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Venus Square Or Opposite Sun

Generally, this aspect indicates there may be friction in the relationship as a result of different energetic levels, different needs and approaches to a relationship. This aspect will open a opportunity for the two of you to learn more about relationships and the importance of compromise but also awareness and care for what it is your Partner needs to feel good about themselves and to be willing to provide it to them. This aspect can reflect a bit of stubbornness in your approaches and a desire to change one another, or fight until someone gives in. It's important for the Venus person to read about the Sun persons needs and the Sun to read about the Venus persons needs and to try to provide each other with what they desire without completely losing their individuality but most certainly finding a happy medium. Both parties need to be aware in order eliminate petty arguments, frustrations, or disagreements. The truth is you both can become much more rounded individuals as a result of being together and have a lot to learn and will. 

This aspect at first usually generates a lot of attraction, but over time if you both try to force change in the other by demanding your way  it will erode the intimacy in the relationship. You can both very well find yourselves in a battlefield instead. 

Squares try to force change similarly to Pluto but are much more direct in expression. Your differences are no doubt what attracted you but over time as each of you tries to exert their will on the other, or tries to change them and the other won't budge, you will end up antagonizing each other in order to get your way. This is doubly so if both planets are in fixed signs.

The opposition seems to work better because you both tend to appreciate one an other's difference you are in a sense each other's "other half" the opposite view of one another. Learning to work together and learn from another would be a benefit to each of you. 

Venus Square or Opposite Moon

This is an aspect in which both parties have many different perspectives. likes, dislikes and emotional needs. This is a positive thing because in being flexible with one another you have an opportunity have exposure through the eyes of your partner and you might find that you actually have more likes in common as a result. You are attracted to them so why not try the things they like to see if you do too. What typically occurs instead (especially if both parties are still young) is a bantering of you never want to do what I want to do it. Differences in the home, or type of food, or even the way you each express your love or share your emotions. Being Moon and Venus were talking about emotional needs and likes. If you both don't want to compromise and share your interests with each other one or both of you will end up feeling unappreciated or even suppressed.  It is important that you both learn to cooperate and be supportive of each other or even try to give their likes a try so you can enjoy your time together rather than fight.

Venus Square or Opposite Mercury

This aspect is usually positive however it can reflect a difference in preferences or likes such as choice of music, the way you each communicate or how you each prefer to share your likes and dislikes. It could also reflect that the way the Mercury person communicates, writes or thinks is quite different from the way the Venus person would ideally like. You both might have quite different interests, but this is usually a good thing because you both can learn a lot from each other and you open one another up to new ideas and experiences.

Venus Square or Opposite Mars

You are a feisty couple and the attraction is likely quite high initially however, over time you run the risk of rubbing each other the wrong way. 

This aspect indicates that each person has very specific likes and dislikes and isn't likely to be all that flexible about them. These differences can either increase the attraction or cause much frustration but usually the first and then the latter. This really depends on the maturity of the couple along with other positive aspects. Typically squares or oppositions show a certain amount of stubbornness or willfulness when it comes to each others needs and wants both romantically and sexually but also ascetically and with things such as each others preference in art, music or the simple pleasures and past times. However, this aspect does generate quite a bit of attraction and usually leads to intense sexual connection.

Venus Square or Opposite Jupiter

This aspect indicates that your love for each each other is is easily expressed and you both enjoy spending money and having a good time. This is a feel good position and you both will likely be very generous and expansive with one another. The potential problem is that one or both of you can promise more than you can deliver or your expectations might be a bit to unrealistic. Overall this is generally a positive aspect because it's highly supportive and you both always try to show your best face even in the toughest of situations.

Venus Square or Opposite Saturn

This aspect is tough it is not always a result of a lack of affection or desire for one another that causes difficulty. It can also be outside circumstances that seem to get in the way of the two of you getting together. Usually it is the Saturn person that may have difficulties blocking the advancement of the relationship if this is the case, whether it be personal problems, family problems or financial problems or a combination. If one or both of the people have a hard Saturn Venus aspect then this can indicate difficulty in emotional expression along with love and affection there seems to be a invisible wall separating the two of you. When one person wants to express there affections the other is non responsive or preoccupied. It's possible that the Saturn person may even shun the Venus person or find them to needy. Typically it is the Venus person that ends up feeling uncared for or unloved. This is not a easy aspect to work with, it takes both peoples willingness to work hard at wanting the relationship and being willing to do what it takes to keep their partner happy.

Venus Square or Opposite Neptune

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