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Scorpio Pluto or Part of Fortune in 12th house and healing through dreams

Part of fortune in Scorpio in the 12th house, Pluto in the 12th house or having the Sign of Scorpio in your 12th house are very powerful placements. The 12th house covers our subconscious mind, dreams the spirit world and the things we can not touch or feel, and even see. This is the house of self undoing as well, it rules over institutions such as sanctuaries, hospitals, and even prisons. It is also known to hold hidden enemies, people that work against us behind the scenes or that we are unaware of, but sometimes they do make themselves known. This house is vague, mysteries and can be both positive or negative for it holds our spirit guides along with bad spirits. 

Pluto, Scorpio or the Part of Fortune are all powerful and in the 12th house although it may not at first seem fortunate because much of the energy is hidden from the person, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes.

Very commonly any of these placements are likely to have powerful dreams some can be violent, others possess situations in your life in which you have the opportunity to deal with real life situations in order to change the real life outcome. Science has already begun to realize how powerful our subconscious mind really is. As Carl jung said until we make the unconscious conscious we will live these things out and call them fate. What this means is that our unconscious mind, or subconscious mind hold many of our fears, the things we can't understand or the things we feel our out of our control, such as dreams and the spirit world. The truth of the matter is that we have much more control that we realize and it begins with reprogramming our unconscious minds into more positive thinking. This can be done through a array of different techniques such as positive affirmations, paying attention to our thoughts and controlling but it's not easy. Just like the planet transits affect our emotions on a day to day basis, if we learn to resist these feeling and consciously choose to not let them bring us down, by remaining positive no matter the current situation. It is also important we monitor what and are very careful about what we expose our minds to. 

The unconscious mind is a memory box that holds every bit of information, experience and visual experience all of our senses, sight, smell, feeling, along with our anger, fears, and suppressed emotions that through our dreams are released when we face them and deal with them.

Our minds our powerful and this is especially true with Scorpio, Pluto or Part of Fortune in the 12th. Nothing gets by, the individual is faced with all sorts of situations that feel as if they are out of ones control. However, this is not the case, unconsciously the person creates these situations thought their fears, and why controlling one's thoughts and mind is so important. If you can focus on your true inner desires and visualize you having them with the strong will that you have, you will manifest the life that you want.

Karl Jung said dreams show the person’s inner truth and reality as it is, not as they would like it to be. Karl Jung had much knowledge of dreams and there ability for healing the wounded psyche. 

He was very convinced that dreams carried vital messages from our unconscious selves to our conscious selves. However, exploring your dreams can be quite challenging because the messages that come from our unconscious are usually symbolic, bazaar, confusing, some can be very disturbing. 

The healing potential of dreams

• Dreams help a person to contact unrecognized emotions and subtle sensations about what’s happening to the body during a period of disease.

• Dreams help a person understand reactions to events in their lives. For instance, I was highly disturbed by a wrong that was done to me, I have Scorpio in the 12th house. I had a dream in which I confronted the person and they ended up apologizing. A few weeks later they contacted me and did just that.

• Dreams help people contact the healing power within and obtain creative solutions to difficulties. 

• Since dreams reveal the shape of our unconscious repressed projections, problems, fears, sickness and whatever else lies deep within. Working with dreams is one of the best ways to raise consciousness.

Guidelines for working with dreams

Keep a dream journal beside your bed and write your dreams when you wake up. Write them in the first person and notice what your emotions and the sensations in your body as you contemplate the dream. Take notice of any correlations between the dream life and your waking life.
There are likely to be ties to what's going on in your current life. 

Understanding that you hold the power, you have the ability to control your life through your thoughts, dreams and faith. If you are having many nightmares there are many unresolved issues in which you need to face and nightmares are often the worst case scenario in order build your inner straight through surviving the worst of situations, or the scariest of all things. 

More on this at a later time, but for now you can read about Pluto, Scorpio or Part of Fortune in the 12th by searching my site.

Do you have any of these placements? What has your dream world been like? Share your experiences!

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