Monday, January 4, 2016


Moon Conjunct Mercury

You are very intuitive and you either communicate from a subjective perspective, usually attaching your personal feelings to any given situation or on the contrary you might over intellectualize your feelings as to come across very objective and impersonal.

You enjoy communicating and are probably very talkative, and expressive.You might find comfort or emotional satisfaction in running errands, taking  short trips around the neighborhood and meeting new people. You might make close acquaintances in nearby shops, or with neighbors. 

You may also be an excellent writer that is able to describe feelings, sensations and emotions beautifully with words. 
You need to be able to communicate how you feel as a form of emotional release and need a partner that is receptive to this. 

You may wear your emotions on your sleeve. You are a good friend, and can provide a friend with just the right words of comfort when in need. If you have siblings, they are very important to you and you may be quite emotionally attached to them and very close.

Moon Conjunct Venus

You have a way about you that makes others feel instantly comfortable, and able to express their innermost feelings to you. 
Sensual and even luxurious conditions bring out the best in you. You give compliments to others generously and love to make other's feel good, you are very pleasant to be around. You are a romantic, sensitive and caring lover. You may be emotionally attached to obtaining things of value, beauty or comfort. You may feel out of place when you are not in a partnership because you need lot's of love and attention. You may have many artistic abilities.

Moon Conjunct Mars

You are passionate in all that you do and wear your emotions out front for all too see. It is possible that you can be emotionally demanding or bossy but really your just pretty direct with how you feel. You may be emotionally compulsive you often don't think before you speak. When angered watch out, you can be explosive at times. Nonetheless, you have very passionate nature and are a bit impatient with others, not as quick as you. 

Moon Conjunct Jupiter

If you are ever down, no one would ever know it. You probably can't even get down when you want to. Although you feel life's problems like everyone else you are not likely to show them. You are the go-to person for other's that tend to sulk or wade away in their problems. 

You may tend to overdo things, you like to do things in a big way. You are attracted to new exciting and adventurous experiences, and are open to pretty much all of them.

You have integrity and play by the rules.

Moon Conjunct Saturn

You tend to be rather serious in demeanor. You are very independent, emotionally stable and serious. The world of emotions is complicated for you, you need a certain amount of personal space, but when comfortable you can be a bit clingy. You may have bouts of depression, or mood swings and can be uncomfortable expressing your feelings. You are not one that needs a relationship and can spend time with yourself. 

Moon Conjunct Uranus

You need emotional excitement and lot's of it. You have sudden emotional highs and lows, and can be easily bored or frustrated. You can have quite the temper when you are either being told what to do and will resist and rebel. You don't like being caged into a routine, you need lots of freedom of movement. Close minded people are a source of frustration for you. You stand up for the underdog and are attracted to strange things that break the rules are unique or different in someway. You are very independent and do not like to be told what to do. 

Moon Conjunct Neptune

You are a deeply sensitive individual with a deep inner longing for the ideal in all that you do. You dislike conflict so much so you tend to evade your way around it. You have difficulty being direct and others might find you illusive or dreamy.  You are sensitive to psychic currents and pick up other's emotions and feelings which make you the perfect confidant, knowing almost in a telepathic way what other's need. You can often find yourself attracted to the weak, or downtrodden soul and can end up giving more than you get. You can end up being dishonest with others or yourself in order to avoid painful situations. 

Moon Conjunct Pluto

You are a force to reckon with and have powerful and intense emotions. You appear quite cool but are really quite the opposite. You can easily get obsessed with a person, thing or outcome. You are extremely stubborn and fixed in your opinions and have a all or nothing mentality.  You do not like to show your emotions but are often confronted with situations that bring these intense emotions to the surface. You need to learn self control or you can end up harming yourself or others in one of your rages. You have difficulty  trusting others and border on paranoia. Your thought process is as focused as a laser beam and when you set your mind to something you will more than likely achieve it.  You may worry obsessively and have a difficult time letting things go. Throughout your life your life you will come face to face with situations that are trying to teach you to let go of your need to control, and to learn to control your emotions. You can be very difficult emotionally demanding and explosive. It  would benefit you to learn to express yourself and needs regularly, rather than letting them build up. Try to focus on positive things rather than the negative, because the things you think about tend to manifest, be careful of your thoughts.


