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I am no longer offering hand typed reports and have instead replaced them with Audio Recorded Reports. The below report options will be recorded and sent to you via email in which you can download and keep for review as needed. Please note new changes have been made in order the provide the best possible readings.

                                                                                                                                                                                  Audio Recorded Reports

Please review the report options below to choose the best possible report option for you. Then return to the pull-down menu above to purchase. Please include the report name and birth information in the added fields. 

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These reports are hand typed and sent to you via email in a PDF form, which can be kept for review.

Birth Chart Transit Reading. Current energy and Transit Analysis
This is a pre-recorded reading about what phase in your life you are in. What transits you are experiencing and how to make the most of them. This also discusses options to maximize and where your focus should be, along with timing for energy shifts, money opportunities and love opportunities, also covered are new moon effects and eclipse effects for the next 6 months.
Will be sent to you via private link audio recording.

Order a Birth Chart and Transit Analysis Recording

LIFE JOURNEY & KARMA                           $299.00 

A complete Psychological Analysis of you. Includes: Obvious and hidden characteristics,  and personality traits, along with your life path in which you will find the greatest happiness. Also, your Karma or blockages and how to overcome them. What weather/influences are you currently working with and how to make the most out of them. Plus where you currently are in your development and how to capitalize on your current transits.
Charts analyzed. Natal chart and Progressed. 


Love/ Relationship or Partner Quick overview approximately 30-45 mins audio recording
Order a Relationship Overview Analysis

This is a quick rundown of the relationship where I cover all the major aspects and overall of the interaction. This is a short combined reading of the synastry, the natal charts of each and the synastry. The natal charts must first be analyzed in order to accurately depict how the synastry will play out. I assure you will be very satisfied with all of my readings. To see why this much be done first to any synastry reading for accuracy please see this post.  Variables of the aspects post"  

In this audio report, I will cover what the attraction is all about, any important personality conflicts, how you affect each other. What needs to be done in order to make the relationship work it's in the best possible way. This is a to the point relationship analysis. Approximately 30-45 mins.

In-Depth Love, relationship or partnership analysis Audio Report: 299.00 
Order a In-depth Love Relationship Analyisis Here
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This is a full relationship analysis for either a business partner or a love relationship. In order to be the most accurate all things must be taken into consideration and therefore I have included it all in this reading. In this report, I will analyze both partners birth-charts first which must be done first in order to see accurately see how the synastry will play out. (No astrologer can tell you how the synastry will play out accurately without first doing this.) For more on why, please see my " Variables of the aspects post"  I will then analyze the synastry chart, along with the composite for the most accurate partnership reading. (Please note: If you do not have one partners birth-time then much can still be seen but I will only see one partners planets that transpose into the others houses in the synastry however the aspects are the most fortelling and do not require a birth-time. I will make predictions based on transits to the one with the birth-time for depicting when the relationship is most likely to form or begin in a love partnership.) 

This audio report will give you deep insights into the relationship and it's potential. Along with how you see each other and also affect each other. Also any potential pitfalls and what can be done to work through them along with a overview of the astrological weather for both of you and when (if necessary) the relationship is likely to come together or anything that you might need to be aware of in order to prevent any upcoming difficulties and how to work through them.



An In-depth Analysis of the partners Birth Chart, along with their current transits ( important to understanding their current situation, thoughts, and feelings) Also the natal chart analysis is necessary for the most accurate predictions of the way the synastry will play out. I will also analyze the Synastry Chart + The Composite and the transits along with any pertinent love asteroids, and patterns.

I will discover what the attraction is all about, What brought you together, both of your needs both emotional, and sexual, and in a partner. Both of your desires both obvious and hidden, the potential of the relationship, how you each feel about one another,( both spoken and unspoken), any Love Karma, is it fated? any love blockers? Also what the astrological weather you will be working in, along with what you will create together as a partnership and if it will lead to marriage.

"This is a uniquely detailed relationship analysis. This report goes above and beyond what you would normally expect" giving many details that will help you understand your interaction with a love or a potential love, a current Partner, or even a friend. Approximately 1 hour but maybe longer.  Please note if longer: It May be broken down into two recordings. Up to 3 days delivery

Relationship Separation/Break Up/Divorce Astrological Weather Transit Report  149.00 
Have you hit a tough spot? Whats going on in your relationship? This Relationship Report is for two people in a relationship that might be experiencing problems, difficulties or challenges. Find out the root cause, and what can be done to save the relationship.
 (This report will cover the natal transits to each individual, and to the composite). I offer advice and solutions.

