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When your Sun is conjunct your partner's moon this indicates the male and female balance of energy or the yin and yang. You both respond to life and daily activities similarly and manage to support one another exactly in the way each of you need. The Moon person will nurture the Sun person, by being supportive of the Sun person goals. The Moon person will likely be doing most of the cooking and nurturing for the Sun. The Moon person admires the Sun person and feels safe, being by their side. This is a very pleasant aspect that offers balance rather than friction which allows a relationship to continue to grow.

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The Mercury person opens up around the Sun person and they both find that they are on the same mental wavelength. The Sun person may over talk the mercury person or vise versa, because when they come together there is a lot to discuss. Each one invokes the other to communicate more and the Mercury person may actually talk more than the Sun person likes as well. Astrology plays out in multiple ways this would depend on other aspects to the Sun or Mercury each person's individual chart.
In some cases, this aspect creates a verbal environment where both of their intellectual skills are appreciated and understood, and well as a sometimes slightly competitive communicative environment, where one over talks the other, or both people need to talk a lot at the same time. However, most often seen expressed where the couple enjoys mental activity together, communicating about many different topics and have many of the same interests.

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This is true love, pure and simple. You adore each other, you get along like two peas in a pod and you almost never argue. You support each other and genuinely care deeply about each other. You admire each other and are both equally attracted to one another. You love each other's  perfect faults and will gloss over many problems that other couples will make a deal about, adding a slinky sexy smoothness about your relationship. The fact of the matter is that you two are perfect for each other, because you flow together and if you have other aspects that help support this you're in real luck, if not...You are still in luck! You lucky Duck. 

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This can be a rather aggressive position, for the Mars person is likely to find the Sun person so attractive they can't take their hands off of them if, this is a mutual attraction and the Mars person is female, the Sun person may rather enjoy letting Mars take the lead. However, if the Sun person prefers to take the Lead then the Mars person may cause potential problems when a battle of wills takes place. However, if the attraction is mutually strong then good luck getting out of bed! However, like all aspects, there is a downside, and there can be too many battles of wills happening to where the two of you are constantly bickering. The Mars person will be very direct and upfront with the Sun person. The Sun person will either find this very attractive or too pushy. If other attraction factors are there then this is one steamy aspect. The Sun person finds the Mars person invigorating and appreciates the directness. The Mars person enjoys pushing the Sun person to be all they can be. The Mars person may be the one to make the final decisions as far as they go, simply because they are the first to say so and the Sun may just want to keep the peace. 

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The two of you make each other feel good and are very supportive of each other's dreams. You are both rather positive people and others are likely to take notice. You both probably share most of the same values and philosophy in life, which makes this one aspect for the long run. You will feel abundant together. 

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This is likely to be a very serious interaction. There may be some suppression in areas of natural expression for the Sun. There is something about the Saturn person that makes the Sun want to censor their behavior in some form. The Saturn person may make the Sun person feel immature and may pass judgment, but mostly out of Saturn's own insecurity. This has a dampening effect on the natural expression and unless the Sun needs a lesson on maturity the Sun may find Saturn depressing. However, there is likely a strong attraction to each other, which makes for some steamy romance when it does happen. However, it's likely to fluctuate between intense, and cool. The Saturn person may want to try to lighten up and accept the Sun person as is or find someone else. No one wants to feel like they have to change their personality to be loved. If you both are mature and conscious of the effect you have on one another. Then you can both learn to lighten up and enjoy your time together. This in the past has been considered an aspect of enduring long-term relationships, however, nowadays people are learning that love, passion and being themselves are just as important as loyalty and dependability. If you both don't make an effort to break the invisible ice between you, then your relationship may never get off the ground, or last and if it does you may end up feeling resentful because the Sun person felt suppressed for so long, and eventually wants to break free. The Saturn person needs to resist the desire to put the Sun person down or criticize them because over time it eventually will take its toll. Of course, if there are other softer aspect this effect can lesson, you would need to have the whole chart taken into consideration.

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You may feel as if you just met your dream lover or soulmate because this aspect adds a mystical feel to the interaction between you. You see each other in a very romantic light and may actually idealize each other. Neptune is likely to be the one to idealize the Sun, however, there is nothing wrong with that. Just be sure to match up the feelings you have with the actions of the other to be sure you don't end up delusional. Otherwise, this aspect creates a highly romantic, deeply spiritual bond that will take you both to another world. This aspect along with Mars in aspect to Neptune makes for magical sex where the two of you don't know where one begins and the other ends. 

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Sun Conjunct Pluto

This aspect can be good or bad and it depends on how mature the couple is. On the negative, there can be power struggles and battles of will. The Sun and Pluto are opposite in nature and these two together can be rather stubborn. The Pluto person needs to resist the urge to control the Sun person, and to shy away from using sheer force to get your way, for this will only backfire. Control and domination are a thing of the past, and each person takes a risk in getting in a relationship and equally have the same amount to lose. If there are easier aspects with some of the sweeter planets this can lessen the effect of the negative and bring out an intense attraction, steamy sexuality, and a much deeper bond than either of you thought possible. The Sun needs to not play any games with the Pluto person, which they will feel tempted because of Pluto's extreme fascination with the Sun.

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  1. My Parents have Sun conj Moon. Mom has Sun in 12Th house Taurus...Dad has 12th house Moon .:) They are super fun until they have a fight...then its a run for cover scenario..wen we were kids:)

    1. Ha! very funny:) Sun Conjunct Moon, is one of the many aspects that are great for Marriage tho:)

  2. Ohhh I forgot to add...My Sis Sun conj my Venus 9th house:):) and My Sun conj Sis Mercury 10th house:):) We have bucketloads of fun together:):) All the time:)

    1. ahhh that's so lovely! the 9th is a very fun house, no surprise you get along well and have fun! Good for you!

  3. Hi Zahara I have my Scorpio moon at 28 degrees conjunct someone’s sag sun at 2 degrees. Would this still count as it’s out of sign? At the same sag 2 degrees is his Neptune, my Neptune and my Jupiter. All opposed by his Saturn (2 degrees gem) and tightly sextiled by my Libra sun, Pluto and Eros and his Pluto! What a mix! Not quite sure how it will play out as yet, but there’s certainly interest for both of us!