Mercury Conjunct Venus

You have a way of saying things that can be quite persuasive, you have wit, charm and charisma. You have the ability to speak your mind without offending others. You may be quite good at writing poetry, or be very creative in someway. It's also possible that you have a very nice speaking or singing voice.You may have a lot of luck in sales, broadcasting, writing communicating or getting your message out. You strive for diplomacy in your relations with others, which works in your favor.

Mercury Conjunct Mars

You can be aggressive and perhaps even offensive to others if not careful. It's not that you mean to it's just that you have a blunt way of saying things. This is a great position for debate your mind is super quick, and you are able to come up with facts quickly and make your point. You exude an enormous amount of confidence in your communications and are not afraid to call the kettle black. You are a fast walker and talker.

Mercury Conjunct Jupiter

You are enthusiastic and positive in your communications. You can motivate and inspire people with your words. You are very intelligent, honest and have integrity in your words. You rarely ever get down and even if you are no one would know it. You have a lot of luck in speaking, writing and communications.

Mercury Conjunct Saturn

You have a methodical serious mind. You tend to lean towards conservative thinking and like to speak about more serious subject matter rather than chit chat. You may have some difficulty keeping conversations light and fun. You are thorough in speaking, writing and communicating, and don't like to waste words. 

Mercury Conjunct Uranus

You have a mind of a mad scientist, always thinking of new and different ways to do things. You may enjoy shocking people with some of your strange, different and highly futuristic thoughts and ways. You are more than likely to speak your 
mind on most any subject, and may enjoy challenging conservative perspectives, for the sake of stirring things up.

Mercury Conjunct Neptune

You are a natural dreamer and can sometimes get carried away  or lost within the ever changing color palette of your mind, and may need to pinch yourself from time to time. You are poetic in your words, and quite positive. You may tend to live in your head, and can potentially be unrealistic. You may be misunderstood by some. You are very compassionate and sensitive. 

Mercury Conjunct Pluto

You are a deep thinker that is interested in all that is hidden. You can peer into people's true motivations and have an uncanny ability to see through falsies. You love mysteries and exploring the unknown. You need to watch for negative or pessimistic thinking. You have difficulty multitasking because you have an intense focus and need to deeply penetrate one subject at a time. You can make a very powerful speaker, not being afraid to point out things most would rather not. However, you do need to watch for manifesting negative thoughts. 

Mars Conjunct Sun

You are quick to walk, quick to talk and not afraid to stand up for yourself in order to be heard. You speak bluntly and get to the point, no sugar coating. Others respect you for your brute honesty, and for your fearlessness. You have a lot of energy, and confidence to pursue your goals. You need to exercise a little more to burn some of your energy.

Mars Conjunct Moon

If you feel something you will likely say it you to express what you feel rather immediately. You may enjoy some conflict every now and then for mental stimulation. You should be careful not to offend too many people with your brute honesty. In your close relationships, you can be unruly and forceful in your ways, but mostly because you jump the gun, or don't think things through entirely.

Mars Conjunct Mercury

You are a powerful speaker and can't be very blunt and direct which can sometimes be offensive to others although not intentionally. You are energetic in speech  and if used positively you can be quite motivating to others, because of the confidence you exude while making a point. Be careful not to force our opinions on others, and remember everyone is entitled to theirs. 

Mars conjunct Venus

You have a good balance between your feminine and your masculine qualities. You tend to get along well with the opposite sex. You know what it takes to have a balanced relationship and you tend to be the one to compromise first. You are very charming and people tend you like you. You probably have a set of fans or admirers. There is something about you that screams sexy! You are more than likely a great lover and you know just how to treat your partner.

Mars Conjunct Jupiter

You have the faith and optimism to take on any task at hand. You have abundant energy and may even work too hard. You have luck in whatever it is you take action or go after. You usually want to do things in a big way, you probably like to be the clown or make others laugh. You have a positive outlook and your faith in yourself will take you far.

Mars conjunct Saturn

You tend to over think things a bit too much before you do them, however, it does make you somewhat of a perfectionist in what you do, so you do good work. You are reserved in your actions and like to be cautious you are not much of a risk taker. You are highly critical of your sexual performance which can cause anxiety in the natural flow. You are a perfectionist so you can end up quite good. However, you need to relax enough to enjoy it yourself. You probably have tremendous stamina. You are selective in what you do, and you have high expectations of yourself. Relax a little and have a little fun.You tend to be reserved, conservative and hardworking.


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