Sunday, July 2, 2017

Saturn Transits the 2nd house: For What it's worth

When Saturn Transits the 2nd house, you will begin a journey to figuring out what really matters to you and what is it all worth? What is it you truly value? The 2nd house is the house of " I have" it's the house of acquisition and the things that bring us pleasure and comfort. It's the house of money too, the money we earn and the things we own or purchase. In addition, it's also our talents in which we use to earn our income or the money we make. 

Saturn will test these things, he will show us what's really behind our desire to find comfort in things, and how much time we spend on working vs pleasure. He has a way of letting us know what our weakest links are. If we have focused so hard on working and making that money but haven't truly been fulfilled or happy because we have been over-working and not living life then you might suddenly decide to work less and enjoy life more.

If you have not really been applying yourself and just getting by, having more fun then or have had trouble buckling down and focusing then Saturn may bring about a crisis that causes you to re-shift your priorities and start to apply yourself. On the other hand, if you have not been valuing yourself or your work, you may start to re-think what your price for your work should be. Whatever the case, Saturn will bring exactly what it is you need and a newfound look at these areas and new plans and actions will be taken. Saturn is the planet of restrictions and blockages in an attempt to light that fire under our rears. 

Maybe you're selling yourself short, maybe you haven't been wise with your money in the past. It's time to get focused, it's time to re-evaluate what it is that you truly value. Saturn will help you but you will need to work or you will need to make the changes. 

Saturn shows us what's real, and he holds us accountable for our actions. Some might experience delays in earning their money but usually, the financial loss is not what happens but the slow down might feel like it.  Sometimes one feels like they don't have enough but it's usually their perception that changes, creating a desire for more. 

You will have a chance to earn more money but you will definitely work for it. You will not only work hard but you will work smarter. 

Listen to the Podcast of Saturn's transit through the 2nd house click here.

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