Sunday, June 7, 2015

Solar Return LEO Midheaven

This year your career success will be as a result of your creative self-expression and desire for recognition. You are more confident in your abilities and not afraid to go after whatever it is you want to accomplish. You will take the lead and attract many people that can help you in your Career.  Influential people will bring new opportunities and others will take notice of you. This is a year for public 
appraisal and approval. 

You will pay great attention to your appearance, wanting to look the part and your charm and lightheartedness will do you good. You will be full of passion and excitement. Be careful about becoming too self-centered or going to extremes for attention, remember you need others to help you in your quest. You may take on a leadership position but will need to watch for vanity or becoming too pompous and even arrogant which may bring about enemies that want to see you fail.

If your work is related to something creative or artistic, you will most certainly shine. In any other field, you will take on leadership qualities and more confidence to fulfill your duties.

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