Sunday, August 6, 2017

9th house Careers: Vacation, Travel, Politics, Teaching, Publishing

The 9th house is about much more than just the title but if you have planets in this house these are some areas in which you can find a career that might bring you overall fulfillment. When I say planets I am not only talking about personal planets although having your Sun, Moon or Venus here would indicate a love for these things which can often point to a career you will love.
Jupiter here just adds a bunch more luck, and opportunity in these areas, Uranus will add an innovative and unique spin to these things. 

So let's cover some of the areas, Travel, Religion, Politics, Teaching, Publishing, Philosophy, Government, Writing, Publishing, Language, and this includes "all things foreign" attached to these. Such as Foreign travel, Living in Foreign lands or working in foreign lands all the way up to the Foreign prime minister, to any place in government really. You get the gist.

If you have planets in this house, you will find happiness and even success in any of the fields listed below. 

Of course, these are general and for a basic overview to assist those that may need a spark, idea or direction. There are many different combinations and to write them all out here is near impossible but this is just to throw out some ideas for those of you that are looking for some. 

For a more specific read according to your chart, I do suggest you have professional Astrologer look into your chart that can help further uncover ideas in Career in addition to assisting with timing.  

Careers that allow you to travel for example working on a cruise ship or able to work from a laptop.


  • Flight attendant, or Pilot
  • Bartender
  • Cook
  • Clergy
  • Retail Clerk
  • Dance host
  • Hairdresser
  • Lecturer
  • Entertainment Director
  • Bartender
  • Casino dealer
  • Writer
  • Day Trader
  • Yoga/Pilates instructor
  • Travel arranger, or Agent


Just to name a few of course there are many areas in which one can get involved.

  • Campagne manager
  • Fundraiser, Raising money for campaigns for elects
  • Working for the UN
  • Mayor
  • Foreign relations 
  • Foreign policy Associate
  • Any government job

  • Spiritual or religious leader or Teacher
  • Philosophy Teacher
  • Teacher ( any area)

This pretty much speaks for itself but you can travel to different parts of the world and teach or visit spiritual sanctuaries, or go on humanitarian endeavors.


  • Script Writer
  • Book Writer
  • Writer for a paper or magazine
  • Playwriter
  • Ghostwriter
  • Publishing/Marketing

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