Tuesday, May 3, 2016

MAY 2016 Overview

May is a absolutely fabulous month, I am so excited to write about it! The month begins with 5 planets Rx ( Retrograde) and ends with 4 because on the 9th Jupiter will be ending his backward motion and atlas turning direct -which means the abundance and opportunity is back on! 

While the planets are in Rx motion their energy slows down or seems to turn introspective. All in all during retrogrades past events, situations, ideas, relationships, work opportunity you name it it's possible will come back for review giving us a opportunity to improve, fix or repair whatever it is. It's like we travel back in time to a particular point in our lives marked by the degrees of the planet Rx cycle and in our individual chart(s). 

While a planet is moving direct motion things are moving at a much faster pace, and sometimes we make poor decisions or don't think things through. Retrogrades are a gifts from the universe  they give us the chance to take a second look and make sure we did the best we could and if not a chance too.

What to do with so many Rx planets? 

Think about what you want? what you can fix? whether it's with your relationships with others, your finances, your career, whatever the house the planet is Rx is where you will find your focus think what needs to be done better or what can be improved. 

As far as Relationships it's often seen that people get back together during Rx planets or break up depending on the situation. However, break ups sometimes occur because there are problems that need to be addressed and this is the time to address them, so you can have a fresh start with a better understanding of each other and there needs and whether or not you both can provide these for each other. 

Mars Rx is our energy and effort, while Rx we think about better and more efficient ways to do things. For some they can feel blocked or more tired than usual, while others feel this need to take action and may even become much more energized. 

Generally people with Mars Rx in their natal chart are more at home with the energy since they are use to it, and spend more time planning action, than perhaps taking it.

However, even if your Mars is not Rx in your natal it does not mean that you will experience a lack of energy although many do. Instead you may feel a either stronger sense of urgency or a lesser one if you feel the stronger one, realize it's best to slow down. This is not a time to launch or start things but to redo things you already started in a better way.

Take advantage of this time truly get your clean house, clear your deck, look for a new job, a new car a new whatever don't buy but review areas that need to be improved and go back and do them. Perhaps you have projects you started but never finished them this is a great time to do those.  

Fix what needs fixing so you can begin a fresh new start with more clarity and in better shape than you were previously. Any area you can improve focus on it, and get er done!

We all love Jupiter in his direct motion right? Awe! the gifts he gives!  he likes to do things in a big way and we usually don't mind but welcome it.

Jupiter's direct motion means he's back on! He will bring about a lot of luck and opportunity, gifts or whatever the house he's transiting for you, you can expect to see gains. Also be sure that house is in order prior to his direct motion.

The key usually not to start something new- this makes sense (retrogrades are moving backward) well not technically but the optical illusion counts because it affects us, and you don't need to believe in it to have a effect. I had to laugh when I heard on the morning news a mention of Mercury Retrograde and it's effects on businesses. Yikes you don't need to believe it! Just prepare for it because we know mishaps will happen. There are a lot of people with no idea about Mercury Retrograde or Astrology at all, taking notice of this phenomena, Mercury Retrograde. All i can say is it's about time!

Moving on, each of us are affected differently according to our individual plan( natal chart) but with this many planets Rx the universe is clearly giving us a break! To slow down, re-group and fix stuff to better our lives. 

As always, If you would like a personal forecast based on your chart with a game plan, it would benefit you to get a personalized reading.

Here is a brief rundown of the effects of Rx planets

Saturn hinders us, frustrates us, blocks us and makes us work hard  during direct motion, in Rx he deals karma but also lays off a bit and allows us a break. 

Pluto in direct motion drains us by exhausting us with power struggles ego conflicts, control issues or drama. While Rx we get to let go of those that are in our lives that are presenting us with these things and it's a excellent time to cut the cords with those making our lives hell.

Jupiter can be a bit too much optimism and no realism or he can give us too much to where we are overwhelmed while Rx we create our own luck through our efforts.

Mercury Rx slows us down through hold ups, confusion, break downs in communication and technology but ultimately allows us to rethink things to slow down enough to examine ourselves and our lives to areas to realize what's not working whether a personal behavior in the area of communication such as talking more than listening, or not speaking up enough, or is our slow computer or any of our technology hindering us? is it up to date? and allowing maximum efficiency? Mercury covers much more but for example.

Mars turned Rx on April 17,2016 and will remain until  June 29,2016. This is a much rarer event that occurs only every two years and is quite notable for it's a excellent time to develop a action plan but not to necessarily act it out until he turns direct. 

Much of our daily lives are compulsive, we are on tight schedules and can sometimes operate on autopilot, simply going through the motions or in a hurry trying to fit it all in. Mars Retrograde wants us to manage our time wisely, start to take our bigger plans more seriously and really slow down enough to make a solid plan, then take action and do it.
There is a New Moon on May 6, 2016 and quite a beauty! This new moon is in Taurus but what makes it so wonderful is the lovely aspects being made to both Venus and Jupiter!

 Many planets are gathered in Taurus this month and Mercury is currently Rx in Taurus. The Month of May is the blooming month and often a great time for love and romance. This New Moon is gorgeous! it will be in a close conjunction to the Sun, Venus and in a lucky trine with Jupiter! Wow what a fantastic New Moon this will be! Check which house this New Moon will be taking place, and expect some wonderful developments appears to be a especially wonderful New Moon for love and relationships with others as well as fortune and money. 

This New Moon energy is simply beautiful taking place in the sensual Venus ruled sign of Taurus and in Conjunction with Venus but also in sweet (lucky) Trine with Jupiter! Wow!  I have no doubts this will bring about some very pleasant outcomes for us all! 

I see new opportunities emerging but most importantly our mindsets should be much more positive which is a large part of how things will turn out in the end. When we are hopeful and feeling optimistic things go better. 

What a lovely New Moon! it's been a while since we had such a beauty. 

New Moons are new beginnings and in Taurus we might be more jealous, possessive or stubborn but sensuality, and pleasure will become much more important, along with our material security and what we value. 

This New Energy will infuse us with a desire to bond with another, appreciate our more sensual natures, and fulfill our security desires and focus on more pleasure and less stress, along with the things that bring us pleasure such as relationships, or valuables the pleasantries such as massages, fine fragrance and all things of beauty. 

We will embark on a journey of our senses be willing to work hard and consistent for what we want. The next few months will bring forth much opportunity for all these things.  

Tips for the Month of May

Get busy and focus on the things you want to change in your life and make plans this month is about getting geared up, clearing out the old, renewing the new and fixing past problems or issues. Renewing old friendships, repairing broken relationships, or simply letting go. It's all about us and how we want our future to be. 

The New Moon will bring about great optimism, and fortune in the house it appears, we can expect to see things come about in a positive way in that house. 

This is a beauty of a New Moon wrapped up in a big red bow would love to hear the gifts this New Moon brings to each of you! Love and happiness surrounds this New Moon.

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