Monday, June 6, 2016


ARIES: June will be a month of relationship decisions, you are coming to a realization that relationships require more effort than they ever have before or some of you may be feeling like your just not getting what you want in matters of the heart. 

Your not one to wait around but this time you might need to wait it out. You are a bit rebellious with Uranus in your sign you are learning about freedom in relationships along with wanting more of your own personal space, however it's complex because you are a passionate sign that needs lot's of attention in love so you might be experience a push and pull in love matters.

Even if you want more space you will find that after you have it you want that cuddly love and affection again. This erratic behavior is a result of Uranus bringing about situations in which you have very little control of and impulse reactions are difficult for love partners.

You don't mind putting in effort if it benefits you in someway, but you may have struggled with putting an others needs first, making decisions together rather than on your own. However, you will find much more peace and happiness in love matters if you learn to give what you want in love. 

You have Venus the planet of beauty, love, and pleasure in in your 3rd house of information, communication, local travel and technology, along with the New Moon which can instigate a desire to plan a quick trip or vacation getaway. 

Saturn will be opposing the Sun on June 2nd, which can bring about sadness or depression as a result of a emotional situation that has come to light or a disappointment prior to travel, perhaps you had plans with your sweetie but had a disagreement. It might be instead that you are just feeling emotionally strained too many responsibilities prior or simply tired or overwhelmed. 

Back to the more pleasantries, with Venus in your 3rd house, It is also true that you are more aware of your words and much more diplomatic and considerate than usual which is a excellent time to communicate more openly with those close to you, meet new people and socialize. This is also a great month for writing, buying technology, and communications of all types. 

If you are single love is local, or at a distance on a short trip you can meet someone on a vacation but also visiting local hot spots, around town you can easily meet a new love interest.

For the most part finding Love is local for you, so get out and go to the community pool, local Starbucks, book stores, bars and restaurants whichever is to your liking. I have known many to meet their new love partner locally during this time. 

You are a smooth talker more charismatic and more of a peacemaker now your words will win others over. 

Mars your ruling planet is Retrograde in your 8th house of deep intimacy and the money that comes from others which will give you the opportunity to re-evaluate intimate relations, how you manage your power and the power that others have over you. 

You might want to re-visit any income streams you have as well as your ability to share with another. It's a good time to ask for lower interest rates or cut ties with those that have more control over you than you like as a result of money being paid to you.

Sexual relationships from the past might re-emerge and any monies owed from the past can show up or ask to be paid. Get your finances in order and re-evaluate your sexual relationships to be sure that you are getting what you want out of them. 

Saturn is Retrograde in your 9th of long distance travel house which can put a damper on vacation and travel plans. Be sure to check the weather, and travel safely if you rent a car. 

If you have court issues that need to be dealt with now is the time to make solid plans or prepare for your case. If you are in publishing go back and visit the final draft and make the necessary improvements. It's also possible you can revisit a place you have been in the past.

Your health should be good and you will be wanting to improve your well being through eating healthier or working on a new work out plan.

 If you are looking for a job luck is on your side, it won't be anything more than you have had in the past but it will bring in some extra income and help you cover your bills. 

Although with Pluto's long tour through your 10th house of Career and honors, you can expect a change of course to any Career plans you have had. Some of you might be experiencing power struggles at work or big changes in the work place that might bring about concern. 

Don't worry Pluto can be brute but sometimes it's the only way we make a change, and you will be on your right path soon. Avoid power struggles with others to avoid as much drama as you can, keep the peace and keep your eyes open for signs of new opportunity that is better fit for your long term Career goals.

There is a Full Moon this month on June 20th, making a lively aspect with Uranus which can help you break free from the drama earlier in the month but also help you feel much more experimental and spontaneous, not that you are not already by nature. However, it would be a good night to try something new or socialize.

June 26th is a VERY good day especially for Career or if you are looking for a job. This is because Jupiter and Pluto will be making a powerful aspect to each other bringing about what looks like a new job or a new job opportunity. 

It could also be that you get some praise for a project you may have been working on. If you are currently employed you can hear good news at work and it's even possible you can get a promotion. 

Whatever your case is something good is coming your way and in a big way! It's a great day to schedule meetings, interviews, or go on auditions or whatever field your in or interested in you will have two of the most powerful planets working for you.

As always if you would like your own personal forecast based on your specific natal chart which will be very specific to you since not all Aries are the same. Please visit my reports page. 

Otherwise, Check back next month!

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