Sunday, October 1, 2017

Matt Lauer Sex Scandal, Pluto in Capricorn

You know the thing about Astrology is that it tells us when things are likely to happen and if there is something to expose or uncover it's the job of Pluto. Pluto transits uncover secrets, he is the investigator and purger of the planets. And it's no surprise  Matt Lauer's sex scandals (Pluto) publicly (10th house) were exposed (Pluto). While Pluto is transiting his Sun sign in Capricorn. The same happened with Bill Cosby while Pluto moved into Capricorn which according to Astrotheme, occupies his 10th house. 

You know among the deluge of sex scandal these days I find it fascinating to see that Pluto transits being involved. Pluto likes to uncover and expose secrets we all know this. This is karmic, Universal Justice. Pluto empowers us, but he also exposes us when we use our power poorly.

Matt Lauer has his Sun in Capricorn and although his time of birth is unknown it may be that it occupies his 10th house just as it was for Bill Cosby but even if not, Pluto transiting one's Sun can have the similar effect for it makes one face up to who they have been and can expose the truth. Pluto is the ruler of sex scandal, but also money scandals and any type of scandal really.

If you have nothing to hide, Pluto won't have anything to uncover but if you do he will find it and he will expose it. Capricorns have been experiencing this since Pluto entered Capricorn around 2008. But it affects us all because we all have Capricorn in our chart occupying a particular house that rules an area in which this exposure can occur. Even if it's just to ourselves where we have to face up to who we have been up until the transit. Unless he happens to be transiting our 12th house this is when we can be wrongly accused it's not always the case but transiting the 12th house it's unknown forces working behind the scenes and exposes hidden enemies. Pluto is a part of the Universal league of Justice along with Saturn and all the outer planets. But Pluto can be brutal, and it's a reminder to us to us to mind our behaviors because when Pluto comes around we will wish we did. I have noticed this with others as well.

I have known many that have been at the mercy of Pluto by transit. And the results varied but those that misused their Pluto most certainly faced the consequences of these actions.

Pluto transits are about exposure, whether it's exposure of ourselves to ourselves or hauntings of the past that we thought we got away from. Nothing under the Sun goes without eventually being exposed with Pluto. He makes us face up to what we have done. 

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