Friday, May 13, 2016

Life Coaching

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Many of my private clients have seen the amazing benefits of Astro-Coaching. If you are struggling in any area of your life, feel confused or lost in which direction to go. Or you would just like to start to live in closer alignment with your life path or want to start a new path from a much more enlightened perspective while taking advantage of timing and opportunity then personal one on one Astro-coaching will help you. 

With my background as a motivational/Accountability coach combined with 20 plus years of the study and application of Astrology. I am certain, you will find my coaching invaluable.  

No matter what phase you are in your life my Astrology coaching plan will help you understand your Astro-makeup and your own personal opportunities in all areas of life and help you capitalize on it all. I will help you use the transits to your advantage in order to reach your goal quickly while avoiding many of the potential pitfalls.  

Astrology is complex and can never be covered in its entirety in a one-hour consultation. Astrology is something that requires many consultations, in order to make the most of the many dynamics and shifts in your planetary environment. I will bring you clarity and will use multiple charts to guide you in the best course of action.

This is a one-on-one 30-day program that can be used for any area of life. 

4- 1-hour sessions per month, once a week we will focus on any area you wish. In my coaching plan, I use the Natal Chart and Transits, the Progressed chart, and the Solar Return chart.

Here are a few of what these sessions can be used for:

  • Finding the right Career, and making Career Decisions

  • Relationship Healing after break up or problems in a relationship. 

  • Relationship counseling: If you are having problems in or with a relationship, we can discuss ways to improve or even repair the relationship by understanding the person better and all the above with the relationship healing.

  • Life Coaching: This is all about you. Understanding yourself better, locating areas in where you shine and find happiness. What's coming up for you astrologically and how to prepare, plan and take advantage of opportunities. 

My coaching plans consist of an analysis of your natal chart with your goals in mind along with 1 OR 2 one hour phone consults every week for 4 weeks. Depending on how often you feel you need coaching. Once a week and twice a week are currently available.

These personal coaching sessions focus are specific to each individual and their needs. 

I have had great success helping people make the most out of their lives and helped them reach their dreams. With the combination of Astro-Psychology and with the help of Astro-forecasting for the timing of events along with a personalized game plan to achieve your goals, the results are pretty spectacular. Whether for your personal life, business or relationships you will be amazed at what really can be done with Astrology.

You can find the hope or direction in your life and make the most out of opportune times and understand what you should do during the more difficult times in order to make the most out of them.

No matter what stage you are in your life, or what areas you might be struggling. There is hope in knowing what the future holds and how to best manage the current situations at hand. 

You truly can make leaps and bounds in your life with the help of Astrology, and my personalized guidance. Whatever it is you want to achieve I will tailor a plan and coach you to get there. If you want to start a business, a new endeavor, heal a relationship, or have specific career goals, or even to understand what they are if you are feeling lost and how to get yourself there. This plan is for you. Try it and see for yourself! 

I look forward to working with you!

Once a week Coaching for 4 weeks

1-hour Consultation once a week for 4 weeks for one person 
Fee: 399.00
Up to two people charts of the below can be analyzed during the course of the month.
Charts used in coaching: Natal Chart, Transits, Progressed Chart and Solar Return
Days and time based on availability

Twice a Week Coaching for 4 weeks 2 1 hour consultations twice a week for 4 weeks
Fee: $499.00

Up to two people charts may be analyzed for coaching, good for relationship coaching ( multi-chart) 
Charts used in Coaching: Natal Chart and Transits, Progressed and Solar Return
Days and times based on availability

Business Coaching/Planning
4 - 1-hour phone consultations per week
Charts Used: Natal Chart, Business Chart, Progressed, and Solar Return.
Additional Chart Analysis. 120.00 per chart
Days and times based on availability

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