Saturday, July 1, 2017



You are bold and not afraid to go after what you want. You believe in action if you want anything to get done and are correct in this thinking. You may struggle with listening to others opinions and tend to like to do things your way. You may be a bit too self-centered or even selfish. You have a lot of energy and don't like to sit around and do nothing. You might have a temper when you feel held back or blocked in any way. 

You are passionate and perhaps even a bit jealous and possessive but certainly competitive. You might lack tact, not because you are rude but because you are eager and even a bit compulsive. You have strong opinions and approach matters directly. You believe if it's to be done you have to just do it. You lack patience. 

The truth of the matter with this placement there is not much you can't do. You are very capable but would benefit greatly in your life and your relationships and by turning a bit of your focus on the needs of others you actually make things easier on your self by expanding your network of people that can help you obtain your goals rather than having to go it all alone. 

However, there is nothing wrong with approaching every challenge boldly but you can sometimes hurry so much or go without thinking that you counteract your efforts. Taking a bit of a calmer approach can work wonders on your stress level as well. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars which is the action warrior planet but can be a bit too impulsive and can bring about regret if things are not thought through or the feelings of others are not taken into consideration. 

Learning a balance between self and others needs and to approach things in a slightly more diplomatic way is where you would find your greatest fulfillment with a lot less pressure and stress. Your focus should be on developing relationships this does not mean that you need to sacrifice your own needs. Relationships can help you further your goals faster without you having to do everything yourself. 

You are very independent and might have gone out on your own at a early age where you had to go after everything you wanted with much zeal and fearlessness. These are all very positive qualities and should not be given up. You simply would benefit on developing long-term relationships for your overall well being and to consider the fact that you might be a bit too self-focuse which can play out in relationship issues including love and friendships in which they are not satisfying. You can get much further too if you have the support of others.

 Learning a bit about diplomacy, and understanding that developing relationships on mutual give and take and learning a bit of patience and compassion can bring about very fruitful opportunities from the universe and you will find yourself as part of something bigger with a support group of people you can trust would bring more joy into your life. Learning diplomacy would alleviate much of the stress of losing your temper in frustration when things aren't moving as quickly as you would like.

However, your ability to overcome all obstacles and your fearless approach is admirable and essentially very positive, and will get you far.  

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  1. Such a great description and one of the helpful articles I've found about South Node in Aries and North Node in Libra 👍🏻