Tuesday, June 28, 2016


It's summer! So the fun begins, we all can use a good vacation somewhere near the water to stay cool and remind us that life can't be all work. 

 We have a great month ahead for getting out and meeting new people with the Sun's continuation in chatty Gemini. It's a great month for networking, multitasking and getting out and meeting new friends and associations. 

Venus of the Goddess of love and beauty is also still touring the sign of Gemini encouraging us to be more playful and to communicate more with our loved ones.  

Mercury the planet of communication is nearing it's end in the sign of Taurus which has made us much more aware of the things that bring us pleasure, we want to increase our earning potential that allows us more personal freedom. We are thinking in terms of commitment and loyalty in our relationships and may find ourselves making plans for a vacation or a romantic getaway with a love interest or partner. 

Mars is still Retrograde until the end of the month, stations direct on June 29th. With Mars Rx it is asking us to slow down and re plan our steps. We may experience a bottled up feeling or that things don't seem to be moving ahead as planned. That's because we need to re-evaluate our plans and revisit projects we have begun but have not completed to make the necessary changes or improvements and then bring them to completion to launch when Mars moves direct. It's also a great time to catch a breather we often get caught up in the rush and hurry of daily life that we can easily make mistakes or act irrationally or on impulse, now we are thinking about the possible repercussions of our actions and are making wiser steps.

 The Full Moon on the 4th and the New Moon on the 5th in Gemini brings a wave of new energy helping us become more adaptable but also analytical. Gemini is a Air sign, which is communicative and intellectual. Depending on where this New Moon occurs in your natal chart will point to where you can make changes and new beginnings. 

These new beginnings do not need to be permanent endings, it can be a time to restate or clarify a new approach this goes for all things under the sun, what you want in life, what you want in a relationship, or whatever matter is being brought to your attention. New Moons are not as powerful as eclipses and don't necessarily bring about huge change but more new opportunities or it will bring a new focus. If the New Moon occurs for you in your relationship houses, you can meet a new friend, partner or associate, you can also address issues in relationships to try to start new with a better understanding of how you want things to be. 

It can also bring about endings to relationships if there is just nothing more than can be done. Remember with every ending there is a new beginning and new beginnings bring about a better opportunity since you have left what is not working and our aiming for what will.

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