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If your Pluto is Conjunct your Partners Ascendant primarily within a 0-3 degree orb, it is very likely your meeting was fated. This is not always apparent in the first meeting, but sometimes it is. It is usually either you were instantly magnetically drawn to one another and some cases it feels much like your under a spell where your eyes meet, but words struggle, this is because the attraction and feeling surrounding your interaction can be quite overwhelming.

If you were not immediately attracted to each other, and you live nearby or close to each other, chances are you will run into each other over and over, this is fate. Pluto has a way of bringing two people together and is often subtle at first, but later you recognize him at work.

The Ascendant person might feel a bit overwhelmed by the presence of the Pluto person. Even if the Pluto person is not Plutonic ( possessing strong Pluto themselves) you will feel this person's Pluto energy engulfing your very being and it can be somewhat intense and even threatening to those less bold.

The Pluto person will likely be very attracted to the Ascendant person and the Ascendant person is usually just as drawn to the Pluto person's magnetism, sex appeal and personal power. Although the Pluto person may not have this personal power with others, depending on their own Pluto aspects within their personal chart, but even if the person doesn't have much Pluto going on in their chart there is something about the Ascendant person that brings this out, it's an almost primal need to be close to the Ascendant person.

However, in some cases, this aspect can be too intense for both people causing one or the other to run away or avoid the other. If the Pluto person or the Ascendant person has strong Pluto or Mars in their chart then they likely won't run or avoid the interaction but there is a sort of cat and mouse play initially.

Hopefully, both people possess a certain amount of Pluto or Mars to have the courage to dive into this very intense and mystical interaction. As with all Pluto aspects, there is the potential of misused energy, jealousy, possessiveness, stalking, obsessing and controlling. This is especially true if either one has difficult aspects with Pluto pointing to a obsessive personality themselves.

However, if both parties are evolved in their own personal Pluto and can control themselves this aspect can create a very strong bond assuming both people can deal with this energy and do not run from it or misuse it. Much like Pluto transiting the Ascendant there is a powerful defined energy that becomes apparent to the person, this very same energy is present in this interaction.

Remember there are many variations of each aspect which can and will alter the interpretation so all things must be considered. Such as the individual charts Pluto placements and aspects to define more specifically how this may play out.

In short, Pluto is a powerful planet, that is deep, mysterious and often brings about karmic or fated relationships. The Ascendant is the physical body and personality of the person in which Pluto is very drawn to. The Pluto person will want the Ascendant person because they are very attracted to their outer appearance, body and outer personality.

Much of the compatibility of the two will be determined by other aspects in the synastry and composite which will tell more about the longevity of the relationship. Nonetheless, this aspect is quite powerful, magnetic and even overwhelming, and points to strong sexual attraction and mystery. 

The Ascendant person will likely feel the Pluto person's presence as powerful or consuming, they can find themselves spellbound with one another. This energy can be spellbinding, intimidating or overwhelming it all depends! One thing for sure is you will remember each other. After you meet you might find yourself weak in the knees with intense feelings of desire or in some cases fear because the Pluto person has such a strong energy. You might be scarily attracted too as with most Pluto aspects we are drawn to the mystery, power, seduction, and intensity.

When the two do get together it will be very passionate, intense and unforgettable. Again there is always the negative potential of those less evolved in their Pluto that feel the need to control or use power and manipulation to get their way. There is the potential for obsession, and power plays it's important to see how Pluto is working in both charts to see which way this may play out. But expect fireworks of all sorts and this will not be a light interaction, only the bold and brave allowed. Obsession is very likely.

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