Sunday, June 7, 2015

Solar Return LEO Midheaven

This year your ambitions will be accentuated along with your desire for achievement and progress in the material world. You are willing to do whatever it takes to grow and elevate your social status. Influential people will bring new opportunities this year for you and will show you how to use them to your utmost advantage. You also could attract or create opportunities on your own now. Be careful how you go about realizing your ambitions, because you could become very inconsiderate and selfish, causing some clashes with the people around you. Your emotional life also could become complicated or pushed aside altogether because of your material interests.

This influence finally will bring professional success and may bring to fruition something you have considered long before. It also will help in developing new goals for your future. But you must guard against envy of people around you and their malicious critics.

If your work is related to something creative or artistic, then old ideas will give you new inspiration. If your work is more formal and routine, your initiative will undergo some changes that will allow you to have more authority and stability in the future.

Your excessive concentration on work could cause you to neglect your life at home. If you live with somebody, it could produce some close encounters and disagreements. If you live alone, you will need to make some changes and rearrange your domestic life. This influence could bring rearrangements, reformations and modifications or changes in the home. As you progress, you also will need to change your immediate environment. But don't go overboard with your expenses and rearrangements.

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