Sunday, December 6, 2015


Moon transits are very important, although they are short-lived they are heavily felt. Planning ahead to accomplish things according to the Moon's transit will yield very positive results.

The Moon Transits the 1st house

You are bold, impulsive and energetic now, it's also possible you might be a bit argumentative so, pay attention. It's a great time to pursue anything new as well as something you have had on the back burner, that you were waiting for the energy to begin again. It's a great time to initiate, you want to make a change of some sort? now is the time. You are more likely to speak your mind, and be a bit more concerned with the self and your personal needs now, so do what you want.

Moon Transits the 2nd house

This is the house of Taurus, so you are feeling much more sensual, secure and well rooted. You wanna slow down and make plans to secure your future. It's also a good time to take a load off, get a massage, listen to pleasant music, fill your space with pleasant scents, or go out on a romantic date, all pleasurable things are favored. It's also possible that some unexpected money can come to you now but depends on other aspects. 

Moon Transits the 3rd house

After your rest and relaxation while the Moon was in the 2nd your feeling a bit restless now, it's time to get back into the mix of things. Go out and about around town and visit some local hotspots for the mental stimuli of meeting and watching others. This is also a good time, to write a letter you have been wanting to, it will likely have your heart written all over it. Not that you need to but more time on the phone, computer or networking is likely. You are emotionally expressive or able to communicate your feelings with ease now. 

Moon Transits your 4th house

Home is where your heart is now, you want to nurture yourself, and others now. Cooking and having family around is favored if you want to schedule a family dinner or get together now is ideal. If other aspects allow it will be warm and cozy. You are very sensitive and nostalgic now, so just watch for becoming too sensitive or needy. Shopping for a new home or home furnishings are favored, cooking, or staying in wrapped up in a cozy blanket in your PJs, is preferred to going out.

Moon Transits your 5th houses

You want a little fun now, and may even feel a bit more playful than usual. This is a time to let a load off, have some fun! This is also an excellent time for romance, or to spend with your children or around children. It's a good time, to put on a play or set up a creative get together, rehearse your lines or anything that has to do with self-expression. If you are single, go out or get mingling, you might just find yourself a playmate. If you are involved, you are more sensitive to your partner and romance should be good so plan a date around this transit.

Moon Transits your 6th house

Things are a mess and you can't stand it anymore, you are a bit pickier right now, you see that thread hanging on your sweater? go ahead cut it off. It's time to get organized it will make you feel better. Clear out the clutter, mend and repair things, sharpen and polish them. It's a great time to do your nails, makeup or hair, you will do an extra good job. Also, try to eat healthy, or visit the gym. Anything that has to do with perfecting, refining, or health would be favored.

Moon Transits your 7th house

You are much more flexible right now, and willing to put the effort into all your relationships. You are amicable, friendly and fair. You are also thinking more about relationships and what you want out of them. It's a good time to make a list of your ideal partner if you are single. Then you can sit back and watch them manifest. 
If you are in a relationship, things should be very pleasant, you should be more intimate now (if other aspects allow). 
Singletons can also meet someone while out.

Moon Transits the 8th

Your emotions are much more intense now, you crave passion and feel everything intensely, so keep an eye on them. It's possible you might make a big deal out of nothing, try to be cool. 

However, if you are in a relationship you should have much more passion now, and you should find your partner much more expressive and supportive. 

In some cases, it's the reverse and the partner becomes nonresponsive which fuels your already intense Moon. Luckily, it's only two days, so hang in there, this too will pass. 
It is also possible you may receive some money from your partner or a financial institution, that you either had coming or was unexpected.

The Moon Transits the 9th house

Get a good book, take a class or go out somewhere new and unusual. All things foreign are favored now, you just need to experience something. It's a great time to take a short trip too. Read up on a subject you have been wanting to, you will absorb much more now. Think expand and learn now. Any dealings with foreigners should be pleasant as well.

Moon Transits the 10th house

You want to be out or be recognized now. It's a great time to promote your business or self. You should have good warm relations with your boss or the higher ups. You can create something personal for business now if you work for yourself. 

Moon Transits the 11th

Your feeling a bit more altruistic now. Your friends are on your mind so chat it up, invite them over for dinner or do something social. You are very supportive now and people will appreciate it. Any Group activities are favored now, so get involved.

Moon Transits the 12th

It's time to get in touch with our spiritual side, take a time out, and spend some time alone in reflection of the month. Nurture yourself, get cozy with a good book. If you don't want to be alone, large institutions are good, libraries, sanctuaries or churches will be satisfying now.

As always share your experience with the Moon transits and what you have noticed!

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