Sunday, June 5, 2016


Taurus: June will start off a bit rocky for your finances, but please don't worry I assure you it will get much better later in the month as you will see later in this post. 

We know it's been a bit rough financially. You are already having to crunch numbers and cut back on spending with Saturn the planet of restrictions in your 8th house of other peoples money, including banks, credit cards and loans you may have been facing some financial strain. Just remember Saturn is the great teacher his lessons are hard, but highly rewarding. This is to help you learn to manage your money and to do more with less. 

So it's all about the money for you and being a Taurus ruled by Venus the nice things in life and money are very important to you. You might have a harder time than most this month as a result. However, you are usually pretty good with money and we know you work hard for it but this month will be a bit trying. 

So, here goes, It's a tough start to this month, why? well first the very start of the month Saturn has his stamp all over it. We hear Saturn and we cringe but don't what Saturn does is makes us take responsiblity and challenges us to do better. 

So first up we have Saturn Opposing the Sun right from the start on June 2nd, followed by the New Moon in Gemini and followed by Venus in Gemini. That's a lot of oppositions from Saturn! Let's just say Saturn will be sending a cold chill across these planets. All areas of security and love are under siege remember Saturn tests the strength of everything. This can trigger frustration, depression and anger and financial or love problems. 

With Saturn and the Sun this is a problem with a male, if you are hetero sexual and in a relationship with a male watch out, for explosions, hurtful behavior and even cruelty Break ups are possible. On a another note, it could simply be a run in with the law, a problem with your father, or any male figure. Stay calm. 

Then Venus is flash frozen by Saturn in the opposition, and love can grow cold, and tests and trials will be in effect, not only love relationships and relationships with women but also money is under Saturn's stern eye. It's going to take a lot work and finesse to make it through unscathed but we are all on the hot seat with Saturn. Just remember, he tests the strength of all things and is karmic so all these areas will be under scrutiny and it will likely be a highly stressful or depressing, time.

Well this is just the start, there's more I mentioned earlier there is a New Moon on the 5th which will be making friendly aspects with Venus which is the good news but also as earlier stated it will also be challenged by Saturn and this is in your house(s) of earned income and other peoples money. Watch out for a financial crisis! if you have managed your finances well up until now, which is what Saturn is checking on, you should be able to recover quite quickly.

Wow, this New Moon is stressed out, being opposed by Saturn, yikes! Let's just say it's not going to be light and fluffy or comfy Moon. As a matter of fact it's likely this New Moon can bring about a temporary financial crisis as well, or a problem with Mom or a female.

There is good news though! The tension will release quickly and the good news is that this new Moon also brings about new opportunity and on a energetic level, it should help you shortly after the crisis, earn more and increase your earnings as the month progresses and Saturn's effects weaken. 

Remember, New moons bring into focus new ways of doing things and new opportunities and this moon brings attention to your spending habits and the money you make. 

More Good news! In addition you are fortunate to have generous Venus that rules money and touring your house of money, coming to the rescue to help offset any financial setbacks that may have come about at the start of the month. Plus,Venus is in Gemini the multitasking dual sign, which will help you think up and talk you way into new money. 

You have been quite agile, active and talkative with Mercury in your sign which adds a quickness and strong mental agility, you can easily communicate the things that matter to you and should have decent energy to move about quickly in your day to day activities in a more youthful way, regardless of your age.

Mars has been retrograde making us a bit more cautious and through in our actions, but also there can be delays experienced. Mars has just made his way back into Scorpio ruling your 7th house of partners which might bring back business partners, or love partners from the past. 

This is great is you want to repair a relationship whether a potential business partner or with a past or recent lover. 

However, be careful with Mars because although he's retrograde and less likely to be as compulsive, he can bring about mix ups and misunderstanding, or even a bit of aggression with these partners. Also Mars may bring back someone from the past prior to his station direct perhaps a male business partner or close friend. 

There are promising aspects being made from Saturday the 25th through the end of the month as Mars reaches his station in Scorpio your house of Partners which includes financial partners which can bring about a new partnership that is highly beneficial and therefore will bring about considerable opportunity giving you much hope for the months to follow.

As always not all Taurus are the same it's important to read both your Ascendant and Moon sign as well. Or if you would like a personalized analysis of your individual chart please see my reports page.

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