Sunday, December 27, 2015


In this lifetime you are being asked to take more initiative, stand up for what you believe regardless of what others might think and to be more decisive. 

You are skilled in the art of relationships and you understand what it takes to have a partnership and unless other aspects apply you are usually willing to compromise. You are a great listener and give others the attention they need and are always willing to listen to both sides of the story before you make a decision, you strive to be fair. 

Complications come when there are too many in a group with differencing opinions, in which you find it difficult to take a particular side even if you know one or more might be right. You avoid conflict and are a peacemaker. You have a flair for style, and a unique ability to get along with all walks of life. You make a great business partner and may even prefer to work with a partner than not. 

Independence, courage and taking more risks is where you will reap the largest benefits, with your South Node in Libra you have spent a past live giving into others, and sacrificing your own needs for the sake of having relationships with others. In this life you are being called to be decisive, take more risks, worry less about what others think and more about your own personal needs and beliefs. 

The key to your ultimate happiness is not to become more of one or the other but to find balance between the two signs. Libra is relationship oriented and Aries is Self Oriented, you need to find balance between your needs and the needs of others. 

You also would be happiest learning to make decisions without others approval or waiting for others to approve, develop your own fixed set of beliefs of who you are and what you want, and go after it, boldly and fearlessly and to be more independent all while still respecting others opinions and not being completely selfish. 

Courage to stand alone, take more risks and go it alone if need be even if others don't agree well leave you with less regrets of of possible feeling of you having had sacrificed your true inner desires and feelings for the sake of others.

You can begin by going deep within spending time with yourself and learning about your true inner desires and needs. Set a goal of what it is you want to accomplish and just do it, take a risk and do what it is your heart desires. If people are not happy for you perhaps your need for relationships overpowers your need for people who support you for your own unique perspective and ideas, and don't be afraid to let some go, relationships are two ways and the ones you have in your life should be supportive of your individual ideas as well.

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