Sunday, September 6, 2015


You are mostly diplomatic always willing to listen to others perspectives. The problem is that you might struggle with being true to yourself with your own opinions, thoughts and needs for the sake of keeping the peace or being accepted. Relationships are very important to you, perhaps you end up putting yourself aside and your Partners first.

With your North Node in Aries, You need to learn to be separate from others, with your own opinions, you need not always worry whether or not others will approve, you need to take action in your life. It's time to make independent decisions, to not always weigh in what others will think. If you believe it, need it or want to do it, then do it. 

With the North and the South Nodes the key lies in the middle, not to become more like one or the other, but a combination of the two. Aries is the sign of Self, and Libra is the sign of Partnership. Both have qualities that the other needs. However, independently one is self centered and one is too cooperative. 

So, learn to take a stand for yourself, and to take action with Aries North Node but do keep your diplomatic skills, learn to say what you need and feel even if others don't agree, and it's OK to be a individual. Use your relationship skills to further your own needs and desires but also don't be afraid to take risks every so often, and rather than waiting for everyone to agree some times you just got to make the decision. Learn to be decisive, not rude or selfish just decisive.

 It is possible that you are already developing more of the traits as a result of life experience). The North Node takes form stronger in the 2nd part of life. If the North Node traits are not incorporated you can find yourself, living the same situations over and over again as a reminder, to get with the North Node.

The North Node in Aries calls for fearlessness, and more individuality. However, the negative side of Aries is selfishness, brittleness, rudeness and the occasional foot in mouth syndrome.

However, Libra's negative side, is the struggle with making decisions that differ from others or any decision at all. Also Libra will sacrifice there own opinions and needs for the sake of keeping the peace, this will ultimately cause much resentment and feelings of suppression.

We all need to be true to ourselves, and feel free to be ourselves. We are each others teachers and sometimes it's important to take a stand even if it's not what everyone else wants you to.

Since you already have the ability to win others over with diplomacy, patience and hearing all sides, after you hear them, make a decision and sometimes you may piss a few people off, but it's true you can't please everyone.

Finding the balance between being direct, and taking action and being diplomatic will work in your benefit. Learn to make decisions quickly and sometimes without pleasing everyone.

Just do it, should be your new Motto! It's better to act then to not. Aries North Node indicates that if you begin to take action without having to have every ones approval, you will be rewarded, You need to learn to please yourself, and to fulfill your needs just as much as others.

 Look to the house in which Aries occupies and see how you can approach matters in a Aries bold way, direct and fearless way. As you do this you will find that your relationships with others will derive much more pleasure as well because your opinions and feelings matter.

Remember balance though, don't be overly assertive, but also don't be afraid to have your own ideas, opinions and to be a individual even if it upsets some, others will respect you for it, Aries Self, Libra Balance. Learn to balance your needs with those of others.

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