Thursday, September 7, 2017

Need a loan? The best time to apply for a loan according to the stars

We all fall short on cash from time to time we try to manage our finances to the best of our ability but life just costs. Sometimes, we take on more than we can manage and get into trouble. Every situation is different for everyone but there are some very positive transits that can make getting that loan more likely especially if you have been struggling with credit debt or living paycheck to paycheck.   This is not going to perform a straight up miracle if you have really got yourself into a mess, such as defaults and debt to income ratio along with bankruptcy but it will certainly help if you apply for a loan during these suggested transits. If you don't have your Astrology Birth-chart  you can click that link and get one or if your new to Astrology then this post will point you to the best times to apply for a loan for the most positive outcome. First get your birth-chart so you can track the transits, otherwise you won't know when they are happening for you. 

The house that rules other peoples money is the 8th house. This includes taxes, government money, bank loans, credit cards, even lotto money. It's the bigger money than the 2nd house. The 2nd house is money you earn it's also the house of aquistion so you often purchase with this money. It could be you recive money from the 8th house and you aquire new things as a result. The 2nd house is usually attached to salary earned through work, but it can also be anything you purchase or aquire through another as well. The 8th house is also from another, it also means money you get through a partnership including spouse and even family and inheritance. Ok so obviously transits to this house by beneficiary transits would point to an opportune time to receive money from others. This is even true for asking for it from others. So, if by chance you can't get an actual bank loan during the transit you will likely be able to get it from someone else, even a family member or friend. However, since applying for credit or a loan dings your credit report with an inquiry and have had a substantial effect on your overall credit rating especially the more you get. So, it would be wise to select the best possible time to do so. 

The stars have been used for finding the best time to do things since early mankind and it is used today by those that are privileged enough to have seen its effects. These people are many of the " millioniares and billionairs today. Major corporations use astrologers, government agencies, and even just everyday people. Many don't use it as they should or prefer to use it to discover more about. a love interest, then how they can advance in their life. This is not bad, it's just Astrology still to this day is underused for what it is capable of and I guess it all depends on each person's personal goals. 

When is the best time to go for that loan?  The planets transiting we want to look at are the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto and the 2nd and 8th house. Please note that there is much to astrology and many factors that play into what a individual might expect for them personally during a transit. Everyone has a different chart with different transits occuring at anytime. These are some general known transits for getting lucky with loans. 

The best time no doubt is while Jupiter is transting the 8th house and 2ndly Jupiter transiting the 2nd. Jupiter expands whatever area he is transitng and brings luck and fortunate events. So Jupiter transiting the 8th as far as applying for a loan nomatter what for it could be for credit card consolidation, buying a new house, or whatever you wish during this transit you will likely get approved. It's also when you can expect to get that insurance payout, or structured settlement  It's important that you look to see if any aspects are being made to Jupiter while transitng the 8th house. If Pluto is in friendly aspect to Jupiter ie. Trine or Sextile your in real look, this points to big money. However, sometimes Pluto comes with powerstruggles or people that will hound you for the money shortly after so in some cases, I don't advise people to ask family or friends for money or even a buinsess parnter if Pluto is involved and especially in the Square or Opposiiton. However, with Jupiter in a friendly aspect it is generally very positive.  However, if Saturn is involved in a difficult aspect with Jupiter such as Square or Opposition it does not mean you won't get approved but there may be a longer delay period. 

Venus transiting the 8th house is another one, Venus rules money and can make getting that loan a lot easier and i mean in more wys than one. In many cases you can also expect sudden credit card increases and other monetary surprises like money from a ex husband or parnter coming through to you too.  

Mercury Direct/Retrograde in the 8th house, this time seems to be very favorable for requesting a loan too. However, often what occurs is money comes to you that you might have forgotten about, or that somoene else owed you and they suddenly pay up. However, its a time to restructure your finances and often applying for a loan during this time can be very beneficial. It's also true you can get credit card increases and money from others that was owed to you. Sometimes it's even money you didnt know was owed to you. 

Jupiter Trine or Sextile Pluto in any house this takes the god of luck and abunance and pairs him up with the God of Wealth and well, it produces very positive financial results

The Moon transits. The Moon transits are short lived, it moves houses every two days, but transiting the 2nd or the 8th can be highly benefiical for applying for that loan. You will likely get positive news regarding money during this time as well, however small it might be.

Venus in any aspect to Jupiter preferrably the Conjunction, Trine or Sextile but Squares and Oppositions work just as well, only you might shoot yourself in the foot by asking for far too much. Juptier tends to overdo it in the difficult aspects but stay realisitic and all will be good.

Mars Transiting the 8th in a good aspect with either Venus or Jupiter can also be positive you will certainly have the courage.

New Moon's. A New Moon in either the 2nd or 8th can also be a good time, the aspects made to the new moon should be positive lacking difficult Saturn aspects preferably but this is not always the case. 

All the transits listed above have multiple benefits when it comes to Astrology. This article was with the focus on applying for a loan or when you can expect to recieve any payouts perhaps you have been waiting for i.e  insurance claims, government money, money from a partner, tax refunds, inheritances, structured settlements or any settlement really. 

If you are new to Astrology and don't know where to begin or even if you are experienced but would like some help discovering more about your chart or any area of your life, please see my Readings page for more details to schedule a reading. I am always happy to help.

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