Thursday, September 21, 2017

Planets in the 8th house: Banking, Investments, Credit, Loans, psychologists

Now we are on to the 8th house Careers. Planets here are fortunate with other peoples money, this is Beneficial in most career opportunities. These people can make great tax accountants, investments banking, raising money,  psychologist, psychotherapist, real estate sales, science, astrology, conspiracy, hedge funds, tax accounting anything that involves large money or the money of others you name it. This post is for those with planets in the 8th house. 

This can apply for any planet in the 8th house. It would be ideal to have more than one with the exception of Venus or Jupiter for either of these are powerful alone. Please see other planet career placements for more well-rounded career ideas or further insights.

People with planets in the 8th house are excellent sales people and have the ability to get others to invest in them or their ideas. They have gifts for raising money and getting others to invest in them and their ideas and often can get benefits through and breaks with taxes, and government money unless the planet is Saturn.

The 8th house is also about secrets or hidden things as well, so people with planets here make great researchers, analyst and investigators and can even work in the medical field for they also make good psychotherapists, psychologists, surgeons or even in all of the metaphysical sciences.

Sun in the 8th house people find pleasure and success in private investigations, investments and finance, credit cards, loans, and in any business development. Of course, other aspects need to support a more extrovert personality. Many with this placement, like to uncover things hidden and might prefer behind the scenes work but other aspects and placements apply.

Moon in the 8th house: Can find success in government or military, psychology, human services, spiritual services, metaphysical sciences, estate planning, law or legal work, psychotherapy, or in research and investigation or any type. They have powerful focus so do well in really any field, however, and are not limited. They often benefit from women monetarily.

Mercury in the 8th house again is great for investigation, analysis, research but can also be excellent mystery story writers, or uncovering propaganda and government conspiracy any secret societies and can write or speak about these things as well. All 8th house planets can be seen working in government FBI, or law enforcement as well.

Mars in the 8th house people enjoy taking risks, are bold and daring and good in any occupation listed within this post.

Jupiter in the 8th house people are natural leaders, benefit from fundraising, investing, sales, any position where the person works in the acquisition of property or money. People easily trust them and invest in them. They will find success in any political or government careers as well. Family trusts, insurance claims, estate planning, fixed assets, banking. life insurance, long-term savings, and investments, insurance settlements, life insurance.

Saturn in the 8th house people are excellent in managing other peoples money they can find success in all of the above metaphysical and spiritual work, they make excellent astrologers, can find success in investments, life insurance, or managing other peoples portfolios in investments. They are excellent in finding trends and saving others money, in money management or anything that has to do with future financial planning.

Uranus in the 8th people can find success working with futures, technology companies and investing in them. They are future-minded and are risk takers. They can find unique areas in which one can invest they see future trends.

Neptune in the 8th might make a good doctor, religious leader or spiritual leader, they also can do well in raising money for causes and charities or religious and medical organizations.

Pluto in the 8th are powerful money managers but might take many risks that can yield large results but also sudden losses. They are keen to all that lies hidden and enjoy research working with very large portfolios of the wealthy. They can make excellent bill collectors, and find success in insurance claims, life insurance, structured settlements, morgues and funeral services. They also can make excellent psychologists or psychoanalysts, investigators, and researchers.

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