to all it's glamour of Venus. Planets in Cancer work as well, we like to see the Sun, Moon, Venus or Jupiter ideally but other aspects supporting are still necessary.

If you are  thinking about starting a Career in home design, mortgage,  Real estate, Chef, or any other 4th house related you will likely notice, the sign Cancer, the Moon, and the 4th house activated. Of course, if it's Real estate finance the 8th house is likely activated as well. 

I will be writing a post about the many different careers based on the Moon sign, and it's house placement. I have been finding it very relevant to many of my clients and there chosen career. Of course, transits help point to when you may reach success. But the Moon will usually be placed in the house and sign of something they choose for Career. Of course, this is not always the case, the North Node also plays a role, along with many other planet placements. There are exceptions to the rule but many famous people have 10th house, 11th house 12th house and 2nd house placements indicating large gains, public approval. 

Another thing to consider if you would like to make it in real estate would be your work ethic which can be seen by Saturn aspects but also a pattern or formation as a T-Square or Cardinal Cross. These show difficulty but often reflect someone that is willing to do the work and therefore wherever they focus or whatever their goal is they will not likely give up, they will push to achieve it. This along with the Moon in the 2nd, 4th or even 8th big or larger money, with a strong work ethic and help with planetary transits, along with forecasting listing dates etc. For more on this see my business services for the different occupations and how astrology can help catapult you in business. 

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