Saturday, January 17, 2015


           Uranus: The rebel, the liberator and you just gotta be different...

In synastry it's where we shock, shake up, rebel, break free, change, and liberate but it is also where we seek freedom, can be argumentative, stubborn, and even behave erratically, or suddenly.

Uranus Conjunct Square or opposite Sun

This makes for a feisty connection that is highly charged. The  Uranus person will push the Sun person to see things more openly or objectively and can help the Sun person, open up to new ideas and a wider perspective. 

The Sun person might find the Uranus person unstable, unpredictable, or unruly. However, this can add much to the attraction but equally so it can result in a on and off situation between the two. 

However, if both people are mature this can be a highly stimulating, exciting, and enthralling companionship where the two of you are always trying new things, keeping the relationship exciting and challenging.

Although typically not considered a long-term aspect because of Uranus's sudden unpredictable behavior, or unwillingness to be told what to do. It most certainly can be if you both accept each other as is, and allow a certain amount of personal freedom and self expression within the relationship and if both people are open to change. Also, if both people have Uranus aspects or Aquarius in their charts for then they would be comfortable with the energy this aspect ignites. However, if the Sun person is in a more stable earth sign or sensitive water sign this can be more difficult to manage.

Uranus Conjunct Square or Opposite Moon

This aspect does not need to be as bad as its reputation. First this aspect works best if the Moon person has aspects to Uranus themselves or they have other planets in Aquarius. There is much to the compatibility and why aspect by aspect is rarely accurate. None the less this aspect prevents a stalemate from occurring, Uranus will keep the Moon on their toes. If the Moon person has insecurity issues then the Uranus might push those buttons. However, this will not be a boring interaction but rather stimulating. The Uranus person can help free the Moon person from any beliefs that may be holding them back.  Uranus is the liberator often through provoking or pushing the limits of structures. The Moon person may not get the security or stability they crave, but there won't be a boring moment. If the Moon stays open minded and does not tell the Uranus person what to do, then this most certainly can work out to be a highly invigorating, and stimulating relationship. The Moon person will be is likely to be enthralled and taken by the Uranus persons unique outlook, and even genius insights, however, it's just as likely the Moon can find this aggravating, depending on certain other factors. The Uranus person may be too erratic for the Moon person and the Moon person might be too clingy or sentimental for the Uranus person. If both people have Strong Uranus or Aquarius then this can actually be an ideal match as always all aspects must be taken into consideration to make a proper assessment.

Uranus Conjunct Square or Opposite Mercury

This makes for some shocking and exciting conversations, however, it is possible the Mercury person might find the Uranus person a bit too out there, or can find them to forceful with their opinions. However, if both have Uranus or Aquarius within their charts it's possible they find themselves up all night talking about anything and everything. The Uranus person can introduce the Mercury person to new ways of thinking by challenging them to open up more. However, it is also likely the two of you can find yourselves bickering over every little thing as well.

Uranus Conjunct Square or Opposite Venus

This is super hot at first but is subject to a fast and rapid burnout as well. Uranus needs freedom in every way, and the Venus person might not be too fond of this. Romantic relationships require a certain amount of stability and this aspect is known to cause on again off again situations which can wear and tear on the relationship. The Uranus person might have far out ideas or more new age ideas as far as relationships are concerned and depending on the sign that Venus person is in may or may not be their ideal. Preferably Aquarius Venus or a Venus with aspects to Uranus would be ideal but even Venus in Sagittarius might work as well.

Uranus Conjunct Square or Opposite Partners Mars

The Uranus person may provoke the Mars person to take more risks. The Mars person may try to get Uranus to do things their way. (Note to Mars: You can never tell Uranus what to do, it will send them to the hills.)This aspect can be difficult because of stubbornness or willfulness, but both parties are mature and just allow each other to do things in their way, this can be a highly stimulating and invigorating aspect of having. You can both try new things you can be certain that the Uranus person will have some great ideas. The two of you have an opportunity to explore the new horizons uncharted territory and break free of inhibitions together. It's best to avoid arguments with this aspect because things can easily become explosive as well.

Uranus Square or Opposite Jupiter

This aspect is generational but does have it effects. In some cases, the Uranus person may challenge the Jupiter's persons beliefs however Jupiter is pretty broad-minded to begin with but perhaps having a more traditional view or even religious perspective. If this is not the case then the Jupiter person might enjoy discussing a broad range of subjects, ideas and philosophy with Uranus. There may be a clash on whom is right or wrong but it would serve you both to be as open minded with your partner as possible, there is nothing wrong with having a difference in opinions just don't overthrow the others ideas immediately and try to keep an open mind. 

Uranus Square or Opposite Saturn

This can be problematic but like all aspects it's up to the two individuals and their desire to make it work. Saturn is conservative and structured and Uranus is anything but conservative and enjoys breaking down traditional structures. It's best if they both find a happy medium they can agree on. Uranus can help the Saturn person open up more and become more authentic to themselves but Uranus needs to be respectful of Saturn's more traditional and conservative perspective they both can learn a lot from each other, there is no need to force your opinions on each other. 

Uranus Square or Opposite Uranus

This is generational showing  two strong headed and stubborn individuals with their own perspectives. They have an opportunity to learn from their own differences because they will both enjoy challenging each other.

Uranus Square or Opposite Neptune

This is a generational aspect that depending on the houses affected will show where they may experience differences. Neptune dissolves boundaries and Uranus likes to break them down so this does not pose a real problem. Uranus may try to help Neptune develop a stronger sense of self, and Neptune might help Uranus with a more gentle or compassionate approach.

Uranus Square or Opposite Pluto

This can be a highly combustible aspect if both parties are not mature in their ability to express themselves without getting heated, they need to be flexible with one another. Uranus is rather Stubborn and Pluto is relentless so you need to watch for trying to force your opinions on one another the houses that these planets occupy. It is best to not discuss topics in which you both are firm in your opinions.