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In my monthly forecast, I have begun to add a Tarot Card for the month to try to get additional information in combination with the astrological information. 

The Month of August begins with a New Moon on August 2nd, in the sign of Leo. New Moon's bring up things for completion and allow new beginnings. The universe gives us opportunities but if we don't take action and evade the calls, the Universe will do it for us. 

For the Month of August I pulled a Tarot Card and got the Tower which goes well with the new moon, of new beginnings along with Uranus's retrograde motion. 

The Tower shows up at times when we are building things on false foundations and if we do not get truthful with ourselves or others, the Tower comes to break down the false foundation we built. However, if we can been living in our highest good new Moon's are usually very positive they bring about a well wanted new beginning or a clean slate.

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We are in the month of Leo and Leo is ruled by the Sun, that shines light on all we do. Nothing done under the Sun won't eventually be revealed. Of course we may get away with things for a while but eventually when we are not truthful the facade must come to a end. 

This month is about getting real with ourselves and others. As painful as this can be, experiencing a Tower Moment when all that you worked or all of your efforts toward a goal a relationship or whatever it may be if it was not built on truth, well it will likely come falling down. 

Last month, I pulled the wheel of fortune. The wheel of fortune indicates fate will have it's hand in our affairs and as the wheel turns to decide our fate, we need to be sure it will be in our favor. If we didn't clear things up last month, then the Tower will break it all down. 

The Tower's astrological affiliation is with Mars but also Pluto and the planet Uranus. Uranus has just turned retrograde and is quite potent in retrograde motion. Uranus and Pluto are about breaking down what's not working, suddenly and often in a devastating or shocking way. 

They are both about getting to the truth, or being truthful with who we are and what we feel, are we really being who we want to be? Only when something comes to shake us up or break us down, lift the lid, uncover the sheets whatever the case can we then rebuild authentically, and often it takes sudden events to shock us out of our complacency or false security. 

There is something quite liberating about all this, and in new beginnings when we spend our time hiding who we are, or doing this we don't really want to do, or stay in relationships we aren't really happy in, although it's painful at first to adjust and scary to imagine starting again. 

The relief of not living in a lie, is the most healing, liberating and freeing feeling of all. We have become to dependent on others for our happiness, to make our decisions for us, or trying to be accepted by others or fit in , letting others control how we feel about ourselves or whatever it is or your personal situation.

When this tower moment occurs, we know in the back of our minds that this was bound to happen, but were in denial. For others who have built things on solid foundations, and have been authentic to themselves this moment probably won't occur or perhaps not so dramatically, or shockingly. Perhaps it's simply a wake up call to your true calling, or maybe a end of a old phase of life, taking on a new adventure, making a career move, or moving away from home. Again this can be in a multitude of ways, and is always for our best but it is a new beginning. 

  The Tower card is actually a awesome card, it reveals the truth, uncovers the falsities that we are buying into, that really have no solid ground.  The Tower can be associated as i said is associated with the Planet Pluto and Uranus. Eventually when investigator Pluto comes around we receive revelations within our self and others. We get exposed or expose ourselves through our own impulses and inability to hold things back any longer. Whatever the case, this New Moon goes quite well with this tower card, for it's a new beginning to do things right and just know that whatever comes crashing down, was eventually going to but the time had to be now. Pick up the pieces and rebuild. 

Uranus seeks to free us from the bondage that we or others can put us in. Uranus reminds us that the choice is always ours, and we need to choose wisely. We need to be free to be our unique individualistic selves and loved and appreciated for it. We also need to think bigger, and also further ahead, our future matters. 

In Retrograde Uranus gives us a chance to free ourselves, to take that risk to take another road, to go places we wouldn't normally go, to discover new things as a result. When do things differently we get different results. Uranus wants to shake us out of stagnancy, we often get comfortable and stunt our growth. Or we get caught up in the day to day, that we become repetitive and so predictable that our lives pass by there just passing time. 

It's time to be authentic, to break free to go after exactly what it is we want to reveal who you really are. It's time to Get creative, and get in touch with your inner being the one that others opinions have no effect on us and to live our lives the way we want of course always with grace and tact. 

 We often suppress who we really are, and the many talents we have out of fear of what others would think. I can't sing in front of anyone I'm too embarrassed, or I write poetry for myself but I would never show anyone, or  I love to paint but .... whatever it is you worry too much about what others will think- just know that it's holding you back and there is only one expression of you, so express yourself. 

This New Moon in Leo is about self expression giving us a chance to express ourselves, to be bold, to always remember to love and play and to speak our truth. 

 Look to the house that Leo rules to understand what areas you can get a fresh start. For Leo's it's time for you to take a inner look on how you have been presenting yourselves, who you want to be in the future, what impression do you want to make, and what changes can you make to be more authentic to you. This New Moon is in your 1st house of self, your physical body, your personality and your overall identity, now is the time to present to the world the best version of you.

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