Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday, September 27th 2015- Super Moon- Blood Moon- Eclipse

Tonight is the last of the 4 Blood Moon Tetrads which began in 2014. But if that's not enough it is also a Super Moon and a Total Eclipse Wow! extremely powerful! 

Because of the religious context associated with Blood Moon's there is a lot of hype surrounding them and what they will bring forth often associated with doom, gloom,  war or something catastrophic. 
The truth is we just won't know for sure until it's all said and done.

However, Blood Moons can be explained quite simply scientifically but hey, so can Retrograde Planets.

Just like Retrograde Planets are an optical illusion and not really moving backwards, similarly is the Red Moon an illusion or a reflection from the Sun.

 But Retrograde planets although an illusion we all know they still have their obvious effects, so also will the Red Moon.

 As far as Astrology is concerned this is a rather big deal, and should be altogether positive on an individual level.

Nevertheless, unfortunately breakdowns, need to occur before we can actually begin new. So, Tonight in the least will be a night of chills or thrills as we wait to see what happens. 

The good news is that this a Harvest Moon, and why I said Astrologically this should be positive on a personal or individual level although it all depends on each person's Karma. 

For those that have planted positive seeds and worked ethically and diligently on them will reap rewards, and they can be quite spectacular. However, Harvesting is also reaping what we sow hopefully you have been putting nothing but good stuff out there and doing good deeds. 

But keep in mind being a Eclipse, some things are going to come to an end, and some will yield rewards, and others will experience loss, but only if it's something that needs to go.

Blood is often associated with sacrifice or atonement, which can be associated with forgiveness and a clean start or a releasing of old Karma, and attachments. 

 For some endings and new starts is something they have hoped for, so for those of you looking forward to a fresh start, make the best of it!

The house in which this Major Eclipse is taking place along with the opposite house is where you can expect change. Although it might be heavily felt on the onset, things may not actually begin right away. For some depending on how sensitive you are, you might feel an instant change or have a sudden realization. 

What really needs to happen is we need to stop with our differences, accusations, judgments of one another and start thinking more about the effects we are having on our own lives and the lives of others that know us and the world we live in and our contribution. Life is short, what do you want to be remembered for?

We should focus on becoming better people so that the future of our world as we know it can have a real chance to live in peace and harmony with one another, the human family. 

Until each of us focus on becoming the best version of ourselves as an individual and each of us does so,  and to realize we are all human and one brotherhood that needs to work together, respect one another and love one another, then the change we want to see may never come. 

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