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Do Soul Mates really exist? Some say no, others say yes. I think they do, but I don't believe there is only one and many agree with me in that as well.  Astrology has shown me a few things during my years of study and one of those is that a Soul Mate can come in many forms and there are some for different stages in your life. 

As a matter of fact, we are each others teachers and each person has a lesson to learn and who better to teach them, than that one person your heart just skips a beat for? 

A Soul Mate encompasses many different facets, but, for the most part, you are just in awe with them, they touch your soul, they get you and you get them.

Well, there are many people that can do this on many different levels at different times in your life, so If you are one that feels like you missed out on your Soul-Mate because you blew it, or it was the wrong time, no worries there are more where that came from"!  Ok, No soul mates are not a dime a dozen, not even close, but there are more than one and it's true we need to stick with what works and not let the good one's get away, but if you have, we all make mistakes and there is still much hope for you.

Soul Mate love seems something of a fairy tale, and almost seemingly impossible nowadays. A soul mate is a person that is that is our ideal match, someone made just for us, someone that we love for themselves and someone that loves us just the way we are. 

There is often an ethereal, or even magical feel to the meeting when you first cross paths. Of course this is not always the case, some did not like each other at first.

There are cooperativeness and unconditional love for one another faults and all. Both parties adore each other and the sweetness, generosity, and understanding that each provides for each other is something out of this world.

Now although a Soul-Mate has all these wonderful qualities it is not always so easy.

Just as a Karmic relationship comes to us at a time, when we need to learn an important lesson. The same goes for a soul-mate, you need to be ready, and although you are meant to be, there is often still hurdles present. 

 If you have not evolved to the proper point in your evolution and are still operating from base motives, you can very well meet your soul-mate at the wrong time. We are all born with Karma, some good some bad, and some more than others.

 We are to overcome these by learning the lessons we need to learn and by putting a stop to the self-sabotaging behaviors found in our natal chart, issues sharing, controlling behaviors, insecurities, obsessive self-sabotaging thoughts, etc... Timing is everything and we want to be ready when we do find our soul mate, so the first step is to understand your natal chart and to work on areas of difficulties. We often don't realize we are a problem, it's easier to blame everyone else. Eventually, we will need to face up to our role in our endless relationship issues.

The more difficult aspect shows areas in which we need to improve, by looking at these areas, and being honest with ourselves.

We can then take the proper measures in overcoming the less than favorable behavioral patterns. (If you would like an analysis of your love karma, you can see my reports page for insight to where yours might be and how to overcome them.) 

The second step is to then take action to learn how to love and to learn how to accept love, be positive! 

After these things are done, we can then take a look at transits for timing, of when you may cross paths. 

 A love transit report will tell you the best times to get out, and the most likely time you will meet a person of great significance, and very possibly the one. Just like all transits point to critical times in our lives it's no different when it comes to meeting the one.

 The most known transits are Venus and Jupiter transits to the 5th, or 7th house these indicate potential lovers. However, there are many other factors involved and other transits some of the less calculated or known ones, are the love asteroids. 

I recently went back in time to check the meeting charts and composite charts, of couples that claim to found theirs. I reviewed over 40 other charts of friends, family, colleagues and new clients meeting charts. There was much in common with regards to the Love Asteroids that I thought that I would share.

The male charts transits

Amor conjunct Venus in the 5th
Valentine Conjunct Cupid in the 1st
Transiting Venus in the 5th
Juno conjunct Jupiter in the 5th

The female charts transits

Amor conjunct ascendant exact
Venus in the 7th conjunct NN
Transiting Jupiter in the 5th conjunct Valentine exact
(Uranus trine venus (in the 3rd for one that met locally) (the 10th met at work) and the 4th for family hook up.) This Uranus venus aspect was seen in 22 of the 40 charts.

Composite meeting day charts

  • Amor Conjunct ascendant 
  • Jupiter transiting the 5th or 7th
  • Venus conjunct NN exact
  • Eros conjunct Psyche
  • Juno conjunct Jupiter exact 10th house
  • Valentine Conjunct Moon in the 1st house exact
  • Karma Conjunct Mars in the 5th
  • Cupid in the 7th sextile Mars in the 5th
  • Moon conjunct Juno in the 11th
  • Transiting Venus Conjunct transiting Karma conjunct Mars in the 5th house conjunct NN

These were found in the majority of the charts, of couples that felt they were each other's soul mate. 

The conjunctions of the love asteroids were particularly found and within the 5th, 7th, and 11th houses. The Ascendant/Descendant Axis in the composite meeting chart was activated by these asteroids as well.

The most common although not specific to each other were Juno and Jupiter, Cupid and Venus, Valentine and Cupid, Amor, Eros and Psyche aspecting one another the day that they met or in their natal chart on meeting day.

There are many other indications in which I found are related, of the inter-aspects made in the synastry chart between both people will tell you more in which I cover further in the Back Room.

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