Thursday, September 7, 2017

Transit Saturn Square or Opposite Pluto: Restructure, Responsibility, Professional Power

These two big players in difficult aspect most certainly sounds scary. Much that happens during this transit depends on a lot of other factors. Astrology is complex and we can simply say that with one transit what will happen because there are multiple transits happening at the same time and why I always say all things need to be considered for a more specific to your situation.  

I was born with this aspect the Square between Saturn and Pluto, and although I am a firm protector of those I care about I am definitely not a fighter more of a defender. For me, Saturn Square Pluto represents my Mother and my father one is Pluto and the other is Saturn and the conflicts that these two perspectives bring about! ha! However, I have experienced this transit a few times now the Square and the Opposition and for me, it's been about managing the energy. It usually points to working under pressure or in heated environments sometimes, but not always. It can point to a dangerous situation but only if your in one already or starting one or have it coming to you somehow through causing problems with others. If you are in an abusive relationship then you should get out before this transit. 

Otherwise it's really about taking on a lot more work or responsibility and perhaps being frustrated with the fact that you are so pressured. It's interesting because there truly is no one size fits all for the transits everyone experiences the transits differently according to what their life path requires or the lessons they need to learn but also according to their Karma.

The planets are the universal lawmakers and they hold us accountable this can be scary if you have not been living in your highest good. You know being responsible, doing the right thing and hopefully not hurting anyone. You don't fear transits if you don't have any reason too. If you have things that Pluto can uncover and expose, he will. If you have been working hard and managing your life then some of the transits can pass you by without you even noticing. 

Conflict is one thing that can pop up usually it's an argument with a Pluto or Saturn type person. It can be something as simply as an argument over something one believes and the other disagrees an example of Pluto Saturn would be a conspiracy (Pluto) against a disbeliever or a more conventional person ( Saturn). Other times it might be more explosive it really depends on whos involved and how you handle it. The key is to not engage in powerstruggles with others, exit stage left and go about your merry way. Another thing that can happen is you can get a promotion and take on a lot of responsiblitiy at the job. You will need to work hard but you can make great strides. It could also be that you take on another's responsibility a family member that needs help or something to test your strength and abilities. 

Think back to when it last occured and what happened if you have gone through it before. Also, see what you have learned since then and the changes you made. If it was difficult it was likely that you learned something and if you have been handling things appropriatley until now, then it likely won't be anything like it was.

 In 2004 I experienced the Saturn Square Pluto Transit. When the aspect was exact, I got offered a dream job opportunity for a start-up company that was looking to go public. The owner got the attention of some powerful investors and got the money to hire a 50   person sales team along with the rest of the company. I was hired on to hire these people but to also as the Director of HR. There was the owner, the CFO and me and I was going to hire the entire company and do all HR which means practically everything other than accounting although I did manage payroll too.   Yeah, you can say I was in over my head. Being a start-up you wear many hats and you can expect chaos due to the fact that nothing was in place, it had to all be put in place.   Pluto was the investors, big money, and power that needed to control everything. Yet, the board of directors had no idea about the business in itself just the money and Saturn were about setting up structures amidst the chaos.   I am a lot of Aquarius, I improvise well and am used to working in chaos, my sadistic side kind of likes making order out of chaos, perhaps that's my Saturn Square Pluto. I was dealing with Pluto in all it's glory while trying to set up the company infrastructure. It was a lot and I was stressed out, but I managed to do it and was rewarded for it when the company became the fastest growing company in the area and also ended up written up in some of the top magazines as the best company to work for the following year.

In short, Yes, you can expect to take on more, and possibly deal with controlling or dominating people.   But this is not always the case, sometimes you are asked to step up to the plate to see what you're really capable of doing. It is advised that you don't lose your cool. Just   do what you have to, you can accomplish a lot.   I have known many that took on a lot of responsibility during this time, and they had a lot on their shoulders they needed to lay down structures that work. Saturn is about solid structures, foundations, and hard work. Pluto is about facing your fears and learning about power and using it wisely. 

This transit can be challenging but it's not for nothing and you really find out what you are made of. It's all about how you look at it and whether you welcome the challenge?   freeze under pressure? or worst lash out and explode. Breathe and handle what comes your way it will be ok, and you will be much stronger and wiser as a result. 

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