Thursday, June 30, 2016

JULY 2016 General Forecast

Change, Letting go, Fresh Starts, New starts, applying what we have learned to create the future we want. That's what July is all about. We have been experiencing some very heavy stuff over the past few months and we all most certainly can use a break. 

Well, it's soon to come but there are a few more quirks and details to work out first. Saturn in Sagittarius has made us all question our beliefs, and yet figuring this out is no easy task. We have been having to get real. 

Mars retrograde back into Scorpio was allowing us to clear the deck once and for all. It's time to get over our fears go to the depths of our beings and rise as the phoenix. No more excuses, no more preconditioning, it's time to let it all go and create the life we want with a firm set of beliefs, no more self doubt and a plan of action. Thankfully Mars is direct and now we can really get moving.

With all the Retrogrades in May we went back to the past, revisited things in order to really get a hold of who we really are and have discovered the things that are no longer working for us. 

Some of us had to let go of people, relationships and ideas that were not in our best interest in order to make a fresh start with a new and better perspective on what it is we want and what it is we are willing or not willing to accept in our lives any longer. 

Although it hasn't been all that easy, adding to the confusion is the Saturn Square Neptune aspect which make us feel like every time we think we have it figured out or make a plan things change suddenly in another direction. Or each time we take a step in a direction or take action we question if it's the right thing to do, or things slip away right before our eyes. Saturn is about building firm foundations and structures and Neptune can easily dissolve these. Firm plans for solid structures need to be made.

The test here is to get real with our visions, ideas and creative ideas solidifying them making sure they can last the storm.  With Neptune Retrograde the veil is lifted and Saturn is trying to work with Neptune to build our dreams but first we must let go of the fantasy and the illusions of our fantastical lofty dreams and focusing on what is actually feasible and realistic.

Sometimes it's letting go of a love that we have had our heart set on that really wasn't what we thought they were at all, but we wanted so badly to believe that we allowed ourselves to fall prey to the illusion. Whatever the case, and this is depending on the house in which Saturn and Neptune are transiting, but the illusions are falling away and Saturn is asking Neptune to get real. 

This can be a painful experience but is much needed. We can be idealistic and as a result end up in situations and places or with people that are not good for us. Wishful thinking is one thing, but when our wishes are not being fulfilled it's time to move on to what will work to bring our dreams to reality. 

Pluto in Capricorn has been breaking down our outworn structures in order to create new ones as well, so truly this is a month of forming new solid foundations that are more inline with our true inner needs and really it has been so this year.

Neptune's return home in Pisces is where we are being double dosed with our spiritual selves but Saturn is making sure we don't drift away in a endless sea of possibilities but instead formulate ways to make these dreams come true along with more self care rather than self sacrifice.

The past few months have been a bit tough for all of us. Some of us in love struggled with intense interactions and many were in the midst of Karmic relationships trying to make sense of things and learning to work through it although very painful, while others were trying to solidify a more solid commitment and facing difficulties with there partners not being on the same page. While there were still those that managed to line up perfectly, and seemingly many Twin Flames have been meeting, but these too are not without there problems.

Jupiter in Virgo is refining our big dreams and bringing about more realism while perfecting and formulating more solid plans. It's all about being realistic with our plans and being of service in practical ways. 

We had a lot of planets Retrograde going over old territory out with the old and in with the new. We most certainly are ready to take action now that the energy planet Mars has turned direct. What a relief, everything was moving at a snails pace and for some it may have felt like you were stuck in quicksand.

Although much of it has cleared up we still have a bump in the road with the New Moon in Cancer on July 4th, this Moon is a highly sensitive Moon, and will dig deep into our roots and past and things surrounding home and family but also where ever this new moon occurs in your own personal natal chart.

This New Moon will be opposed by Pluto,  and we all know Pluto packs a powerful punch. We all will in the least experience some very powerful emotions and over the holiday we might be in the wrong place for this. 

Keep a eye out because tension will be in the air and try to keep a lid on it until this opposition passes to bring up any suppressed emotions it's best to hold off til a later date, for things can easily get out of hand. 

If this isn't enough we will also have the Sun and Venus in the mix so much of our inner selves will be exposed and we will need to get real. If you can remember June 5th's new moon was under attack with Saturn along with many of the same planets, it was harsh and many of us had a hard time with that one.  

This one will likely be much more intense. Pluto likes to dig deep and pull out of us what we try to keep below the things we would rather not say, secrets, suppressed emotions, hidden matters and our inner workings. With his opposition to this New Moon on July 4th we can expect a surge of powerful emotions, intense and even explosive emotions watch out for compulsive behaviors and people acting crazed, or lashing out. 

If you feel like you want to fight, don't- just know Pluto is at work and he can make things feel unbearable. If you want to let someone have it now is not the time, wait until it passes and see how you feel. 

Also if you face any power struggles with others let it go, don't get involved. It's possible also that you discover something that you didn't know previously perhaps a secret or even one that you have been hiding, this is Pluto's way of digging up the truth and exposing our secrets.

This can be a very positive thing for some, for the truth can hurt but living in deception hurts even worse over the long run. 

This month is also the Month of True Love ever since 2012 many Twin Flames and Soulmates have been meeting but after the Summer Solstice on June 21st, many having been hit by the hand of fate or karma and have been experiencing the ultimate test. Twin Flame love and Soulmate love must be based on truth with a firm foundation, there is no place for lies, deceit or ego. 

However many find it difficult to handle the twin flame energy or soulmate energy and feel as if they need to hide themselves or run from it. Much of this is based on ego, past mistakes, fear and the lower vibration of love material success, and feelings of insecurity etc. Those that have not been honest, open or dissolved there egos will be experiencing what is called a Judgment and circumstances will come about that will force the truth to the surface if both parties are to continue in there love. 

However, many simply can't do it because of ego, or fear of what the other might think if they simply come clean. For some there are major blockers occurring, and what is called the Tower in Tarot has come about. The tower comes when something is not built on truth, no matter how big or small this truth is it must be based on truth in order to have a firm foundation. 

Ironically the Tarot Card for the Month of July is the Wheel of Fortune, the time is up and the truth must come out. The wheel of fate is turning and in which direction next is up to the lovers involved. There is a opportunity to heal and to have true love, but the masks must come off.

The rest of the month looks very promising as always it's all in the way we handle things, stay positive and make the necessary changes and make your move.

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