Monday, September 4, 2017


Pluto's transits are often feared because we know Pluto plays hardball, or more like a bulldozer. However, really none of the transits are to be feared they are opportunities to learn new and different ways of handling things, and people.

Pluto Transits come when something needs transformation. He also tempts us into all sorts of passions and tests our willpower and ability to set boundaries. If anyone knows how to cross one it's Pluto and he will do so until you finally stand up for yourself. Pluto is the god of the underworld, where all our secrets, deep desires, passions, shadows and murky situations lie.

He is also the God of Wealth. I guess we can't deny he's similar to the devil right? I mean we can't deny the God of Hades (hell) wouldn't be the devil? Well, Pluto does represent all our carnal desires. He likes to search our souls, what we are willing to put up with in order to get what we want. He offers us all that glitters is gold but for what price? Well, sometimes it's a piece of our soul.

Pluto has his role to play, he's a necessary bad guy because is also plays his role in uncovering secrets and exposing hidden things. He teaches us about personal power whether we lack it or abuse it he knows just what we need. Pluto like all the other gods help us get real with ourselves and teaches us about self-worth and boundaries on a large scale. He is the sexy dangerous guy, or girl, or that dream job, or wealthy business associate that is asking for a piece of your soul in exchange for all that you desire. This means red tape, strings attached and usually more drama and struggle than most prefer.

Questions that will be asked during this transit are: What are you willing to do for money? and put up with? What is love? what are your values? How do you handle power? Do you not use your personal power? You will be tested in these areas.

Sometimes very painful events occur but that's usually if we are letting the energy get away with us, or if we got involved with all the wrong people, if we haven't set boundaries with others, and we don't have strong convictions.

We should always ask what is it that I need to learn? I guess the fact that all the Gods in Astrology, teach us and have lessons for us, each according to their will and it would benefit us to live peacefully with them giving them fewer things to pick on us for.

In any event, Pluto transits can bring out our deepest compulsions our true inner desires, and can sometimes bring about dissatisfaction with anything mundane or lacking in passion. He can also push our buttons and bring out our ugly side, through others causing conflicts, or acting out in uncontrollable ways. He shows us the true colors of the people we got involved with also. The truth is he can also bring us to a point of insanity, deep pain, intense fear or sheer panic. With Pluto, it's always about letting go of the things that hold us hostage or that are controlling us or simply not right for us.

The key is to "Be cool" during Pluto's transits just know that is the only way. People can be problem makers now. 

It's also possible for you to meet a beyond sexy, partner you know the kind that feels like your under a spell, mesmerized, seduced Pluto style, but the person might have many secrets, addictions, or scandals. This is not always the case but with Venus, it is very common to meet your Pluto lover.

Take it slow, you'll want to run off and get married, hop into bed or swim across a shark infested waters on Pluto's intense passions. Take note of whatever extreme feelings or emotions you're experiencing and try to recognize what's happening. Don't engage in power struggles with others don't play games, and don't lead another on during this time. They will likely strike back.

When Pluto transits in hard aspect to Venus intense situations around money and love arise. Sometimes there are power struggles with others around money, whether you are directly involved or a spectator. Strings attached money, might not work out well. You will learn to let go for your own sanity, or you will fight a difficult battle regarding any shared resources. Intense love affairs begin, relationships that are no longer fulfilling or working for you will likely end. Some meet difficult partners or experienced highly dramatic relationships with both the same sex and opposite sex.

Pluto always wants to know what lies beneath the surface of appearance, who are you really? what are your true feelings? are you satisfied? do you always give away your power? and what issues do you have with control? these are themes but there are always more surprises but you can expect a time to get to know more about real love, the value of money and what it's really worth and your values.

One usually craves more passion and intensity but may not realize sometimes the calm and cool can be healthy and less painful. However, there are two sides to every coin and what one has is another person desire. Pluto will empower you when you take the initiative to empower yourself. He will test your willpower and value system.
If you are not someone to stand up for your own needs you might change your ways after this transit. Things that are not fulfilling will likely fall away or you will show them the door. It's also possible quite contrary, you can suffer a major break up or painful love affair now that is complex and Pluto themed. It's best to initially just let go of whatever is holding you hostage or bringing out your worst. Once one lets go of the control and the outcome Pluto seems to let go too.

Positively, Pluto transiting Square or Opposite Venus can also bring in a wealthy partner, or even a soulmate. Bigger money opportunities and change in Career. It all depends on the individual's lessons and karma as to what to expect.

Negatively, Partners with deep psychological or sexual issues, a controlling or dominating partner, one that tests your willpower or value system, one that is vindicative, blackmailing or jealous.

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