Tuesday, May 31, 2016


The month starts off a bit rough but gradually gets much better for all signs. The beginning of the month is all about Saturn and Saturn has a way of testing us, and usually in a strict fatherly way. With the early opposition to the Sun then followed by the new moon and shortly then after Venus our ego's might be in for a bruising, or we can face a short financial crisis. 

Difficulties with those in authority or those close to us such as lovers or family members are possible. However, after the 2nd week of the month we will begin to put the pieces back together and will have a much better perspective on things in areas of love what we need and want out of our partners, money and well we have managed it up until now and what we need emotionally, are we giving what we want from others? are they giving us what we need? 

Of course your personal chart effects will be specific to you each person will experience different lessons. (If you want to find out more specifically to you, please see my reports page for a in-depth 12 month forecast or you can get even choose a question by email.)
To join in on the Rx planets of Mars, Saturn and Pluto, is Neptune and this occurs on the 13th. Neptune"s Rx motion is often needed in order to pull the veil of illusions away, just enough to allow us to see the reality of situations for better or worse. 

Neptune's retrograde motion is bringing about much more clarity, we can see things as they are not so much as we want or wish them to be. 

 For most of us this is a illuminating time, things come to light that we may or may not like but we need to see the reality to keep us on the right track and to prevent us from making foolish mistakes. 

It's important though to stay positive and to continue to pursue our dreams but perhaps in a more concrete and efficient way. 

Neptune Retrograde can take the fantasy and make it a reality because we are able to make solid plans to our dreams as opposed to simply wishing and dreaming them into existence. 

Reality is not as pretty and glamorous with Neptune Retrograde but it most certainly can allow us the opportunity to truly formulate a plan to making our dreams come true, so when Neptune turns direct the having have put our dreams into reality makes the enjoyment of them all that much better and longer lasting. 

Full Moon on the 20th in Sagittarius the second one this year!

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