Friday, May 1, 2015

May 3rd Full Moon in Scorpio

Intense desires and passions will run high watch for intense interactions with others.

This Full Moon will be intense, it's all or nothing! A new found drive to really go for what it is we really want.

We crave more passion and depth in our relationships and some of us might stir things up. For those of you in a partnership, things will heat up and you can expect some intense fireworks and if there have been problems expect them to come up, Scorpio pushes to the surface whatever lies beneath.

Passions are ignited and feelings run deep.

Scorpio brings out our passions, desires, and needs the superficial just won't cut it anymore.

Relationships will be under inspection and we won't be willing to tolerate the things we may have been in the past.

Don't be hasty, keep your cool and think things through but don't be afraid to make a change that is very much needed, don't settle for less!

Many Blessings!

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