Thursday, April 30, 2015


You are highly perceptive, extremely intuitive and possess a powerful, X-ray vision and the powers of observation. You are highly sensitive to vibration and you see people for what they are not as they present themselves to be. 

This can lead to a certain amount of paranoia especially if you have been more exposed to negative people than positive because of your keen insight. 

You are much more powerful than you realize and most of this power takes place within the spiritual realm, dream world and the consciousness as a whole. You have keen insights and a 6th sense. 

You have a unique ability which you might be unaware to psychically protect yourself from the negative energies that others may direct at you and psychic attacks along with the ability to will into being your strongest desires with a strong desire, focus and visualization. This is commonly called today, "visual manifestation". 

You must be very careful because what you will into being you will be karmically responsible for it must not be used on others, or negatively for the consequences will be long lasting and disastrous, and you will not be able to make it up or burn it off in one lifetime.  

You must learn to separate yourself from the wrong people, and proactively seek out people whom are positive.

Your dreams are a powerful outlet in which you face many of your fears, problems and struggles which can be very healing, and you can also transform your life and situations through your dreams which also change in your life in the real world as a result of how you handle the situations. 

On another note, you are magnetic and exude a strong sexual aura which may stir jealousy in those that are less evolved, insecure or of a negative nature. 

Although you may attract powerful hidden enemies, or jealousy, and angst from others, don't worry the Karmic law is the same for all no one slips under the radar and all those that wish you harm will receive there Karmic implications as well. 

We get what we give or put out, so good will always wins, and karma comes with the outter planet transits, which all of us have.

You have strong psychic powers and dreams of premonition and even prophetic which will be very useful in your life.

You have the ability to face your fears in your dreams, and heal old wounds, pay karmic debts and change the outcome of life situations. You will face all your worst fears through your dreams and they are likely to range from intense to mystical but they will be powerful.

It is important that you learn to overcome your fears, by facing each and every one of them, and to learn the power of positive thinking and manifesting the outcomes through your belief and your will. 

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