Monday, June 1, 2015


Welcome to June and the Sun in chatty, trendy Gemini

Mercury will finally make its direct motion and things will resume back to normal in forward motion so we can finally move past clearing the air, stop analyzing and start doing. This happens on June 11th the same day Neptune turns RX! so revisit what needs revisiting tie up loose ends, get closure, or reestablish solid ground in your relationships. 

This month's highlight is Neptune turning Retrograde on June 11th, 2015. Emotions and feelings will be less confusing, and we will begin to see things a bit clearer. The elusive shows it's face for this time period so it is a very good time to make decisions.

 Neptune casts a veil making things appear much more pleasant and even dreamy than they are, we need Neptune to get us through the daily grind, however too much of a good thing is not always good sometimes we fake ourselves out. The house that Neptune will turn Retrograde is the area you will see more clearly. . While Neptune is direct we experience feelings of elation, idealism, and want to be of service he enhances our spiritual and creative sides.

 We are more compassionate under Neptune's idealistic vision, but when the veil is lifted, new insights are likely and what we thought was true isn't always, even if we want or wish it to be.

 It will be time to get real, and ask those questions you have been brushing under the rug, new insights are certain. Neptune rules water, so many experience a increase or a decrease in water pressure in the home, sudden water pipes or damage are common depending where Neptune is in your chart, especially if it's in the 4th but also at work with the 6th. Retrogrades are Karmic so Neptune people from the past ( People with heavy Neptune Planets) can resurface, you are open to deep spiritual attainments and experiences as well.

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