Sunday, July 2, 2017

Composite Mercury In the signs: Communication

Composite Mercury in Aries

The two of you will usually say what's on your mind. You may be a bit abrupt in your speaking but there is no doubt you will have lot's to talk about. You should usually know where each other stands because you both will likely let each other know. You will have active and passionate conversations. Negatively, you mind be too compulsive or rash in expression and if your conversations get heated they run the risk of becoming explosive. However, you won't likely stay mad for long.

Composite Mercury in Gemini

This is a highly communicative place to have Mercury it's in it's own element. You both will like to talk about many different subjects and will enjoy laying around multi-tasking between computer games, research, or just surfing the Internet. This indicates that the two of you will be   will be communicative, talkative and enjoy traveling around locally together, visiting local shops, pubs or coffee shops. You may get involved with your neighbors together, or will at least socialize with them. When apart you will likely text a lot or even stay in close communication all throughout the day.

Composite Mercury in Taurus

, For the most part, you both will be diplomatic with each other and probably even romantic or sensual in your communications. You will enjoy talking about things that bring your pleasure and comfort along with things you would both like to purchase or acquire. This is typically a stable place for Mercury for you will think things through before you talk about them and you will not make any rash decisions. You may purchase technology gifts for each other or at least enjoy the prettier or aesthetic appearance when it comes to buying technology. 

The negative might be that when things get heated you both tend to be very stubborn not willing to give in to keep the peace. You will need to be careful how you speak to each other when angered.

Composite Mercury in Cancer

This is a more sensitive placement for Mercury in the Composite. You will both be sensitive to each other's ideas, and feelings. You will communicate sweetly with each other, asking about how the others day was, things like whats for dinner? who is making the bed? or doing the laundry? who's cooking?   and where to cuddle and watch a movie. Ok, this is not all but the point is the conversations will primarily center around thoughtfulness and care. However, you will need to walk delicately when angered because one or both of you are capable of pouting for a while. It's also possible that you may not be as direct with each other as you should be, out of fear of rejection. You also may enjoy talking about family either each other or if you have your own together. You both might also be a bit subjective and emotional in your communication.

Composite Mercury in Leo

You will both be rather theatrical in your communications but also polite, charming and romantic. You both can talk up a storm but if you have a disagreement it can point to a more catastrophic storm. You will enjoy talking about yourselves to each other and particularly all the compliments you got through the day. You will openly share your day to day accomplishments and what wonderful things occurred. You may tend to boast a bit so be careful because it can bring about a competition. Be sure to praise each other just as much as yourself.   For a creative relationship, this placement is excellent, especially if you are both actors or writers. You can write a screenplay together, or practice your lines with much enthusiasm. You both might be a bit sensitive or theatrical, stay away from being overly dramatic with your conversations. There will be a very romantic vibe in communicating and a noble quality. You will both talk about what's wrong with society or people along with whats right and wrong. You will also not likely use foul language with each other always keeping your charms. If you both feel something you will defintiely say it, just mind your delivery, it's all in your delivery.

Composite Mercury in Virgo

You will enjoy analyzing things together and coming up with more efficient ways of doing things. You will enjoy talking about the day to day activities and even health or fitness. You may enjoy games such as chess, or more complicated puzzles or things that challenge the mind. This is not a romantic and sweet nothings placement but other aspect and placements can change this. You will be very helpful with each other coming up with ways to simplify your lives and improve your overall wellbeing. You are both quite intelligent and capable of working together to improve complicated situations. 

Composite Mercury in Libra

This is a romantic and sweet place for Mercury. You will both be considerate of each other and will enjoy talking about your relationship and how to improve it. You will not likely talk over each other or force your opinions on each other ( other aspects with Mercury may alter) but rather give each their time to speak and find a middle ground. You will send each other romantic or sweet texts throughout the day or maybe even leave love notes around for each other. You will always ask how the other feels about decisions being made prior to making any. The only downfall is that you may find it difficult to make decisions for yourselves, but that's what partnership is about, togetherness. 

Composite Mercury in Sagittarius

This is a great placement for Mercury since you both will always want to be positive in your communications and if one of you is having a hard time the other will try to encourage the other. You may enjoy trying new and exciting things together. You will both be positive and hopeful. You may enjoy studying together, learning new languages or about new cultures or philosophies. Negatively, Be mindful of a know it all attitude with each other or becoming to preachy. This is a fire sign so you can get quite passionate in your beliefs but usually you will both be on the same page.

Composite Mercury in Capricorn

This is a more pragmatic place for Mercury which can be very good for communicating about things that are more serious in nature. You may enjoy talking about work, business or principals. The good thing about this placement is that you won't likely have many compulsive or heated conversations but you might tend to be too serious. Other aspects always apply and most people have more than just one aspect to Mercury in the Composite but this is generally speaking Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which adds a calm and cooling effect to the sign or planet. So there is a tendency to be mature or grown up in your communication. The difficulty might be in expressing emotional issues but again other aspects apply.

Composite Mercury in Aquarius

You will both be very open minded and nonjudgemental with each other. You will enjoy talking about out of the norm things, and things of a metaphysical nature. You will be able to talk like friends to each other, and there won't be much you can't talk about. You may enjoy purchasing the latest technology, searching out more innovative ways of doing things and exploring things off the beaten path. Other aspects to Mercury will alter the interpretation along with the house in which it's in.

Composite Mercury in Pisces

This makes for sentimental, loving, romantic and sweet conversations. You will explore the more spiritual dimensions of life and enjoy studying many esoteric and metaphysical outlets. You may be poetic with each other, leaving love notes around or sending sweet text messages to each other. You will be sensitive to each other, compassionate and very caring. You can also enjoy many of the creative arts together. You won't like to argue or dissagree, you will always strive to keep the peace. Watch out for avoiding topics of importance or brushing importat conversations under the rug for the sake of keeping the peace.  There will be a dreamy haze surrounding your communication which can be quite beaitufl. If you both are writers this can be a very creative place for Mercury. It's also great for any spiritual pursuits and to connect with the creator through prayer, mediation and service.


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