Order a relationship/seperation Analysis 

TALENT SCOUT REPORT   $199.00                                                        
In this report I discover, your Talents both obvious and hidden, along with the key to your best public life, and Career Fulfillment. Do you have what it takes for fame? Your entire natal chart is analyzed, with a focus on inborn talent, most successful direction to take, and the path of the least resistance. Also, Where your luck lies and how to capitalize on it. Also included the Keys to overcoming any Karma of psychological fears that may be holding you back. 1-hour recording 2 days delivery time

Order a Talent Scout Career Report


It is often said, that to "know yourself" is the secret to life. Life is not easy, sometimes we need help in finding out who we are, what we want and where we are going in life. This report will help you understand yourself better than you ever thought possible. In this report, you will discover-

  • Your overall psychological type and personality
  • All Aspects of your personality both conscious and unconscious
  • The psychological atmosphere of your early childhood and the way in which it helped shape you into who you are today. Along with keys to overcoming any negative preconditioning
  • Relationship patterns, the way in which you approach relationships 
  • Love Karma and the Key to overcoming any blockers
  • Your path towards your best integration for overall happiness and success

Approximately 1 1/2 hours. up to 5 days for delivery

Due to the length of the information provided, this is a two-part reading. You will receive two separate recordings in order to focus on the areas specified in greater detail. This is a focused report which will go into great detail about how to best have a happy relationship with each other.

For any relationship whether new or formed, Married or Dating. This is a Complete deep analysis of all facets of the relationship. 

Includes: A analysis of both people involved based on their individual natal charts. This includes a psychological analysis of both parties individually. This is to best understand each other's psychology with an understanding of this you can overcome many potential relationship difficulties but also understand each other better. Things such as what each other needs in a relationship, individual love karma, each other's hidden side, communication style, and more. 

Plus a complete analysis of the Synastry Chart (between the two of you) This is All about how you interact with each other. In this audio recording, I will also discuss the house placements, and how you affect and interact with each other. This is not an aspect by aspect reading but more accurate and specific based on the overall picture of all the aspects and placements.

In addition, a complete Composite Analysis (for the relationship potential), future, purpose, and how others see you as a couple. 

Plus a 1-year Transit Report for the Composite, along with each individual's important transits which can affect how each of you responds or challenges you might face individually. In addition, I will tell you when the relationship will develop if not already, or if already a couple then the current tests, trial, and blessings to come along with advice and suggestions to best overcome the difficulties.

This comprehensive report covers it all. Up to 5 days for delivery depending on current volume.

12-month Annual Forecast Plus Game Plan of how to best use the transits for the best possible outcome there are multi options. 

Quick View 

30 mins 85.00
Expanded  45 mins
(more coverage and depth)
This is great for planning ahead, to make the most of the time you are given any year. The best time for love, career, and money, the powerful transits which may affect you and how to best utilize them for maximum gain. When you might find love, get married, or a new career, this is a predictive report for an entire year, along with suggestions and tips on how to maximize. 3 days for delivery.


Got your eye on someone you want to attract? Is there someone you have your heart set on? If you learned what this person was attracted to, what they liked, and how to approach them this would make all the difference.  This also includes tips and suggestions on how to be your best self in the process to build more self-confidence and to always put your best foot forward.

In addition to an analysis of both natal charts and the composite. I offer Relationship consulting advice using psychology and Astrology for you to attract your partner to you, or your desire. Both of your charts are analyzed. I provide a game plan and coaching to help fix, repair,  get love back, or attract the person you desire to you. This is a detailed game plan with suggestions, secrets and a to-do list.  Find out what it is your partner needs and how to get them to renew their passion for you, or start it with you.

Perfect If you are hopelessly in love with someone and you need guidance on how to attract them to you or get them back this report will help by understanding what it is they want and need and how to go about it. I provide a Strategic game plan to learn how to become the best you to attract whom you want. Complete solutions and suggestions along with daily affirmations to keep your mind in the right place.

Buy Attraction Game plan here

 ASTRO BOOM BUSINESS       $399.00 tax included

Will your new business idea be successful? Do you already have a business? Is your business struggling? are you planning on starting your own business?  
Did you know the time you choose to start a business, expand a business, market or launch new products is important? and critical to its success? 

In this report, I find the best possible times to do it all, that will help amplify the success of your business. When you are aimed to make big money, what needs to be done, the type of employees you need to hire for the most success, this report covers it all. Please note: Business inception date and date business was open for business are needed for this report along with the owners birth information.

Email me for specifics for start-up business plans that can be ordered for a smaller fee Please pleases see my business services page. or enquire.

COACHING AND LIFE HEALING  Price: $395.00 30 day game plan and follow up. Includes 1- one-hour phone calls per week must be used in 30 days.

Are you ready to make a change? Do you want to understand yourself better, and become the best possible you? Do you want to attract love, money, and success? Your natal chart discloses any self-defeating habits you may have and allows you to make the necessary changes for your benefit.  Want to learn how to let love in? Understand your life's Karma and how to pay it off? Attract true love? Career and the life you have always wanted? Or to manifest the life you always wanted? Then this is the plan you need.

Please see monthly coaching plans for more.


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