Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Relocation Charts

There are many discrepancies with regards to the importance of a relocated chart. Some Astrologers will use this as a primary chart for predicting events and also understanding the ambiance and benefits or challenges one will experience should they move to a new area (considering that the distance is far enough that the planetary placements and Ascendant change). 

From what I have seen this chart is very important and should be used in combination with the natal chart and this is true for the progressed chart as well as with the solar return. However I will speak of those in another post because much can be said about each of them, that would require there very own post. 

However, I will say this although the natal chart is who you were born as and describes much about early upbringing,  personality along with how one is predisposed to respond to life up until the 2nd half of life as far as these instinctive responses ( of course some up until much later) depending on how many placements are fixed or the difficulty of them to overcome.  The transits to the natal are always seen. There is a lot in a natal chart too much to cover here. 

However at least during mid-life none of us are exactly as we were when younger as we learn, grow and evolve. So one that might have been risky, wild or temperamental may grow out of those as a result of life experience and become a more serious or less temperamental person as they learn to go with the flow. These changes can be seen by transits the person will experience or has. However, some are more stubborn or fixed than others so the Antal chart must always be used not only because of that but it shows the sense in which we perceive and is always valid. I am in no way insinuating that the natal chart loses its importance or validity I am simply pointing out why the other charts need to be incorporated for the most accurate predictions and readings. In short, we learn, evolve and change, as a result of our life's experiences and this can be seen by the progressed chart while the others are used as well.

We change and evolve some of us later than others and why the natal chart must be analyzed first to see how much of their chart is in fixed signs or aspected with the more fixed aspects indicating difficulty with change or stubbornness and willfulness. 

As always there is much to consider in Astrology. Since relocation is what I am writing about now, I will get back on track. It's true as you can visit a location and have a positive or negative experience it's a combination of the sky above and the Astro -lines that are crossing in that area along with the planet changes in the natal due to this location.

It is also true that if your Ascendant changes planets can move into different houses as well and these must be taken into consideration because I have seen in my studies with many of my clients that these are impactual some in negative and some in positive ways. 

As a Example: I had a client whom struggled with money while living in California most of her life having Saturn in her 2nd house when she moved to Miami Saturn was no longer in her 2nd house but instead Venus and the Sun were and she suddenly started making good money, and not only that, she acquired much throughout her 1st year there. 

She said she felt more confident and found that people were much more generous with here there. She was able to finally invest in herself with more personal freedom as a result of her increased income.  Not only that but she was much more outgoing and positive because her Ascendant changed from Capricorn to Leo. This is just one example of the many in which I have seen, I myself have also experienced my relocated chart several times while traveling and temporarily living abroad and have noticed its effects. 

Now not everyone will agree with this, I am sharing my experience along with those I have worked with. Others say that it will take years to take effect and some say they don't notice the change at all. Instead, they relate more still with their natal chart but from what I have seen I would encourage them to look closely at the aspects being made to the Ascendant and new planet placements to see if there are similar energies that are found in their natal chart. The changes should be seen if there are new aspects along with the planet placements or a new Ascendant. However if the person is a Capricorn Ascendant ruled by Saturn and their relocated chart reflects a Leo Ascendant and they feel much the same, then look to see what Saturn is doing by transiting aspects or to their Ascendant or personal planets that do not allow the expression of the new ascendant in Leo. There are many factors to consider.

The relocated chart and Astro lines are seen even with traveling temporarily and why you might feel luckier in one area more secluded in another or an array of other experiences. 

Astrology has many variables indeed so all things must be considered for instance if you relocated and your Ascendant changed to a more outgoing sign but you don't feel as if you are more outgoing you need to look at transits along with aspects to the Ascendant, Sun or even any of the personal planets that might produce similar energy as your natal chart. This includes the midheaven since it has to do with Public. 

Nonetheless, it's worth a look and something to consider prior to moving and even visiting a new location. Of course, you can't let it stop you from seeing the world but you will find if you visit favorable locations you are likely to enjoy your time much more than others that are not as favorable.

If you are considering relocating you can consult with me for a analysis of the relocated chart if you do not know how to do this. 

Otherwise, you can draw up a relocated chart by simply changing the birthplace to the new place of interest or where you have moved to if outside your birthplace to look for changes. has the Astro-Travel option to check for your planetary lines and also the option to change your birth-chart location to your new location for a relocated chart.

Happy traveling!

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